Dispersal Sale of Swaledale Stock Sheep

24th September 2014

On Wednesday 24th September 2014 Harrison and Hetherington Ltd at Lazonby mart conducted the Dispersal of the Greencastle Heft of Swaledale stock sheep on behalf of Messrs G A & D E Thompson, Howburn, Alston. 

A huge amount of interest came about for this highly anticipated sale and the ringside was packed throughout.  The sheep were presented to perfection being a true credit to the vendors. 

The sale topped at £170 for the top pen of twelve shearlings which sold to Mr P E Staley, Broadmea, Slaggyford.
Two Crops topped at £165 for the top pen selling to Messrs W D & B Thompson, East Unthank, Haltwhistle.
One Crops sold to £155 with these finding a new home with Messrs J T James, Mid Todhills, Roadhead.
Drafts topped at £150 again selling to Messrs J T James, Mid Todhills, Roadhead.
Gimmer lambs peaked at £140 and sold to Messrs T W Wigham and Sons, Coldshield, Coanwood.
Overall 333 sheep averaged £138.76. 

Leading prices
£170, £165, £160, £145, £138, £135, £130.
Ewes £165, £155, £150, £148, £145 (2), £140, £138, £135, £132 (4), £128.
Gimmer Lambs £140, £95 (2), £70.