Dispersal Sale of the West Minsteracres Dairy Herd

30th May 2018

The Westminster Acres herd owned by Martin and Jenna Adamson was dispersed at Borderway, Carlisle on Wednesday 30th May in front of a packed ring a buyers.  Trade topped at 2,100gns for a Blue cross bred cow with buyers travelling from eighteen counties including Norfolk, Cornwall and Aberdeenshire.

The herd was established in 1945 by Martin’s grandfather when a productive British Friesian herd was founded.  Cross breeding has been used successfully for the past fifteen years with the use of MRI, Montbeliarde, Danish Red and British Blue genetics.  Topping the trade at 2,100gns was a British Blue sired cow bred from a Comestar Outside dam.  This amazing and stylish young cow was fresh in her third producing 50kgs and was purchased by Messrs Kellett & Son, Hexham.

There weren’t a large number of freshly calved animals; however they did sell to a brisk trade with a high percentage selling for or more then £1700. Selling for 1,920gns was a fresh second calved Holstein cow giving 40kgs purchased by Messrs Bowe, Carlisle.  The pervious lot by the same Holstein sire was also fresh in her second and giving 40kgs, she sold for 1,900gns to Messrs Tyson & Son, Millom.

A number of other young cows sold for 1,900gns including a second lactation cow fresh in May who now joins Messrs Beaty, Egrement.  A youthful second calve cow also in her second giving 40kgs sold for 1,900gns to Messrs Hogarth, Ayrshire.

The next dairy sale at Borderway takes place of Wednesday 6th June with 250 head selling in the Borderway Monthly Dairy Day sale.  The sale comprises 103 Freshly Calved Cows/Heifers, 23 Summer/Autumn calvers, 34 mid lactation cows, 29 In-calf heifer & 36 bulling heifers.  All breeds represented including Holstein, Montbeliarde, British Friesian, Danish Red, Ayrshire & Fleckvieh.  The catalogue for this sale can be viewed online at www.harrisonandhetherington.co.uk

Leading Prices
Lot      Price               Purchaser
84        2100gns          Messrs Kellett, Hexham
123      1920gns          Messrs Bowe, Carlisle
122      1900gns          Messrs Tyson, Millom
134      1900gns          Messrs Beaty, Egremont
136      1900gns          Messrs Hogarth, Ayrshire
133      1880gns          Messrs Bowe, Carlisle
121      1850gns          Messrs Bowe, Carlisle
138      1850gns          Messrs Bowe, Carlisle
111      1800gns          Messrs Bargh, Penrith
144      1800gns          Messrs Hogarth, Ayrshire

155 Cows & Heifers in milk    £1227.61
6 In-Calf Heifers                    £1435.00