Kirkby OTM & Cast Cattle Sale

9th September 2019

Harrison & Hetherington Ltd, Kirkby Stephen Mart held their fortnightly sale of Cast & OTM Cattle on Monday when 34 were forward.

Topping the sale at 173.5p/kg was a Limousin cross steer from Messrs Hall, Bridge End, Richmond which was bought by Mr D Barker.

Topping at £964.09 was a Holstein Friesian Cow from Messrs Heron, Eastfield Farm, Warcop.

Another meaty Holstein/Friesian cow from Messrs Heron weighing 768kg sold to make 118.5p/kg (£910.08).

All classes of Cast & OTM Cattle were a strong trade being sharper with a good ringside of buyers for all types. An overall sale average of 110.79p/kg was achieved.

Per Kilo
Cast Bulls/Steers
Limousin 173.5p Bridge End; 111.5p Greenside Farm: Black & White 114.5p Wharton Hall; 111.5p Waitby Farm.

Cast  Cows
British Blue 139.5p Greenside; 121.5p Townfoot; 120.5p High Lane; 118.5p Scar Sykes Farm: Limousin 138.5p High Lane; 135.5p Whygill Head; 129.5p Scar Sykes Farm: Black & White 118.5p, 114.5p(2)  Eastfield Farm; 117.5p Waitby Farm; 116.5p, 115.5p, 113.5p(2) Wharton Hall; 114.5p Black Syke.

Per Head
Cast Bull/Steers
Limousin £938.64 Bridge End; £886.43 Greenside: Black & White £917.65 Waitby Farm.

Cast Cows
Limousin £986.44 Whygill Head; £852.11 Scar Sykes Farm; £801.92 high Lane: Black & White £964.09, £910.08, £882.80, £852.48 Eastfield Farm; £841.04, £818.34 Wharton Hall: British Blue £821.21 Scar Sykes Farm; £813.38 High Lane.