Kirkby Stephen Cast & OTM Cattle Sale

17th June 2019

Harrison & Hetherington Ltd, Kirkby Stephen Mart held their fortnightly sale of Cast & OTM Cattle on Monday.

Trade topped at £1247.86 and 176.5p/kg for a British Blue cow from Messrs Atkinson, Waitby Farm, Kirkby Stephen which was bought by Owain Llyr, Ruthin.

Trade for all classes was still very strong and many more cows could have easily been sold to 7 active buyers.

Cast  Cows

Per Kilo British Blue 176.5p Waitby Farm; 140.5p Townfoot; 137.5p, 128.5p Brown Moor Farm: Simmental 145.5p Whins Farm: Limousin 138.5p Castle Hill; 136.5p Whins Farm: Beef Shorthorn 128.5p Buddle House: Black & White 118.5p, 115.5p Langford Farm: Aberdeen Angus 114.5p Whingill.

Per HeadBritish Blue £1247.86 Waitby Farm; £981.75, £857.10 Brown Moor Farm; £823.44 Mount Pleasant Farm: Simmental £1001.04 Whins Farm: Limousin £961.19 Castle Hill; £947.31 Whins Farm: Aberdeen Angus £841.58 Whingill: Beef Shorthorn £840.39 Buddle House: Black & White £714.56 Langford Farm.