Kirkby Stephen Cast & OTM Cattle Sale

29th June 2020

Harrison & Hetherington Ltd, Kirkby Stephen Mart held the sale of cast and OTM cattle when 45 head were forward.

Topping the sale at a whopping £1952.25 was a 950kg Pure British Blue cow which made 205.5p/kg from Messrs Lancaster, Roseleigh, Sandford and was bought by Owain Llyr, Ruthin.

Messrs Marston, Easegill Head sold a 740kg British Blue cross cow to make 186.5p/kg £1380.10 also selling to Owain Llyr.

The dairy section topped at £1089.90 and 157.5p/kg for a Holstein Friesian heifer from Messrs Heron, Eastfield Farm, Warcop.

A roaring trade for all classes was achieved with a massive overall sale average for a nearly half dairy and beef cow split of 140.58p/kg £960.86.

Beef cows averaged 152.5p/kg

Dairy cows averaged 120.2p/kg

All Limousin cross cows forward averaged £1003.70

All Holstein Friesian cows forward averaged £915.52

Per Head

Cast Cows

British Blue £1952.25, £1350.54 Roseleigh; £1380.10 Easegill Head; £1204.45 Low Bank House; £954.86 Thorney Gale: Limousin £1281.56, £1182.06, £1144.60 Ashfield; £1155.95 High Green Farm; £1144.44 Stoneriggs; £1106.93 New Hall; £1086.14 Low Bank House; £1048.45 Cotegill: Black & White £1089.90, £1041.33, £1036.63, £1028.48, £937.98, £845.63, £827.42 Eastfield Farm; £928.77, £835.38 Ormside Lodge; £891.12 Langford Farm: Jersey £591.66, £539.24 Ormside Lodge.

Cast Bull – Beef Shorthorn £1164.79 Ravenseat:

Young Bull – Limousin £1145.13 Buddle House:

Cast Steer – Black & white £961.70, £916.65 Whygill Head:

Per Kilo

Cast  Cows

British Blue 205.5p, 184.5p Roseleigh; 186.5p Easegill Head; 179.5p Low Bank House; 148.5p Thorney Gale: Limousin 159.5p New Hall; 154.5p Low Bank House; 154.5p Buddle House; 153.5p, 148.5p(2), 147.5p Ashfield; 151.5p High Green Farm; 145.5p Stephens Farm; 144.5p Stoneriggs; 140.5p Low Greenside: Black & White 157.5p(2), 154.5p, 125.5p Eastfield Farm; 136.5p, 124.5p Ormside Lodge: Jersey 120.5p Ormside Lodge.

Young Bull – Limousin 199.5p Buddle House:

Cast Steer – Black & white 157.5p, 147.5p Whygill Head:

Cast Bull – Beef Shorthorn 138.5p Ravenseat: