Kirkby Stephen Christmas Show & Sale of Prime Sheep

4th December 2018

Harrison & Hetherington Ltd, Kirkby Stephen Mart held their annual Christmas Show & Sale of prime sheep on Tuesday night, where a great entry of 3,215 sheep were forward, consisting of 2450 prime lambs and 765 cast sheep.

Taking the overall championship and receiving the Croglin Castle Perpetual Cup were the first prize pair of Dutch Texel cross lambs from Susan Sowerby, Terry Farm, Ormside, which weighed 46kg and went on to top the sale at £165 selling to the Judge Mr M Helliwell, Rochdale.

Champion pair of lambs
left to right Vendor:- Susan Sowerby, Terrys Farm   Judge:- Morgan Helliwell   Sponsor:- Gary Starkie (Representing Dugdale Nutrition)

Taking reserve overall championship were the first pair of Beltex cross lambs from young Henry Fairburn, Marriforth, Ripon which weighed in at 48kg and sold for £160, also selling to Mr M Helliwell.

Reserve Champion pair from Henry Fairburn

Mr Helliwell had an unenviable task sorting out an outstanding show of over 50 pens of lambs put out in front of him and he carried out his Judging in a professional and efficient manner.

Judging underway

Trade from start to finish can only be described as flying with a SQQ sale average of 201.36p/kg being achieved.

Over 40 pens of lambs sold between £100-£165 with over 40 pens selling between 240-358p/k

Messrs Robson, Middle Horsleyhope Farm, Consett sold their run of lambs to average 38.2kg £103.64 (271.3p/kg) with a pen of 36kg Beltex cross lambs from this home selling for £110.50 (306.9p/kg).

Mr S Millman, Brackenslack, Maulds Meaburn sold his consignment of lambs to average 45.9kg £121.52 (264.7p/kg).

Messrs Williamson, Littleburn Farm, Hamsterley sold his run of 50 lambs to average 42.6kg £100.07 (234.9p/kg).

The consignment of 260 Continental cross lambs from Beck Hill Farm, Richmond sold to average 42kg £91.86.

Light weight lambs were off the clock with a pen of 20 x 31kg Swaledale lambs selling for £58.30 (188.1p/kg) from Mr J Cartmel, Winter Crag. The whole consignment of 41 Texel Cross and Swaledale lambs from this home averaged 32kg £63.51 (198.46p/kg)

Heavy lambs of all classes were also much dearer with Mules topping at £85 for a pen of 10 x 55kg lambs from Messrs Fairburn, Ripon. Messrs Raine & Davidson, Thorney Gale sold another pen of 10 x 53kg Mules to make £84. Messrs Jackson, Clarks Farm, Lamonby sold a pen of 10 Suffolk cross Mule lambs to weigh 58kg and make £90.80.

Cast sheep were also a strong trade with this section topping at £163.50 for a Bluefaced Leicester Ram from Kilnstown Farms, Roweltown.

Ewes topped at £138.50 for the first prize pen of six Texel cross ewes from Messrs Dodd, West View, Temple Sowerby.

Swaledale ewes topped at £64.50 for the first prize pen of 5 Horned ewes from Messrs Lawson, Stubsgill Farm, Distington.

The show sponsors were Dugdale Nutrition, Bridgedales Nutrition and H & H Insurance Brokers and the following awards were made :-

2 Lambs sired by a Texel Ram
1st        S&RE Williamson, Littleburn – (45kg) £110 to Vivers Scotlamb Ltd
2nd       K Porteous, Bolton Road – (48kg) £98 to Yorkshire Halal Meats Ltd
3rd        Messrs E&EM Fairburn, Marriforth – (62kg) £125 to A Staffield Farm Meats

2 Lambs sired by a Beltex Ram
1st        H Fairburn, Marriforth – (48kg) £160 to RM Helliwell
2nd       S Millman, Brackenslack – (48kg) £138 to Vivers Scotlamb Ltd
3rd        S Millman, Brackenslack – (52kg) £128 to Dowding Butchers

2 Continental x Lambs (not to have been shown in any other class)
1st        S Sowerby, Terrys Farm – (46kg) £165 to RM Helliwell
2nd       P&EB Robson, Middle Horsleyhope Farm – (40kg) £120 to Vivers Scotlamb Ltd
3rd        JS&JO Dodd, West View – (42kg) £115 to Vivers Scotlamb Ltd

5 Lambs, Any Breed (not to have been shown in any other class)
1st        S Millman, Brackenslack – (43kg) £124 to Vivers Scotlamb Ltd
2nd       Beck Hill Farm Ltd, Greenbury – (44kg) £106 to Yorkshire Halal Meats Ltd
3rd        Messrs E&EM Fairburn, Marriforth – (44kg) £108 to A Atkinson Livestock Ltd

10 Polled or Lowland Lambs (37.9kgs or less)
1st        RE&S Williamson, Littleburn – (37kg) £94 to Vivers Scotlamb Ltd

10 Suffolk x Lambs
1st        RE&S Williamson, Littleburn – (44kg) £95.30 to Yorkshire Halal Meat Ltd
2nd       M/s Jackson, Clarks Farm – (58kg) £90.80 to A Atkinson Livestock Ltd
3rd        M/s Jackson, Clarks Farm – (57kg) £82 to Mr M Bowe

10 Cheviot Lambs
1st        E Hird & Son, Amersber – (41kg) £80 to Yorkshire Halal Meat Ltd

10 Mule Lambs
1st        RJ Bell & Son, Scarrowmanwick – (52kg) £82 to Mr M Bowe
2nd       CR & MJ Birbeck, High Stennerskeugh – (44kg) £77.30 to Mr M Bowe
3rd        Messrs Raine & Davidson, Thorney Gale – (53kg) £84 to Mr M Bowe

10 Swaledale, Dales Bred, Rough Fell, Blackface or Herdwick Lambs
1st        K Porteous, Bolton Road – (46kg) £83 to Janan Meat Ltd
2nd       CR & MJ Birbeck, High Stennerskeugh – (39kg) £67.30 to Yorkshire Halal Meat Ltd
3rd        JG Thirlwall, Quarry Farm – (42kg) £65.80 to Yorkshire Halal Meat Ltd

5 or more Polled or Lowland Ewes
1st        JS&JO Dodd, West View – £138.50 (Texel)
2nd       JS & JO Dodd, West View – £118 (Texel)
3rd        Page Farm Partnership, Rookwith – £135.50 (Texel)

5 or more Horned Ewes
1st       W&R Lawson, Stubsgill Farm – £64.50 (Swale)
2nd       Messrs W&CW Dent, Greenriggs – £55.50 (Swale)
3rd        JJ&E Lawson, Hundith House – £51.50 (Swale)

Mule Ewes
1st        W&R Lawson, Stubsgill Farm – £68.50
2nd       A&R Little, Row End – £72.50
3rd        Page Farm Partnership, Rookwith – £66.50

Champion and winning the Croglin Castle Perpetual Cup – Susan Sowerby, Terrys Farm (Dutch Texel)

Reserve Champion – H Fairburn, Marriforth (Beltex)

Principle Prices

Prime Lambs per head –
Dutch Texel £165 Terrys Farm; £120 Middle Horsleyhope Farm; £115 West View; £110, £94.80, £92.30, Littleburn Farm; £92.30 Setterah Park; £91.80, £90.80 Greenbury Grange: Beltex £160, £112, £108 Marriforth; £138, £128, £124, £120, £118, £98, £96.80 Brackenslack (Millman); £118, £114, £94 Littleburn Farm; £116, £110, £106; £103.30, £101.30, £100(x2), £98.80, £97.80(x3), £97.30, £96.30, £94.80, £94.30, £94 Greenbury Grange; £112, £98, £94.80 Bolton Road (Porteous); £110.50, £95 Middle Horsleyhope Farm; £109, £98.30, £94 Brackenslack (Seymour); £109 North Field; £108.30, £100.30, £96.30, £94.30 Short Thorns Farm; £105.80 Bridge Bank; £103.30 Windygate; £102 Middle Horsleyhope Farm; £100.30, £94.30 Bowes Cross Farm; £100 West View; £98.80 Carkin Moor Farm; £98.30, £96.30, £95.80 Water Hall Farm; £96.80 Hallbankgate Farm; £95(x2) Steeley Farm; £94.30 East Lowfields: Texel £125, £93.80, £89.30, £85.80(x3) Marriforth; £110, £100 Littleburn Farm; £98 Bolton Road (Porteous); £95 Row End Farm; £94.80 Easegill Head; £92.80, £88.30 Stotley Hall Farm; £92, £88.30 Hundith House; £89.30 Hallbankgate Farm; £88.80 Bridge Bank; £88.80, £85.80 Keld Farm; £88.30 House & Holme Farm; £87.30 Knott Hill Farm; £86.80(x2) Bowes Cross Farm; £86.80 Holme Farm; £86.80, £85.80, £85.30 Jardines; £85.80 Earnwell; £85.80 Clarks Farm; £85 Carkin Moor Farm: Suffolk £110, £100.80, £95.30 Littleburn Farm; £90.80 Clarks Farm; £86.30 Townfoot Farm; £85.80 Eden Terrace; £84.80 Whins Farm; £84.80 Holme Farm: Rouge £107 West View; £90 Row End Farm: Charollais £85, £84.30, £82 Whins Farm; £84.80 Holme Farm; £80.80 Carkin Moor Farm: Mule £85 Marriforth; £84, £80 Thorney Gale; £83.80, £82 Hundith House; £83, £80.80 Stubsgill Farm; £82 Scarrowmanwick; £81, £80 Setterah Park; £80.80 Knott Hill Farm: Blackface £83 Bolton Road (Porteous); £78.80, £76.80 Knott Hill Farm; £70.80 Laneside: Bluefaced Leicester £80 Greenriggs: Cheviot £80 West View; £80, £78.80 Amersber Cottage: Swaledale £ 75.30 Bowes Cross Farm; £68.80, £66.80 Knott Hill Farm; £68.30, £65.30 Hoggarths Farm; £67.30 High Stennerskeugh; £65.80 Quarry Farm; £65.30 Ashgill Farm: Rough Fell £61.30 Raven Cottage: Herdwick £56.30 Eden Terrace:

 Prime Lambs p/kg
Dutch Texel 358.7p Terrys Farm; 300p Middle Horsleyhope Farm; 273.8p West View; 244.4p, 225.7p Littleburn Farm: Beltex 333.3p, 248.9p, 245.5p Marriforth; 306.9p, 256.8p, 242.9p Middle Horsleyhope Farm; 288.4p, 287.5p, 251.1p, 250p, 246.2p, 242p Brackenslack(Millman); 274.4p, 265.1p, 254.1p Littleburn Farm; 272.7p, 259.2p, 237p, 233.7p Brackenslack(Seymour); 259.5p North Field; 259.4p, 256.8p, 231.7p Steeley Farm; 257.9p, 253.4p, 233.3p Short Thorns Farm; 257.1p, 252p, 250p(x2), 249.4p, 246.8p, 240.9p, 238.5p Greenbury Grange; 256.4p West View; 252.2p Carkin Moor Farm; 251.3p Bolton Road(Porteous); 245.5p Ash Garth; 245.1p East Lowfields; 235.6p Park House Farm; 253.5p, 234p, 233.7p(x2) Water Hall Farm; 232.8p Waterside Forbes; 232.2p Winter Crag; 232p Castle Hill: Texel 244.4p, 232.6p Littleburn Farm; 219p Hundith House; 214.5p, 204.3p, 201.6p Marriforth; 211.9p, 208.7p Park Top Farm; 211p Staingills; 210.6p Knott Hill Farm; 209.5p, 208.5p, 205.8p, 204.6p Ghyll Bank; 204.2p Bolton Road(Porteous); 203p Hallbankgate Farm; 202p Park House Farm: Suffolk 244.4p, 216.6p, 214.5p Littleburn Farm; 182.9p New Lodge; 180.5p Eden Terrace: Rouge 214p West View: Cheviot 197p, 195.1p Amersber Cottage: Swaledale188.1p Winter Crag;176.5p Hoggarths Farm; 172.6p High Stennerskeugh; 172.1p Ashgill Farm; 171.5p Eller Gill Barn; 171.3p Knott Hill Farm: Charollais 184.1p Eden Terrace; 175.7p Carkin Moor Farm: Mule 182.9p Eden Flatt; 179.8p Glebe Farm; 179.1p Marriforth; 177.4p, 173.3p, 170.9p Greenriggs; 176.2p Ellergill; 175.7p, 172.4p High Stennerskeugh; 173.1p Lynburn Hall; 171.8p West End Farm; 171.5p House & Holme; 170.2p East Lowfields:  Blackface 180.4p Bolton Road(Porteous); 178.4p Elmgill; 175.9p, 175.2p, 174.5p Knott Hill Farm:

Store Lambs
Beltex £88.50, £84(x2), £83.50 The Birches: Texel £63 Sandford Hall: Swaledale £37.50(x2) Revelin Farm:

Cast Ewes
Texel £138.50, £125.50, £118 West View; £135.50, £115.50(x2), £105.50 Rookwith House; £120.50, £109.50 Ascot House; £120.50, £116.50 Church Farm; £120 Stubsgill Farm: Beltex120.50, £104.50, £102.50, £100.50 High Field: Suffolk £105.50 Lankaber; £87.50 Bank Head; £85.50 Raygarth Field Farm: Bluefaced Leicester £102.50 Oakbank: Mule £72.50 Row End Farm; £68.50 Stubsgill Farm; £66.50(x2) Lankaber; £66.50 Rookwith House; £65.50 Church Farm: Zwartble £71.50, £70 Holmrook: Cheviot £68.50 Bank Head; £68.30 Crake Trees; £61.50 Thornship Farm: Masham £67.50 Lankaber:

Swaledale £64.50, £55.50 Stubsgill Farm; £55.50 Greenriggs; £55.50 Church Farm; £51.50 Hundith House: Kerry Hill £50.50(x2) Thornship Farm: Rough Fell £50.50 Lankaber: 

Cast Rams
Bluefaced Leicester £163.50, £134.50, £130.50 Kilnstown; £117.50 Whingill: Texel  £140.50 Smardale Mill; £119.50 Dufton Wood Farm; £110.50 Rookwith House; £109.50 Staingills: Beltex £114.50 High Field; £90.50 Fair View: Kerry Hill £84.50 Bank Head: Jacob £76.50 Auchentoul: Blackface £74.50 Laneside: Swaledale £70 Kilnstown: