Kirkby Stephen NEMSA Sale of Gimmer Lambs

11th September 2020

Harrison & Hetherington Ltd, Kirkby Stephen mart held their annual NEMSA sale of Gimmer Lambs on Friday 11th September, where a catalogued entry of 10,585 lambs were on offer.

Topping the sale at £300 per head were a cracking pen of long strong well bred lambs which displayed flash colour with an eye taking clean white. This pen of lambs were brought for sale from local family team of Andrew & Mark Brown, Asby Hall, Asby with the successful purchased by James Robinson, Carnforth who is a recent enthusiast to the North of England Mule Gimmer Lamb.

Next selling for £250 was another pen of 10 lambs from local family Messrs Hutchinson, Redgate, Kirkby Stephen with this pen selling to John Gate, Northwich.

Making £230 and completing the hattrick of three local mule gimmer lamb producing families who lead the sale was Messrs Hayton, Asby Grange, Asby with the successful purchasers being Messrs Batty, Kendal.

Eight new buyers were in attendance with most of these being first time buyers here at Kirkby Stephen. 40 pens of lambs sold between £140 -£300. With 60 pens selling between £130-£300.

After a couple of years of some sheep producers looking to alternative breeds of sheep, the North of England Mule Gimmer lamb bounces back to prove herself as possibly the most resilient longstanding and prolific breeding sheep in the UK and this resulted in an abundance of sheep producers from Aberdeen in the north to Cornwall in the South being present keen to secure Mule Gimmer Lambs.

Aside from top pens the strongest well bred tupping lambs met fantastic competition from start to finish with plenty of these selling from between £125-£150 regardless of the size of pens.

An example of this trade was a pen if 24 strong lambs which sold for £185 from Messrs Brown, Asby Hall.

Many buyers left the sale short of their requirements of the size of lambs.

Plenty of buyers with orders were also present within the market for the smaller end of the lambs, but with some like for like pens of these size of lambs reporting £25-£30 dearer on the year, they proved too strong a money and many orders were left short of their requirements.

A wonderful overall sale average of £103.75 was achieved which was £20.47 up on the year and this was for 80% of the vendors showing their full consignments including the smallest lambs upwards unlike many which only consign the strongest tupping lambs at the first sales with running lambs being sold at a later date.

Leading Averages
  50    @   £142.          Hightown
80    @   £140.98      Whingill
60    @   £132.59      Cotegill
150    @   £130.74      Bleathgill
120    @   £127.67      Villa Farm
40    @   £127.53      Town End (Crocker)
120    @   £124.71      Argill House
50    @   £122.50      Hartley Castle
60    @   £121.67      School Cottage
80    @   £116.12      Castle Hill
450    @   £114.47      Greenriggs
85    @   £112.97      The Gables
600    @   £112.64      Asby Hall
60    @   £112           Keisley
60    @   £110.40      Galloper Garth

Leading Prices

£300, £185 Asby Hall; £250, £165 Redgate; £230, £160 Asby Grange; £200, £162, £138(2) Howgill Grange; £180, £138 Swathburn; £178, £148 Whingill; £175 West Dowgill; £170 School Cottage; £170, £155, £142 Greenriggs; £160 Buckles Farm; £158 Red House Farm; £158, £142 Hightown; £158, £130 Cotegill; £152, £148, £134, £130 Bleathgill; £145 High Stennerskeugh; £145 Croft House Farm; £145 Argill House; £145 Gaythorne Hall; £145, £132 Villa Farm; £145 Gooselands View Barn; £142 Southwaite Farm; £142 Park House Farm; £140(2) Eastfield Farm; £140, £135 Thorney Gale; £138 Castle Hill; £135 Oak House; £134 The Gables; £133, £130 Townend Farm; £132 Bowderdale Head; £132 west Stoney Keld; £130 East Lowfields; £130 Hartley Castle; £130 Gillses Farm.