Kirkby Stephen OTM & Cast Cow Sale

2nd December 2019

Harrison & Hetherington Ltd, Kirkby Stephen Mart held their Christmas Prize show and sale of Cast & OTM Cattle on Monday when a fantastic show of 60 Cattle were forward.

Topping the sale at £1617.30 was a shapely Black British Blue cross cow which weighed 905kg and made 179.5p/kg from Messrs Smithson, Bloan Farm, Brough Sowerby which was bought by Owain Llyr, Ruthin.

Topping the sale at 189.5p/kg was a Aberdeen Angus heifer from Messrs Jenkinson, Whingill, Hartley which was bought by David Barker, Scarborough.

The judging was ably carried out by George Watson, Norwich who had a wonderful show of Cows put in front of him.

Show Results

Beef Bred Cows
1st        R&EM Smithson, Bloan Farm
2nd       P&K Brannen, Scar Top
3rd       DJ&S Atkinson, Abbey Park

Dairy Bred Cows
1st        M&K Chippendale, Wharton Hall
2nd      SD Scott, Hollin View Farm
3rd       Messrs Hastwell, The Buildings Farm

Pure British Blue cows sold to £1510.85 for a 8 year old cow from Messrs Brannen, Scar Top, Newbiggin. Bought by David Barker, Scarborough.

Messrs Hayton, Asby Grange, Great Asby sold a British Blue cross cow to make £1212.12 (728kg 166.5p/kg) selling to Owain Llyr, Ruthin. A 7 year old Limousin cow from this home also sold for £1205.46 (724kg 166.5p/kg) to David Barker. The run of 5 continental cross cows from Asby Grange sold to average 720kg £1084.11, 150.5p/kg.

Limousin cows also sold to £1205.46 and 176.5p/kg from Messrs Cannon, Ellergill, Ravenstonedale.

The first placed Dairy cow was a 783kg Holstein Friesian which sold for 114.5p/kg (£896.54) from Messrs Chippendale, Wharton Hall, Kirkby Stephen, and was bought by Dovecote Park, Pontefract.

Trade for all classes was strong with 10 cows selling between £1100 – £1617. A very strong overall sale average of 130.75p/kg (£861.77) for 60 cows sold was achieved.


Per HeadCast Cows – British Blue £1617.30 Bloan Farm; £1510.85 Scar Top; £1212.12, £968.83 Asby Grange; £1046.93 Low Bank House; £911.55 Thorns: Limousin £1209.03, £1098.50 Ellergill; £1205.46, £963.48, £950.04 Asby Grange; £1203.23 Gillses Farm; £1195.66, £930.74 Park House Farm; £1112.22 Swathburn; £1088.32 Oaktree Farm; £1076.06 Abbey Park; £1054.35 Argill House; £1052.25 Cotegill; £1011.85, £940.23 Gilts; £978.03 Low Bank House; £957.83 Rigg Farm: Aberdeen Angus £1123.74, £1064.95 Whingill: Black & White £896.54 Wharton Hall; £883.03 Hollins View Farm; £871.62 The Buildings Farm: Salers £963.90 Bowderdale Head; £787.32 Sowerthwaite Farm: Simmental £835.76 Galloper Park.

Per Kilo – Cast Cows – Aberdeen Angus 189.5p(2) Whingill: British Blue 179.5p Bloan Farm; 167.5p Scar Top; 166.5p, 135.5p Asby Grange; 148.5p Low Bank House; 147.5p Thorns: Limousin 177.5p Low Bank House; 176.5p, 162.5p Ellergill; 168.5p, 147.5p Gilts; 166.5p Asby Grange; 166.5p, 156.5p Park House Farm; 166.5p Swathburn; 155.5p Abbey Park; 152.5p Gillses Farm; 152.5p Cotegill; 152p Oaktree Farm; 148.5p Rigg Farm; 148.5p Argill House: Simmental 168.5p Galloper Park: Salers 127.5p Bowderdale Head; 121.5p Sowerthwaite Farm: Black & White 114.5p, 104.5p Wharton Hall; 109.5p The Buildings Farm; 106.5p Swathburn; 104.5p Hollins View Farm: Simmental 107.5p, 103.5p Bowderdale Head: