Kirkby Stephen OTM & Cast Cow Sale

18th May 2020

Harrison & Hetherington Ltd, Kirkby Stephen Mart held the sale of cast and OTM cattle when 64 head were forward.

Topping the sale at £1392.58 was a 812kg Limousin cow which made 171.5p/kg from Messrs Sowerby, Terrys Farm, Ormside which was bought by Owain Llyr, Ruthin.

Topping at 181.5p/kg was a pair British Blue cow from Messrs Richardson, Croft House, Ravenstonedale which was also bought by Owain Llyr.

Messrs Sowerby, Terrys Farm also sold a 752kg Limousin cow to make 175.5p/kg £1319.76 selling to D. Barker.

Dairy cows sold to £1017.98 for a 831kg Holstein which made 122.5p/kg from Messrs Clarke, Stripes Farm, Waitby.

All types of cows were a fantastic trade with a wonderful overall sale average of 133.59p/kg for sold and a third of these being Dairy cows!

Holstein Friesian steers sold to £1138.97 for a 742kg steer making 153.5p/kg from Messrs Watson, Whygill Head, Asby.

Per Head

Cast  Cows
Limousin £1392.58, £1319.76, £1109.81, £1017.22, £983.71 Terrys Farm; £1210.49, £905.65 Oaktree Farm; £1189.28 Dona Close; £1173.93 Helbeck Farm; £1108.25, £928.59 Buddle House; £1026.97 Crookholm Farm; £973.88, £956.87 Ghyll Bank: British Blue £1265.06 Croft House; £1146.84 Asby Hall; £1072.23 Easegill Head; £1020.24 Bleathgill; £1019.13 Oaktree Farm; £969.21 Hill Park Farm; £913.50 Cranberry; £911.07 Heleck Farm: Black & White £1017.98, £906.39, £891.23 Stripes; £966.96, £903.21 Soulby Grange: Montbeliarde £953.61 South View: Beef Shorthorn £838.38 Buddle House: Jersey £772.74 Langford Farm.

Cast Steers
Norwegian Red £918.13 Townfoot; Black & White £1138.97, £1091.90, £950.79, £947.09, £923.35 Whygill Head.

Cast Bull
Limousin £1028.97 Scarr House:

Per Kilo

Cast  Cows
British Blue 181.5p Croft House Farm; 175.5p Buddle House; 173.5p Asby Hall; 173.5p Easegill Head; 141.5p Bleathgill; 136.5p, 131.5p Oaktree Farm; 133.5p Hill Park Farm; 130.5p Cranberry: Limousin 175.5p, 171.5p, 153.5p, 149.5p, 140.5p Terrys Farm; 163.5p Helbeck Farm; 162.5p, 150.5p Buddle House; 153.5p, 151.5p Oaktree Farm; 151.5p Dona Close; 146.5p Crookholm Farm: Black & White 138.5p, 116.5p The Buildings Farm; 122.5p, 121.5p, 116.5p Stripes Farm; 118.5p, 115.5p Soulby Grange: Beef Shorthorn 133.5p Buddle House: Jersey 121.5p Langfold Farm: Aberdeen Angus 119.5p Holme Lea: Montbeliarde 119.5p South View.

Cast Steers
Norwegian Red 162.5p Townfoot; Black & White 154.5p, 153.5p, 152.5p Whygill Head.

Cast Bull
Limousin 166.5p Scarr House.