Kirkby Stephen OTM & Cast Cow Sale

7th September 2020

Harrison & Hetherington Ltd, Kirkby Stephen Mart held the sale of cast and OTM cattle when 50 were forward.

Topping the sale at £1501.20 was a 7 year old British Blue cross cow weighing 720kg and making 208.5p/kg from Messrs Mellin, Mill House Farm, Long Preston which was bought by Owain Llyr, Ruthin.

Messrs Hill, whitewall Farm, Great Asby sold a pure Limousin cow weighing 709kg to make 202.5p/kg grossing £1435.73 also bought by Owain Llyr.

Dairy cows sold to £1192 for a 7 year old Friesian cow which weighted 831kg and made 143.5p/kg from Messrs Hodgson, Soulby Grange and bought by dovecote Park, Pontefract.

Trade for all types of cast cows was fantastic once again with a whopping overall sale average of 143.14p/kg and £978.19 for 50 cows being achieved!!

Per Head

Cast  Cows

British Blue £1501.20 Mill House Farm; £1179.02 Stanger Hill; £1134.03 Whygill Head; £1075.62 Terrys Farm; £1000.22 Bents Farm: Limousin £1435.73 Whitewall Farm; £1432.60, £1004.85 Highfield Farm; £1329.15 New Hall; £1281.63, £1178.07 Bridge End Farm; £1199.44 Mill House Farm; £1188.28 Sandwath Farm; £1065.96 Terrys Farm: Aberdeen Angus £1327.62 Stanger Hill: Charolais £1280.60 Stanger Hill; £1212.90 Whins Farm: Black & White £1192.49, £995.08 Soulby Grange; £1111.18, £1106.88, £964.71 Eastfield Farm; £969.45 Forest Farm; £915.71, £902.75 Wharton Hall.


Cast Steer – Charolais £1296.68 Whins Farm: Black & White £957.60 Castle Hill:

Cast Bull – Limousin £1173.92 Cotegill.




Per Kilo

Cast  Cows

British Blue 208.5p Mill House Farm; 183.5p Whygill Head; 176.5p Stanger Hill; 139.5p Bents Farm; 136.5p Terrys Farm: Limousin 202.5p Whitewall Farm; 188.5p, 157.5p Highfield Farm; 178.5p Bridge End Farm; 168.5p, 164.5p Terrys Farm; 161.5p New Hall; 159.5p Mill House Farm; 159.5p Sandwath Farm: Charolais 168.5p Stanger Hill; 155.5p Whins Farm: Aberdeen Angus 163.5p Stanger Hill: Black & White 161.5p, 121.5p, 120.5p Wharton Hall; 143.5p, 132.5p Soulby Grange; 140.5p Forest Farm; 137.5p, 131.5p, 121.5p Eastfield Farm; 122.5p Bonnygate Farm.


Cast Steer – Charolais 169.5p Whins Farm: Black & White 157.5p Castle Hill:

Cast Bull – Limousin 126.5p Cotegill.