Kirkby Stephen OTM & Cast Cow Sale

6th May 2019

Harrison & Hetherington Ltd, Kirkby Stephen Mart held their fortnightly sale of Cast & OTM Cattle on Monday when 70 head were forward.

Topping the sale at £1499.19 was an eight year old Limousin cow weighing 826kg and selling for 181.5p/kg from Messrs Tiplady, Red House Farm, Barnard Castle.

Topping at 194.5p/kg was a five year old Limousin cow which weighed 710kg from Messrs Hodgson, Park House Farm, Ravenstonedale.

Dairy cows topped at £1065.33 for a 798kg five year old Holstein Friesian cow which made 133.5p/kg from Messrs Heron, Eastfield Farm, Warcop.

With another fixe year old Holstein Friesian topping at 136.5p/kg for a 764kg cow making £1042.86 from Messrs Beck, Barugh House, Tebay.

14 Cows sold between £1200-£1499.
23 Limousin cross cows sold to average £1128.45 and 165.10p/kg
30 Black & White cows sold to average £842.09 and 120.45p/kg

A whopping overall sale average of 140.19p/kg and £962.64 was achived for 70 head sold.

Cast Cows
Per Kilo –
Limousin 194.5p, 187.5p, 184.5p, 176.5p, 175.5p Park House Farm; 182.5p High Lane; 181.5p Red House Farm; 176.5p, 174.5p, 166.5p Terrys Farm; 174.5p Pikestone Farm; 174.5p Brown Moor Farm; 167.5p Gillses Farm; 165.5p Waitby Farm; 164.5p Cotegill: British Blue 176.5p, 169.5p, 158.5p, 148.5p Oaktree Farm; 155.5p Rosgill Head; 146.5p Hawkrigg Farm: Black & White 136.5p, 126.5p Barugh House; 135.5p, 127.5p, 123.5p, 122.5p Low Rutter; 133.5p, 127.5p Eastfield Farm; 131.5p, 125.5, 121.5p Stripes Farm; 125.5p Waitby Farm; 124.5p, 120.5p Duckintree Farm; 123.5p(2), 122.5p Helbeck Grange: Beef Shorthorn 137.5p Thorney Gale: Luing 118.5p Park House Farm.

Cast Bull
Per Head – Limousin 135.5p Asby Hall.

Per Head –
Limousin £1499.19 Red House Farm: £1436.71, £1380.95, £1274.90, £1268.87, £1113.75 Park House Farm; £1283.10 Cotegill; £1274.33, £1226.74, £1168.83 Terrys Farm; £1261.08 High Lane; £1202.65 Gillses Farm; £1193.58 Brown Moor Farm; £1145.70 Park Lodge Farm; £1140.21, £1138.26 Dry Evers: British Blue £1318.71, £1261.98, £1172.90, £1063.26 Oaktree Farm; £1222.23 Rosgill Head; £1063.59 Hawkrigg Farm: Black & White £1065.33, £976.65 Eastfield Farm; £1042.86 Barugh House; £994.57 Low Rutter; £967.95, £951.56 Soulby Grange; £948.12 Stripes Farm; £933.66 Helbeck Grange: Beef Shorthorn £932.25 Thorney Gale.

Cast Bull
Per Kilo – Limousin £1298.09 Asby Hall: