Kirkby Stephen Prime Sheep

3rd July 2018

Harrison & Hetherington Ltd, Kirkby Stephen Mart held their weekly sale of prime sheep on Tuesday night, where an entry of 3,110 sheep were forward, consisting of 2,243 spring lambs, and 867 cast sheep.

Topping the sale at £140 and 333.33p/kg were the overall champion pen of 5 Texel cross lambs from Messrs Sowerby, Terrys Farm, Ormside which were bought by the nights judge Mr Morgan Helliwell, Rochdale. This is the third consecutive win this season with spring lambs here at Kirkby Stephen for Messrs Sowerby.

Champion pen of “High Fives” Consigned by Messrs Sowerby, Terrys Farm, Ormside, Appleby which sold for the top prize of £140 (333.33p/kg)
Left/right Tom Buckle representing Texacloth’s local wool depot at Buckle Farm, Barras, Kirkby Stephen (Sponsors), Morgan Helliwell of Rochdale (Judge), Ian Sowerby of Messrs Sowerby, Terrys Farm (Vendors)

The champion pen of lambs hung

The annual “High Fives” show for pens of five prime lambs was held with Mr Helliwell having a hard test in selecting his prize winners out of a fantastic show of over 20 pens of lambs.

The show was kindly sponsored by Texacloth Wool Merchants, with Messrs Buckle of Buckles Farm representing and the following awards were made:-

Texel Cross
1 st and Champion Messrs Sowerby, Terrys Farm – £140 (42kg)
2nd         Messrs Lee, Stockley Burn Farm – £100 (38kg)
3rd          Messrs Lee, Stockley Burn Farm – £114.30 (41kg)

Beltex Cross
1st          Messrs Sowerby, Terrys Farm – £130 (39kg)
2nd         Messrs Skidmore, Needless Hall Farm – £125.30 (39kg)
3rd          Messrs Dodd, West View – £116.30 (41kg)

First prize pen of Beltex Lambs consigned by Messrs Sowerby, Terrys Farm, Ormside, Appleby

Suffolk Cross
1st          Messrs Williamson, Littleburn Farm – £110.30 (40kg)
2nd         Messrs Ellis, Woodside – £98.80 (47kg)
3rd             Messrs Jackson, Clarks Farm – £90.80 (43kg)

1st             Messrs Allan, Greenhow – £77.30 (42kg)

First prize pen of Mule lambs consigned by Messrs Allan, Greenhow, Dufton, Appleby

Kirkby Stephen bucked the national trend once again with a market average of 215.53p/kg being achieved for over 2,000 lambs forward ranging from 26-60kg.
Some outstanding consignments were also forward here at Kirkby Stephen once again with great premiums being obtained for these types.
Messrs Skidmore, Needless Hall Farm sold a run of 36 Beltex cross lambs to average 37.6kg, £101.52 (270p/kg).
Messrs Sowerby, Terrys Farm sold another great consignment of 33 Continental cross lambs to average 44kg, £117.63 (267.31p/kg).
Messrs Lee, Stockley Burn Farm sold a wonderful fun of 100 Continental cross lambs to average 39kg, £94.59 (242.53p/kg).
Cast sheep were a very strong trade once again with this section topping at £132.50 for a Charollais cross ewe from Messrs Lyle, Staingills.

Leading Prices

Prime Lambs
Price per Head – Texel £140, £95.80 Terrys Farm; £120, £114.30, £108.80, £100.80, £100 Stockley Burn Farm; £115.80, £110.80 (2), £108.30, £99.30 Chapel Farm; £113.80 Stanhope Gate Farm; £109.80, £107.80, £104.30, £97.30 Glen Hush; £108.80 High Street; £108.80 Staingills; £107.30, £98.30 Askrigg Hall; £103.80 Clifton Moor; £103.30 Town End Farm; £100.80 Keld Farm; £100, £95.30 Little Close; £98.30, £96.80 Clockeld; £97.80 Rosgill Head; £97.80 Jardines; £97.30 South House; £97.30, £96.30 Breaks Hall; £97.30 Bridge End House; £96.80 Colene Croft: Beltex £130 (2), £128.80, £122.80, £118.80 (2), £105.80 Terrys Farm; £125.30, £109.80, £109.30, £103.80, £100.80 Needless Hall Farm; £121, £116.30, £116, £115, £105.80 West View; £114.80, £112.80, £111.30 Town End Farm; £110.80 Bonnygate Farm; £108.80 Stanhope Gate Farm; £108.80 Stockley Burn Farm; £106.80 Friars Garth; £105.80, £100 Upper Brydekirk; £105.80 Marriforth; £103.80, £102.30 Ascot House; £103.80 Crookholm Farm; £101.80 West End Farm: Suffolk £110.30, £100 Littleburn Farm; £98.80 Woodside; £90.80 Clarks Farm: Dutch Texel £109.80, £107.80, £99.80 Terrys Farm; £98.30 Staingills; £97.80 Stanhope Gate Farm; £96.30 Black Syke; £96.30, £94.30 Stockley Burn Farm: Charollais £109.80, £95.30 Staingills; £90.30 Swarthymere: Zwartble £107.80 Hedgeholme Farm: Cheviot £99.80 Thornship Farm: Blue Texel £91.80 Staingills: Hampshire £87.80 Bonnygate; £85.80 Woodside: Mule £77.30 Greenhow: Swaledale £53.80 Slip Cottage.

Price per kilo – Texel 333.3p Terrys Farm; 278.8p, 263.2p, 260.9p, 224.5p, 224p Stockley Burn Farm; 243.3p Breaks Hall; 236.5p High Street; 236.1p Colene Croft; 228.8p Town End Farm; 227.4p Middle Bank End; 226.3p, 224.1p, 221.8p, 220p Glen Hush; 226.1p, 225.6p, 220.7p Chapel Farm; 224.5p Askrigg Hall; 222.7p Crookholm Farm; 221.6p Little Close; 220.5p Staingills: Beltex 333.3p (2), 262.9p, 261.3p, 258p, 252.8p (2) Terrys Farm; 321.3p, 280.3p, 265.3p, 259.5p, 258.7p, 255.3p, 253.6p, 250.8p Needless Hall Farm; 283.7p, 268.9p, 257.8p West View; 282.8p West End Farm; 275.1p, 272p Stockley Burn Farm; 271.5p Town End Farm; 270.2p Bonnygate Farm; 268.9p Castle Hill; 260.6p Decklyn; 259.5p, 255.8p Ascot House; 259.4p Littleburn Farm; 254.3p Friars Garth; 253.4p Bridge End House; 250p Upper Brydekirk: Suffolk 275.8p, 212.8p Littleburn Farm; 212p Bank House; 211.2p Clarks Farm; 210.8p Staingills; 210.2p Woodside: Dutch Texel 245p, 244p, 237.6p Terrys Farm; 241.8, 229.3p, 229p Stockley Burn Farm; 227.4p Stanhope Gate Farm: Blue Texel 223.9p Staingills: Charollais 219.6p, 216.6p Staingills; 213.6p Greenfield Farm; 213.3p Orchard Farm: Cheviot 212.3p Thornship: Hampshire 209p Bonnygate Farm: Mule 184p Greenhow: Swaledale 179.3p Slip Cottage.

Cast Ewes – Charollais £132.50 Staingills; £101.50 Orchard Farm: Bluefaced Leicester £124.50 South House; £123.50, £100.50 Whitewall Farm; £122.50 Swathburn: Texel £123.50 Rosgill Head; £123.50, £108.50 West View; £115.50, £107.50, £103.50, £101.50 Staingills; £114.50 Terrys Farm; £114.50, £100.50 Villa Farm; £114.50, £107.50 High Street; £110.50 Stanhope Gate Farm; £110.50 Marriforth; £107.50 Fair View; £106.50 Town End Farm; £106.50 Greenfield Farm; £102.50 Keld Farm; £102.50 Crookholm Farm; £102.50 Haithwaite: Suffolk £111.50 Chapel Farm; £103.50, £91.50 Staingills; £98.50 Old Mill Flatt; £94.50 Black Syke: Cheviot £95.50, £76.50 Wharton Hall; £78.50 East Rackwood: Masham £94.50 Raisgill Hall: Mule £92.50 Fairview; £91.50 Chapel Farm; £91.50 Old Mill Flatt; £90.50 Clarks Farm; £89.50 Greenhow; £89.50 Breaks Hall; £88.50 West Briscoe; £88.50 Terrys Farm; £88.50, £87.50 Rosgill Head: Beltex £90.50 Town End Farm: Rouge £89.50 Middle Bank End: Kerry Hill £87.50 Rosgill Head: Swaledale £72.50 Greenriggs; £70.50 Town Foot; £67.50 Greenhow; £65.50 Swathburn: Blackface £67.50 Greenhow.

Cast Rams – Zwartble £96.50 Bridge End House: Beltex £92 Town Foot: Cheviot £70.50 East Rackwood: Swaledale £70.50 West Briscoe; £64.50 Poppin Cottage.