Kirkby Stephen Prime Sheep

23rd June 2020

Harrison & Hetherington Ltd, Kirkby Stephen Mart held their weekly sale of prime sheep on Tuesday night when an entry of 2,826 sheep were forward consisting of 2,016 spring lambs and 810 cast sheep.

Topping at £129 and 322.5p/kg were a pair of 40kg Beltex cross lambs from Messrs Lyle, Staingills, Culgaith that were purchased by Vivers Scotlamb.

A fantastic trade for all weights and classes of spring lambs was achieved once again here at Kirkby Stephen with an overall sale average of 240.55p/kg for 2016 lambs being achieved.

Messrs Sowerby, Terrys Farm, Ormside sold a pen of 11 37kg Beltex cross lambs to make £118.80 (321.1p/kg) selling to Vivers Scotlamb.

A pen of three 46kg Beltex cross lambs from Terrys Farm sold to make £124 selling to Dowdings Butchers.

The consignment of 30 lambs from this home sold to average 41.7kg £115.20.

Messrs Hunter, Upper Brydekirk sold their run of lambs to top at £122.80 for a pen of 7 40kg Beltex cross lambs which were bought by Yorkshire Halal Meats.

The consignment of 30 lambs from this home sold to average 39.4kg £108.82 (276.2p/kg)

Messrs Lyle, Staingills sold a pen of 6 39kg lambs to make £121.80 (312.3p/kg) selling to Yorkshire Halal Meats, with another pen of 8 39kg lambs selling for £120.80 (309.7p/kg) selling to Vivers Scotlamb.

A pen of 21 38kg lambs sold to make £112.30 (295.5p/kg) also from this home. The whole consignment of 301 lambs from Staingills sold to average 40.6kg £104.02 (256.2p/kg).

Mule lambs sold to a top of £100 and 222.2p/kg for a pen of 45kg lambs from Messrs Hodgson, Green Farm, Shap and were bought by Janan Meat.

Messrs Dawson, School Cottage, Kentmere sold a pen of 10 Mules weighing 40kg to make £88.80 (222p/kg) selling to Lancashire Direct Halal.

Heavy lambs were in exceptional demand topping at £120 for 55kg Texel cross lambs from Messrs Carruthers, Potlands, Tebay.

Messrs Seymour, Brackenslack, Maulds Meaburn sold 52kg Texel cross lambs to make £118.80.

Messrs Richardson, School Farm, Great Strickland sold a pen of 15 Texel cross lambs to make £117.30 (260.7p/kg)

Lightweight lambs were also in very strong demand with a pen of 34kg lambs making £89.80 (264.1p/kg) from Messrs Brass, Barnskew, Maulds Meaburn.

Messrs Hodgson, The Grange, Darlington sold a pen of 40 34kg lambs to make £88.80 (261.2p/kg)

Messrs Bewley, Mid Farm, Whitrigg sold a pen of 36kg lambs to make £105.80 (293.9p/kg)

Messrs Jackson, Skelton Wood End, Skelton sold a pen of 22 42kg Texel cross Mule lambs to make £98.80 (235.2p/kg)

Messrs Wharton, Town Head Farm, Old Tebay sold a pen of 40kg Texel cross Mules to make £99.80 (249.5p/kg)

Messrs Dent, Greenriggs, Kirkby Stephen sold a pen of 40kg Texel cross mule lambs to make £95.80 (239.5p/kg)

Cast sheep were also a firmer trade for all classes.

Horned ewes were particularly good to sell topping at £77.50 for a pen of Rough Fells from Messrs Handley, Archers Hall, Sedbergh.

Swaledale ewes topped at £67.50 for a pen from Messrs White, Rigg Farm, Lunedale.

A pen of 10 Swaledale ewes sold to make £65.50 from Messrs Pedley, Oaktree Farm, Barbon with another pen of 7 also making £65.50 from Messrs Hodgson, Green Farm, Shap.

Leading Prices –

Spring Lambs

Price Per Head –:

Beltex £129, £121.80, £120.80, £117.30, £112.30, £110.30 Staingills; £124, £118.80 Terrys Farm; £122.80; £116.80, £111.80, £108 Upper Brydekirk; £116.80, £110 Hallbankgate; £114.80 Old Mill Flatt; £112.30 Brackenslack; £110.80, £105.80 Home Farm; £110, £106.80, £105.80 Mid Farm; £109.80 Rosgill Head; £109.80 Windygate; £109.30 Crossfell House; £109.30 Moor Riggs; £106.80 Green Gill Farm; £105.80 Rennels House: Texel £120 Potlands; £118 Brackenslack; £118(2), £112.80 New View Farm; £117.80 Breaks Hall; £117.30 School Farm; £116.80 Skelton Wood End; £115.80 Smardale Hall; £115.30, £110(2) Hallbankgate; £114.80, £108.80 Wath Farm; £112.80 East Mellwaters Farm; £110.80 Waterhouses; £110 Town End Farm(Sayer); £110 Green Farm; £110 Terrys Farm; £110 Moor Riggs; £110, £108.80, £105.30 Etherley House; £107.80, £105.30 Staingills; £106.80 Town Head Farm(Wharton); £106.80 Greenriggs; £106.30 Windygate; £106 Clarks Farm; £105.80 Martindale Farm(Robinson); £105.30 Crossfell House; £105.30 Rosgill Head; £105(2) Barningham House: Charollais £116.80, £115, £113.80(2), £106.30 Brackenslack; £102.30 Clifton Moor: Dutch Texel £112 Terrys Farm: Suffolk £110 Scar Top; £104.30 Etherley House; £95.80 Wath Farm; £94.30 Martindale Farm(Wearmouth); £93.80 Crossfell House: Blue Texel £108.80 Friars Garth; £98 Town End Farm: Bluefaced Leicester £105.80 School Cottage: Mule £100 Green Farm; £88.80 School Cottage; £75 Whingill: Cheviot £94.30 Smardale Hall: Zwartble £90 Hedgeholme Farm: Hampshire £89.30 Stenkeld Farm: Swaledale £55 Oakbank Farm; £50 Fieldham House.

Price per kilo –

Beltex 322.5p, 312.3p, 309.7p, 295.5p, 286.1p, 275.8p Staingills; 321.1p Terrys Farm; 307p, 284.9p, 279.5p, 276.9p Upper Brydekirk; 293.9p, 289.5p Mid Farm; 284.7p Castle Hill; 284.1p Home Farm; 280.3p Crossfell House; 280p Old Mill Flatt; 275p, 271.6p Hallbankgate; 273.9p Brackenslack; 271.3p Home Farm; £270.3p Moor Riggs: Texel 268.1p, 255.8p Hallbankgate Farm; 267.7p, 250.7p Breaks Hall; 265.7p Mid Farm; 261.9p Green Farm; 260.7p School Farm; 256.8p, 250.7p Staingills; 256.10p Barningham House; 252.1p Askrigg Hall; 252.1p Friars Garth; 250.7p(2) Etherley House; 250p Town End Farm; 250p Terrys Farm: Blue Texel 253.5 Askrigg Hall; 247.3p Friars Garth; 245p Town End Farm: Dutch Texel 248.9p Terrys Farm: Suffolk 248.3p Etherley House; 241.4p Rockcliffe Farm; 239.1p Scar Top; 234.5p Crossfell House: Charollais 247.4p, 242.1p Brackenslack; 242p Staingills: Bluefaced Leicester 235.1p School Cottage: Cheviot 224.5p Smardale Hall: Mule 222.2p Green Farm; 222p School Cottage.

Prime Hoggs

Price per head –

Texel £103.80, £93.80 East Mellwaters Farm; £85.50 Green Farm: Bluefaced Leicester £98.80 Brow Farm: Swaledale £80, £75.50 Cowshill Bridge View; £75 Barningham House: Mule £74.50 Caldwell Farm: Cheviot £72.80 Thornship Farm.

Cast Ewes

Beltex £120 Staingills; £100 Upper Brydekirk; £94.50 Castle Hill: Texel £120.50 Dale View; £112, £108.50 Town End Farm; £110, £106.50 Hopewell Farm; £105, £102.50 Brackenslack; £104.50 Ash Dub; £100.50 Breaks Hall; £100 Castle Hill; £100 Smardale Hall: Charollais £100 Staingills: Bluefaced Leicester £95.50 Greenriggs; £91.50 School Cottage; £91.50 Villa Farm: Suffolk £94.50 Villa Farm; £93.50, £90 Upperlands Farm; £90 Staingills: Hampshire £90.50 Stenkeld Farm: Blue Texel £85.50 Terrys Farm: Teeswater £85.50 Beverley Cottage: Mule £78.50 Rosgill Head; £75.50 Waterhouses; £75.50 Brackenslack; £75.50 Archers Hall; £75.50 Fair View; £75.50 villa Farm; £75.50 Rockcliffe; £75.50 Staingills; £75 Upperlands Farm; £75 Mill Cottage: Rough £77.50, £68.50 Archers Hall; £69.50 Ellergill: Lleyn £75 Scar Top: Cheviot £73.50 Crossfell House; £72 Widdington Grange: £71.50 Coupland Beck Farm: Swaledale £67.50 Rigg Farm; £65.50 Green Farm; £65.50 Oaktree; £63.50 Oakbank Farm; £61.50 Cowshill Bridge View; £60.50 Whingill: Goat £65 Decklyn; £65 Balgray Hill.

Cast Rams

Suffolk £114 Villa Farm: Cheviot £100.50 Ellergill: Texel £100 Caldwell Farm; £98.50 Ash Grove: Zwartble £88.50 Balgray Hill: Scotch Blackface £87.50 Balgray Hill: Swaledale £80 Cowshill Bridge View; £73.50 Green Rigg: Kerry Hill £75.50 Thornship Farm: Goat £65 Decklyn.