Kirkby Stephen Prime Sheep Sale

31st July 2018

Harrison & Hetherington Ltd, Kirkby Stephen Mart held their weekly sale of prime sheep on Tuesday night, where a fantastic entry of 3,539 sheep were forward consisting of 1,738 prime lambs 1,406 cast sheep and 395 Store lambs.

Topping the prime lambs at £109.80 was a pen of three Suffolk lambs from Messrs Brannen, Scar top, Penrith which were bought by Mr A Atkinson.
Topping the sale at 241.8p per kilo was a pen of 39 kilo Beltex cross lambs which made £94.30 from Messrs Dodd, West View and were bought by Vivers Scotlamb Ltd.  The consignment of Beltex cross lambs from Messrs Dodd, averaged 42 kilo £92.40 (220p per kilo).
Messrs Fairburn, Ripon sold another great run of 125 Beltex cross lambs to average 40 kilo £84 (210p per kilo).
A record entry of just over 1,400 cast sheep were forward and trade for all fleshy or strong ewes of any breed being best to sell.
Topping this section at £130 were Texel cross ewes from Messrs Brunskill, High Close, Knock which were purchased by Yorkshire Halal Meats.
Swaledale ewes topped at £59.50 for a pen from Messrs Calvert, Hoggarths Farm, Keld.  Several pens of strong fleshy Swaledale ewes sold between £54.50 and £59.50.

Leading Prices
Prime Lambs
Price per head – Suffolk £109.80 Scar Top; £87.30 Williamsgill Farm, £85.80 Keld Farm (Adison), £81.80 Waitby Farm:  Beltex £108.80 Terrys Farm; £106.80 Row End Farm (Little); £103.80, £92.80 Dry Evers, £100, £96.30, £95.30 (2), £94.30, £92.80, £90.30 West View (Dodd), £100 Jerusalem Farm, £100 Greenbury Grange, £97.80 School Farm, £94.80, £90.80 Beck Hill Farm, £90 Amersber Cottage: Dutch Texel £108.80 Terrys Farm, £88.80 Breaks Hall, £84.80 School Farm, £84.30 Old Mill Flatt:  Texel £100, £90.30, £87 Clifton Moor,£95.80, £84.30 Jerusalem Farm, £95.30 Fountain Head, £94.30, £84.30 Balgray Hill, £92 High Stennerskeugh, £90.30 West View (Davidson), £85.30 The Park Wall, £85.30 Short Thorns Farm, £85 Haithwaite, £85 Hoggarths Farm, £84.80 Keld Farm (Addison): Zwartble £95.80 Hayberries: Charollais £78.30 Hawkrigg Farm: Mule £77.80 Carrholme, £77.30 Balgray Hill, £76.80 High Stennerskeugh, £74.80 Eastfield Farm, £72.80 Rookby Scarth, £71.30 Eden Flatt, £70.80 Keisley Farm, £70.80 School Cottage: Cheviot £76.30 Balgray Hill; Bluefaced Leicester £74.80 Carrholme: Blackfaced £67.80 Balgray Hill: Swaledale £50.30 Aisgill Farm, £49.80 Ghyll Brow.

Price per kilo – Beltex 241.8p, 238.1p, 226.9p, 224.2p, 221p, 218.9p, 217p, 212.5p West View (Dodd), 231.5p Terrys Farm, 221.1p Castle Hill, 220p, 215.1p, 213.9p, 212.8p, 211.2p Marriforth, 218.9p, 210p The Birches, 215.3p, 211.2p Windygate, 213.6p Row End Farm (Little), 212.8p Jerusalem Farm, 212.8p Beck Hill Farm, 211.8p Dry Evers, 211p The Gables: Dutch Texel 226.7p Terrys Farm, 208.1p Old Mill Flatt, 206.5p Breaks Hall: Texel 198.3p Fountain Head, 198.1p Clifton Moor, 194.2p Windygate, 191.6p, (2) Jerusalem Farm, 191p Yore House: Suffolk 185.6p Jerusalem Farm: Mule 180p, 174.8p Castle Hill, 174p Eastfield Farm, 172.9p Carrholme, 170.7p High Stennerskeugh: Charollais 178p Hawkrigg Farm: Blackfaced 173.8p Balgray Hill: Cheviot 170.6p Balgray Hill.

Cast Ewes – Texel £130 High Close, £112.50, £91.50 Breaks Hall, £112.50 Easegill Head, £109.50, £105.50 Rookby Scarth, £104.50 Short Thorns Farm, £101.50 Sideway Bank, £97.50 Whygill Head, £96.50 Green Gill Farm, £94.50 (2) The Gables, £92 Hoggarths Farm, £90.50 Dale View: Bluefaced Leicester £103.50 Glebe Farm, £98.50 Thorney Gale, £95.50 Bollihope Shield Farm: Charollais £100 Booilishuggel Farm: Suffolk £94.50 The Gables, £90.50 Rookby Scarth: Zwartble £88.50 Town End Farm: Cheviot £83.50, £75.50 Balgray Hill, £72.50 Hedwynds: Lleyn £79.50 Whingill: Mule £78.50 Sproat Ghyll, £78.50 The Park Wall, £77.50 Elm Pot, £77.50 Greenriggs, £77.50 Breaks Hall, £73.50 Moorhouse Farm, £72.50 Glebe Farm: Longwool £74.50, £69.50 Kemplerigg: Swaledale £59.50 Hoggarths Farm, £56.50 Hedwynds, £54.50 Whingill, £54.50 Pennine View, £52.50 Hartley Castle, £50.50 School Cottage: Herdwick £48.50 Thorney Gale: Easy Care £47.50 Hesket House.

Cast RamsTexel £120.50 Short Thorns Farm, £108.50 Well Head, £96.50 Wodencroft: Zwartble £120.50 Hayberries: Beltex £86.50 Wodencroft: Swaledale £76.50 New Hall: Easy Care £76.50 Hesket House.