Kirkby Stephen Prime Sheep Sale

21st August 2018

Harrison & Hetherington Ltd, Kirkby Stephen Mart held their weekly sale of prime sheep on Tuesday night, when 2151 sheep were forward consisting of 1569 prime lambs and 482 cast sheep.

Topping the sale at £126 and 280p/kg was a 45kg Beltex lamb from Messrs Dodd, West View, Temple Sowerby which was bought by Vivers Scotlamb Ltd.
Messrs Dodd’s consignment of 20 Beltex and Dutch Texel cross lambs averaged 43kg £104.09 (242.06p/kg)
Messrs Sayer, Town End Farm, Penrith sold their great consignment of 134 Beltex & Texel cross lambs to average 41kg £87.08 (212.39p/kg)
Messrs Fairburn, Marriforth, Ripon sold another wonderful run of 131 Beltex cross lambs to average 40kg £85.11 (212.77p/kg)
A sale average of 187.42p/kg was achieved which was much stronger than expected, being dearer than recent trades so far this week, and many more lambs could have easily been sold well!
Cast sheep were also a sharper trade with fleshy pens of horned ewes being in particular demand.
Rough Fell ewes topped at £73.50 for a pen of 5 from Messrs Beck, Barugh House, Tebay.
Swaledale ewes topped at £66 for a pen of 10 from Messrs Brown, Asby Hall, Great Asby.

Leading Prices
Prime Lambs Price per Head Beltex £126, £114.80(x2), £112.80, £110, £101.30 West View; £110.80, £104.80, £95.30, £93.80 Bonnygate Farm; £100, £98.80 Greenbury Grange; £96.30, £95.80(x2) Town End Farm; £96, £92.30, £91.30 Marriforth; £95.80, £93.80 Birch Bush; £94.80 Starrah; £94.30 West Lea; £92.30 Black Syke: Dutch Texel £116.80, £96.80, £86.30 West View; £98.30, £86.80 Raygill Farm; £90.80, £85.30 Lower Griseburn: Texel £97.30 Wheatsheaf; £96.80 School Farm; £96.30 Park House Farm; £95, £86.80 Bonnygate Farm; £94.80, £88.30, £85 Town End Farm; £94.80, £87.30 Scar Top; £88.80 Birch Bush; £88.30, £86.30 Starrah; £87.30 Jerusalem Farm; £86.80 Mill Moor; £86.30 Fell View; £86.30 Hollins View Farm; £86.30 Clockeld; £86.30 Rosgill Head; £85.80 Barrowmoor Road (Bousfield); £85.80 Snaisgill Farm:   Charollais £86.30 Eden Terrace(Bainbridge); £86.30 Black Syke: Suffolk £85.80 Black Syke; £85.30 Jerusalem Farm; £84.80 Keld Farm (Addison); £82.30 Greenbury Grange: Mule ££82.30 Stoneriggs; £79.80, £70.80(x2) East Unthank Farm; £71.30 Marriforth: Rough Fell £50 Crooksbeck:

Price per Kilo – Beltex 280p, 260.9p(x2), 244.4p, 240p, 235.6p West View; 246.2p, 238.2p, 232.4p Bonnygate Farm; 239.5p, 233.7p, 224p Town End Farm; 230.8p Black Syke; 230p West Lea; 225.7p Starrah; 221.3p, 220p Marriforth: Dutch Texel 271.6p, 225.1p, 221.3p West View: Texel 211.1p, 197.3p Bonnygate Farm; 210.2p, 202.4p Town End Farm; 209.3p Barrowmoor Road (Bousfield); 194.8p, 191.9p Stoneriggs; 194p Scar Top; 193p Birch Bush; 192p Starrah; 191.8p Clockeld: Charollais 187.6p Black Syke; 178.6p,178.1p Eden Terrace (Bainbridge): Suffolk 185.8p Scar Top;185.4p Jerusalem Farm; 182.9p Greenbury Grange; 179.1p Villa Farm: Mule 177p (x2) East Unthank Farm; 175.1p Stoneriggs:

Cast Ewes
Suffolk £98.50 Lowfield Cottage (Wilson); £94.80 Black Syke: Texel £96.50 Arla Burn Farm; £93.50 House & Holme Farm; £88.50 Sideway Bank; £88.50 Scar Top; £87.50 Toft House; £86.50 Birch Bush; £85.50 West Lea; £84.50 Lowfield Cottage (Wilson): Mule £81.50 Arla Burn Farm: Rough Fell £73.50 Barugh House; £59.50 Piper Hole: Easy Care £66.50 Hesket House:

Swaledale £66 Asby Hall; £65.50 Heather Bank; £57.50 Waterhouses; £55.50 West End; £50.50 The Park Wall:

Cast Rams
Texel £106.50 Heather Bank; £97.50 The Park Wall: Swaledale £49.50 Toft House: