Kirkby Stephen Prime Sheep Sale

18th September 2018

Harrison & Hetherington Ltd, Kirkby Stephen Mart held their weekly sale of prime sheep on Tuesday night, when 2991 sheep were forward consisting of 2051 prime lambs and 940 cast sheep.

Topping the sale at £120 was a 49kg Beltex cross lamb from Mr. S Millman, Brackenslack, Maulds Meaburn which was bought by Dowdings Butchers, Appleby.
Topping at 260.8p/kg were a pair of 40kg Beltex cross lambs selling for £104.30 from Messrs Longstaff, Ascot House, Murton which was bought by Vivers Scotlamb.
The whole consignment of lambs from Ascot House sold to average 41.8kg £90.60 (216.75p/kg)
Messrs Lawson, Stubsgill Farm, Distington sold a well fleshed run of 30 Texel cross mule lambs to average 47.5kg £90.58 (190.7p/kg)
A pen of 52kg Beltex cross lambs sold to make £108.8 (209.2p/kg) from Messrs Lee, Carkin Moor Farm, Richmond.

Once again trade for all weights of good meated lambs was dearer than had previously been and were in demand from our 12 active buyers.  Many more well fleshed lambs could have been competitively sold.

Leading Prices
Prime Lambs

Price per Head
Beltex £120, £96.80, £93.30 Brackenslack (Millman); £108.80, £104.80, £92.30(x2) £87.80, £85.30 Carkin Moor Farm;£104.30, £97.80, £95.30, £94.30, £86.30 Ascot House; £98.80, £87.30 Starrah; £97.30, £87.80 Row End Farm; £96.80, £85.80 Brackenslack; £94.80, £94.30, £91.80 Stubsgill Farm; £94.30, £93.80, £87.80 West Lea; £89.80 Bowes Cross Farm; £89.80 Musgrave House; £89.30 School Cottage; £88.80, £86.80 Wharton Hall; £88.30 Windygate; £87.30, £86.80 Waterside: Texel £104.80, £87.30 Bollihope Shield; £100, £98.80, £80.80 Intake Bottom; £97.80, £84.30, £81.80 Burton Hill; £90.80 Fowlie; £88.80, £84.30, £81.80 Carkin Moor Farm; £88.30, £86.80, £85.80, £81.30 Lowgill Farm; £86.80 Stubsgill Farm; £85.80 Punchard Farm; £84 Thwaite Farm; £83.80 Kiln Beck Farm; £83.80 Starrah; £82.80 Woodcroft Farm; £82.80 Eden Flatt; £82.80 Ascot House; £82.30 Roseleigh; £82.30 Hollins View; £82 Waterside; £81.80, £80 Coupland Beck Farm; £80.80 Townfoot Farm £80Bowes Cross Farm:     Dutch Texel £100, £90.30 Trainriggs Farm; £99.30 School Farm; £88.80 Lowgill Farm; £84.30 Ascot House: Mule £96.80Stubsgill Farm; £83.30 Bollihope Shield; £80.30 Eden Flatt; £80 Haber; £79.80 Asby Grange; £78.80 Lowgill Farm; £74.80 Low Farm: Charollais £88.30 Carkin Moor Farm: Suffolk £85.80 Palliard; £84.80, £81.80 Kiln Beck Farm; £83.80 Townfoot Farm; £83.30, £80 Lowgill Farm: Blackfaced £78.30, £71.80, £69.80 Knott Hill Farm: Bluefaced Leicester £73.30 Whitewall Farm: Swaledale £73.30 Uldale Farm; £69.80 Fieldham House; £64 Thwaite Farm; £63.80 Frith Holme; £63.80 Whitewall Farm; £61.30 Rudd Hills: Rough £65.80 Greenside Farm:

Price per Kilo –
Beltex 260.8p Ascot House; 244.9p, 236.1p, 229.2p, 222.1p; 220.6p, 217.4p Brackenslack (Millman); 242p Brackenslack; 238.3p, 232.9p, 230p Ascot House; 231.7p Row End Farm; 229.8p Starrah; 228.6p Ash Garth; 223.8p Waterside;219.5p West Lea; 219p Musgrave House; 217p Wharton Hall; 215p Buddle House: Mule 206p Stubsgill Farm; 178.4p Step Ends Farm; 170.8p House & Holme Farm; 167p Glebe Farm; 166.6p Bollihope Shield; 166.2p Low Farm:  Dutch Texel 200.7p Ascot House; 194.7p School Farm:Texel 200p, 186.4p Intake Bottom; 194.1p Bollihope Shield; 190.5p Coupland Beck Farm; 190.5p Starrah; 187.9p House & Holme Farm, 187.3p Smardale Mill; 186.2p Kiln Beck Farm; 186.1p Waterside; 185.9p Carkin Moor Farm; 185.8p Row End Farm: Swaledale 187.6p Whitewall Farm; 182.3p Frith Holme; 177.9p Green Rigg; 175.2p Bayles Farm; 175.1p Rudd Hills; 174.5p Fieldham House; 166.6p Uldale Farm; 161.5p Holly Cottage: Charollais 177p Coupland Beck Farm; 176.2p Carkin Moor Farm; 172.4p School Cottage: Blackface 175.1p, 174.5p, 163.1p Knott Hill Farm; 160p Bayles Farm:

Suffolk 174p Kiln Beck Farm; 174p Woodcroft Farm; 172.9p Scarside; 172.6p Jerusalem Farm; 171.6p, 171p, 170.9p, 170p Palliard: Cheviot 170.5p Elmgill: Hampshire 169.3p Poppin Cottage: Rough 168.7p Greenside Farm:

Cast Ewes
Texel £104, £100, £81.50 Stubsgill Farm; £100 Scarside; £90, £80.50 Hallbankgate Farm; £81.50 Waterside; £80 Sandford Hall; £80 Brackenslack: Beltex £100 Gracies Farm; £85.50 Buckles Farm: Suffolk £90, £80.50 Hallbankgate Farm; £80.50 Waterside; £80 Townfoot Farm: Mule £84.50 School Farm; £77.50 Townfoot Farm; £75 Brackenslack: Bluefaced Leicester £84.50 Stubsgill Farm: Cheviot £68.50 Wharton Hall; £65.50 Low Greenside: Swaledale £55.50 Stubsgill Farm; £50 Scarth Lees; £47.50 Stubsgill Farm; £47.50 Punchard Farm; £45 Greenhills Farm: Rough £52.50, £50.50 Barugh House: Herdwick £47.50 Scarth Lees: Blackface £46.50 Guise:

Cast Ram

Bluefaced Leicester £80 Bollihope Shield: Swaledale £74.50, £68.50 Gillses Farm; £70 Greenhills Farm; £64.50(x2) Hoggarths Farm: Rough £71.50 Barugh House: