Kirkby Stephen Prime Sheep Sale

23rd April 2019

Harrison & Hetherington Ltd, Kirkby Stephen Mart held their weekly sale of prime sheep when 3500 sheep were forward consisting of 90 spring lambs, 2504 prime hoggs and 906 cast sheep.

Topping the spring lambs at £136.80 was a 42kg Beltex cross lamb from Messrs Hunter, Upper Brydekirk, Annan which was bought by Vivers Scotlamb Ltd.

Topping the New Season lambs at 362.3p/kg were a pair of 35kg Beltex cross lambs which made £126.80 from Messrs Lyle, Staingills, Culgaith which were bought by Vivers Scotlamb. Another pen of 8 Beltex cross lambs from Staingills weighing 36kg sold to make £121.80 (338.3p/kg)

Messrs Lyles consignment of 45 Dutch Texel and Beltex cross spring lambs sold to average 39.5kg £118.55 (300p/kg);
The 16 Blue Texel and Beltex cross lambs from Ivanhoe Livestock Partnership, Bedale sold to average 36.5kg £112.18 (307p/kg);
Good quality handy weighted lambs were a flying trade with 12 pens selling between 300-362p/kg and 8 pens selling between £120-£136.

90 new season lambs sold to average 285.97p/kg.

Prime hoggs sold to top at £126 on three separate occasions, twice from Messrs Mason, East Farm, Malton and from Messrs Greensit, Friars Garth, Northallerton.

Topping at 289.8p/kg were a pen of 10 Beltex cross hoggs from Joanna Andrews, Boscar Flats, York which were bought by Yorkshire Halal Meats Ltd. The run of 100 Continental cross hoggs from this home sold to average 42.5kg £112.47 (264.6p/kg).

A fantastic consignment of 128 continental cross heavy hoggs from Malton sold to average 57kg £114.88.
Hill Cheviot hoggs sold to £105.30 for a pen of 21 47kg hoggs from Messrs Turnbull, Boghall, Fife with a further four pens of 25 Hill Cheviot hoggs from this home all selling at £105.30. The whole run of 280 Hill Cheviot hoggs from Boghall sold to average 52kg £104.08.
Blackface hoggs sold to £95.30 for a pen of 27 47kg hoggs from Green Hills Farm, Ulverston with another pen of 24 Blackface hoggs from this home weighing 37kg making £85.30 (230.5p/kg).
Another pen of 43 36kg Hill Cheviot hoggs sold for £83.30 (232.8p/kg) from Hyde Park.
37kg Swaledale hoggs sold to make £79.80 (215.7p/kg) for a pen of 40 from Messrs Patchett, Ripon.

Cast sheep of all classes were also dearer with this section topping at £157for a Suffolk Cast Ram from Messrs Kennedy, Roman Vale, Long Marton.
Cast ewes topped at £140 firstly for a pen of 4 Texel ewes from Messrs Somerville, Lansmere, Newby and also for a Texel ewe from Messrs Jackson, Clarks Farm, Lamonby.
Suffolk ewes topped at £131.50 for a pen of 14 from Roman Vale.
Mule ewes topped at £94.50 from Messrs Ewin, House & Holme Farm, Bishop Auckland.
Swaledale ewes topped at £80 for a pen of 3 from Messrs Smith, Kelmore Hill Farm, Distington. Many more cast sheep can be sold here at Kirkby Stephen on a weekly basis.

Spring Lambs
Price per head – Beltex £136.80, £125.30 Upper Brydekirk; £126.80, £121.80 Staingills; £124.80 House & Holme Farm; £117.30, £114.80 Wyvill Grange Farm: Texel £126.80 Staingills; £126.30, £115.80, £113.80 Street House; £110.30 House & Holme Farm: Dutch Texel £120, £118.80, £118.30, £116.80, £114.80, £113.80 Staiingills: Blue Texel £116.30 Wyvill Grange Farm.

Price per kilo – Beltex 362.39, 338.3p Staingills; 328p, 308.7p Wyvill Grange Farm; 325.7p, 313.3p Upper Brydekirk; 320p House & Holme Farm: Texel 325.1p, 315.8p, 304.7p Street House; 294.9p Staingills; 290.3p House & Holme Farm: Blue Texel 323.1p Wyvill Grange Farm: Dutch Texel 300, 299.5p Staingills.

Prime Hoggs
Price per Head – Beltex £126, £124.80, £119.80, £117.80, £115.80, £115.30 Friars Garth; £126(2), £123(4), £122.80, £120, £117.80, £116.30(2), £116 East Farm; £124.80, £120 Upper Brydekirk; £118.80, £118.30, £116.80(2), £116, £115.80, £115 Boscar Flats; £115 Lansmere: Texel £114.80, £106.30 Birks Farm; £114 Kelmore Hill Farm; £113.80, £106.80, £105.80 BoE Farm; £109.80 West Summersides; £109.80 Sunny Gill Farm; £109.30, £108.80 Scales Hall; £108.80(3), £105.80 (2) Kirkbarrow Hall: Zwartbles £114 Thorpe House Farm: Suffolk £111.80 Villa Farm; £108.80 Scales Hall; £108.80, £104.80, £103.80, £100.30 Boghall; £102.80 Town End Farm: Cheviot £105.30(4), £104.30(2), £103.30, £102.30(3) Boghall; £102.80, £102.30, £100.80 BoE Farm: Bluefaced Leicester £99.80 Waterhouses; £93.80 School Cottage: Mule £97.80 West Summersides; £95.80 Waterhouses; £94.80, £90 Kelmore Hill; £90.80 Town End Farm: Scotch Blackface £95.30, £91.80 Green Hills Farm; £92.80, £90 Greystone House; £91 BoE Farm: Swaledale £89.80 Easterbeck House; £88.80 Stoneriggs; £87.80, £86.80, £83.80, £82.80, £81.80 West Summersides; £87.80 Allenshields Farm; £82.80 Sunrise House Farm; £82.30 Burton Hill: Badger Faced £81.30 Slatich: Rough £80.80 Piper Hole: Herdwick £79.80 Roseleigh; £74.80 Beechcroft Farm.

Price per Kilo –  Beltex 289.8p, 276.3p, 268.6p(2), 265.5p Boscar Flats; 285.7p, 284.1p, 274.5p Sleddale Hall; 283.6p Upper Brydekirk; 272.7p, 268.3p Town End Farm; 271.3p Woodfoot; 267.7p, 266p Friars Garth; 261.4p Lansmere: Texel 255.1p Birks Farm; 249.5p, 237.9p Town End Farm; £246.5p, 237.3p Westgarth Hill; 240p Chapel Farm; 239.1p New House; 237.1p BoE Farm; 236.7p Roseleigh; 235.4p Sleddale Hall: Cheviot 232.8p, 231.1p, 229.1p Hyde Park; 230.5p Green Hills Farm; 228.6pEast Rackwood Hill; 225.7p Roromore Farm; 224p, 221.9p Boghall: Scotch Blackface 230.5p, 218.6p, 217.8p Green Hills Farm; 227.1p Slatich; 215.8p Greystone House; 210.8p(2) Roromore Farm: Dutch Texel 227.4p Green Hills Farm: Badger faced 225.8p Slatich: Suffolk 222.6p, 212.3p Kiln Beck Farm; 218.7p Town End Farm; 213.8p Middle Bank End; 213.3p New House: Swaledale 215.7p, 199.5p(2), 197.1p, 197p West Summersides; 199.6p, 198.2p Easterbeck House; 199.4p Wemmergill Farm; 197p Blades Field Farm: Herdwick 210p Roseleigh; 207.8p Beechcroft Farm: Mule 207.7p West Summersides; 204.7p Beechcroft Farm; 201.8p Town End Farm:

Cast Ewes – Texel £140 Lansmere; £140, £131.50 Clarks Farm; £138 Buckles Farm; £134.50, £130 Keskadale Farm; £133.50 Fair View; £130 High Griseburn; £126.50, £125.50 Upper Brydekirk; £125.50 ascot House; £120.50 Fell View; £120.50 West Hindon Farm; £120 Roman Vale: Suffolk £131.50, £115.50 Roman Vale; £120, £111.50, £109.50(2), £106.50 Holmes of caaf Dalry; £114.50 Fell View; £110.50 West Hindon Farm; £107.50 Clarks Farm: Beltex £124.50, £114.50 Keskadale Farm; £120.50 Ascot House; £115.50 Lansmere; £115.50(2) Upper Brydekirk: Bluefaced Leicester £112.50 Greenriggs; £106.50 Thorney Gale; £95.30 West Hindon Farm; £90 Keskadale Farm: Zwartble £100.50 Town End Farm; £97.50 Homes of Caaf Dalry: Cheviot £96.50 West Summersides; £87.50 Prospect Farm; £84.50 West View; £84.50 Upper Brydekirk; £80.50, £80 Rookby Scarth; £80.50 Fell View: Mule £94.50, £90.50 House & Holme Farm; £91.50 Clarks Farm; £87.50 Prospect Farm; £85.50 West Summersides; £85 Green Farm; £84.50 Raygarth Field Farm; £84.50 Low Barn; £84 Chapel Farm: Rough £85.50 Waterhouses; £80.50 High Lane; £75 Galloper Park: North Country Cheviot £84.50 Fell View: Teeswater £81.50 Piper Hole: Dorset £80.50 Chapel Farm: Swaledale £80, £74.50 Kelmore Hill Farm; £78.50 Holly Cottage Barn; £77 Stoneriggs; £75.50 Whitewall Farm; £74.50 Bleathgill; £73.50 Easterbeck House: Scotch Blackface £66.50 Low Farm: Herdwick £61.50 Dowthwaite Head Farm: Badger faced £50 Dowthwaite Head Farm:

Cast Rams – Suffolk £157 Roman Vale: Texel £134.50 Gillses Farm; £128.50 Middle Bank End; £122.50 Clarks Farm; £120.50 Holmes of caaf Dalry: Blue Texel £120.50 Holmes of Caaf Dalry; Charollais £110 Holmes of Caaf Dalry: Bluefaced Leicester £114.50 West Summersides; £107.50 Ellergill: Swaledale £88.50 School Cottage; £87.50 Buckles Farm; £84.50 Marshes Gill.