Kirkby Stephen Prime Sheep Sale

11th June 2019

Harrison & Hetherington Ltd, Kirkby Stephen Mart held their weekly sale of prime sheep on Tuesday when 2051 sheep were forward consisting of 937 spring lambs, 554 prime hoggs and 560 cast sheep.

Topping the spring lambs at £118 was a 48kg Beltex cross lamb from L C Walton, Goodlie Hill Cottage, Great Asby which was bought by A. Atkinson.

Topping at 310.8p/kg were a pen of 37kg Beltex cross lambs from Messrs Skidmore, Needless Hall, Toronto which sold for £115 to Vivers Scotlamb Ltd.

Messrs Sowerby, Terry’s Farm, Ormside sold their run of lambs to average 43.7kg and selling to average £114.58 (262p/kg). A pen of five 40kg lambs from this home sold to make £117.30 (293.25p/kg)

Messrs Skidmore, Needless Hall sold their consignment of Beltex cross lambs to average 37.5kg, £98.47 (262.5p/kg)

L C Walton, Goodlie Hill Cottage sold his run of lambs to average 43.5kg, £105.07 (241.5p/kg).

Messrs Seymour, Brackenslack, Maulds Meaburn sold their 24 lambs to average 39kg, £97.07 (248.9p/kg)

Messrs Lyle, Staingills, Culgaith, Penrith sold their run of 256 lambs to average 39kg, £95.47 (244.8p/kg) with a pen of eleven 37kg lambs from this home selling for £104.80 (283.2p/kg)

The national trend was bucked up here at Kirkby Stephen with all classes and weights of spring lambs being dearer and a wonderful overall sale average of 230.6p/kg being achieved.  Many more lambs could have easily been sold to a strong demand from 14 active buyers!

40 pens of lambs sold between 250-310p/kg with over 40 pens selling between £100-£118.

Prime hoggs topped at £114 for a pen of Texel cross hoggs from Messrs Mark, Sunny Gill Farm, Ousby which were bought by Mr. M. Helliwell.

Cast sheep topped at £134 for a Bluefaced Leicester Ram from Messrs Smith, Kelmore Hill Farm, Distington which was bought by Lancashire Direct Halal.

Leading Prices
Spring Lambs
Price per head – Beltex £118, £107.30, £103.80, £101.30 Goodlie Hill Cottage; £115.30, £115, £112.80 £110.80 Terrys Farm; £115, £110.30 Needless Hall Farm; £110.80, £104 Hundith House; £110.80, £110.30, £108.00, £107.80, £106.80m £106.30, £105.80, £104.80 £103.80 Staingills; £109.30, £107.30, £101.80 Brackenslack; £105.80 Wharton Hall; £105.80 Ash Dub; £100.80 Yore House: Dutch Texel £117.30, £115, £106.30, £102 Terry Farm; £101.30, £97.80 Middle Bank End Farm; £99.30, £97.80(x2), £96.30, £95.30 Staingills; £97.80 Hawkrigg Farm: Charollais £113.80, £108.80, £100 Staingills: Texel  £112.80 Needless Hall Farm; £108.80 Staingills; £108, £104.80, £96.80 Abbey Park; £105.80 Crossfell House; £105.80, £96.80, £94.80 School Farm; £102.30, £94.80 Ash Dub; £95.30 Hollins View Farm; £95.30 Greta View; £95.30 Barningham House; Suffolk £96 Hyde Park; £94.80 Scar Top; £90 Middle Shipley Farm:

Price per kilo – Beltex 310.8p, 286.5p Needless Hall Farm; 299.5p, 283.2p, 281.1p, 273.2p, 272.6p, 271.3p, 269.5p, 262.6p, 253.3p, 251.2p Staingills; 293.9p Wharton Hall; 283.9p, 282.4p Brackenslack; 278.3p, 264.6p Middle Bank End Farm; 276.3p, 268.5p, 260.3p, 253.2p The Grange; 274.5p Terrys Farm; 268.3p Goodlie Hill Cottage; 261.2p Ash Dub; 257.1p, 253.7p, 252.9p, 251.8p Hundith House; 253.5p Hawkrigg Farm; 253.3p Crossfell House; Dutch Texel 293.2p, 242.1p, 241.6p Terrys Farm; 285.4p, 250.8p Middle Bank End Farm; 260.8p, 244.4p, 241.9p, 240.8p Staingills; 241.5p Hawkrigg Farm: Texel 262.3p Needless Hall Farm; 255.6p, 240p Abbey Park; 246.6p Wharton Hall; 245.9p, 241.8p, 241.7p Street House; 241.8p Staingills; 241.3p Hollins View Farm: Charollais 252.9p, 250.1p, 232.6p Staingills; 242.7p, 237.5p Hawkrigg Farm: Suffolk 237p Scar Top; 220.5p Staingills; 216.3p Jerusalem Farm: Mule 184.2p Whingill:

Prime Hoggs
Price per Head – Texel £114, £109.80(x2), £99.30, £95.80, £94.80 Sunny Gill Farm; £98.80 Blades Field Farm; £92.80, £89.80 Hallbankgate Farm; £89.80 Easegill Head: Beltex £106.80, £89.80 Hallbankgate Farm: Zwartble £97.80, £86.80, £81.80 Ormside Lodge: Charollais £96.80, £91.30, £89.30, £88.80, £82.50 Whins Farm: Bluefaced Leicester £93.80 Hundith House: Suffolk £93.80, £89.30 Whins Farm: Swaledale £91.30, £88.80 Hundith House; £86.80 Rigg Farm; £86.80 New House; £85.80 Grains O Beck: Cheviot £90.80, £85 Bloan Farm; £88.80, £72.80 Sunny Gill Farm; £71.80 Crake Trees Manor: Mule £81.80(x2), £80 Kelmore Hill Farm: Blackface £68.80 Hallbankgate Farm; £62 Hyde Park:

Price per Kilo – Beltex 197.8p, 187.1p Hallbankgate Farm: Mule 188.3p Kelmore Hill Farm: Texel 185.9p, 174.8p, 172.7p Sunny Gill Farm: Cheviot 181.2p Sunny Gill Farm; 173p Bloan Farm: Swaledale 171.3p Kelmore Hill Farm; 166.6p Blades Field Farm; 161.8p Hyde Park; 160.7p New House: Blackface 163.9p Redlands Bank:

Cast Ewes – Suffolk £108.50, £91.50 Hyde Park; £96.50 Whins Farm: Texel £100 Castle Hill; £98.50, £96 Hyde Park, £97.50 Staingills; £92.50 Waterside; £90 Bampton Grange: Bluefaced Leicester £93.50 Hundith House: Charollais £87.50, £83.50 Whins Farm: Mule £75.50 Bampton Grange; £75.50 Whins Farm; £75.50 Hyde Park: Cheviot £72.50 Hyde Park; £70.50 Crake Trees Manor: Swaledale £69.50 Hundith House; £63.50 Woodbine House; £62.50 Villa Farm; £62.50 Kelmore Hill Farm; £60 Bampton Grange: Blackface £65.50 Hyde Park:

Cast Rams – Bluefaced Leicester £134, £122.50 Kelmore Hill Farm: Texel £128, £110.50 Hyde Park: Suffolk£116.50 Hyde Park: Charollais £115.50, £100 Hyde Park: Zwartble £92.50 Ormside Lodge: Swaledale £88.50 Hundith House; £86.50, £78.50 Kelmore Hill Farm; Che