Kirkby Stephen Prime Sheep Sale

2nd July 2019

Harrison & Hetherington Ltd, Kirkby Stephen Mart held their weekly sale of prime sheep on Tuesday when 2547 sheep were forward consisting of 1422 spring lambs, 1125 cast sheep.

Topping the spring lambs at £122 and 290.5p/kg were the champion pen of five 42kg Beltex cross lambs which were consigned by Messrs Dodd, West View, Temple Sowerby and were bought by Vivers Scotlamb Ltd.

The annual show for pens of Five Beltex, Texel, Suffolk and Mule lambs saw a fantastic turnout of 18 pens out in front of our judge Mr S. Jenner.

The show was kindly sponsored by local Texacloth Wool Merchants agent Messrs Buckle. Buckles Farm, Barras.

Beltex Cross
1st and Champion    Messrs Dodd, West View – £122 (42kg)
2nd         Messrs Skidmore, Needless Hall Farm – £115 (44kg)
3rd          Messrs Sowerby, Terrys Farm – £119 (41kg)

Texel Cross
1st          Messrs Skidmore, Needless Hall Farm – £111 (39kg)
2nd         Messrs Lawson, Hundith House – £96 (40kg)
3rd          Messrs Sowerby, Terrys Farm – £109 (43kg)

Suffolk Cross
1st          Messrs Williamson, Littleburn Farm – £95 (41kg)
2nd         Messrs Williamson, Littleburn Farm – £90.30 (37kg)
3rd          Messrs Sowerby, Terrys Farm – £103.80 (45kg)

1st             Messrs Brown, Asby Hall – £80 (45kg)
2nd         Messrs Hayton, Asby Grange – £69.30 (39kg) 

Some top quality lambs were forward once again here at Kirkby Stephen with Messrs Dodd, West View selling their run to average 41.7kg £113.29 (271.6p/kg).

Messrs Sowerby, Terrys Farm sold their 30 Beltex, Texel and Suffolk cross lambs to average 42.4kg £110.29 (260.1p/kg)

Messrs Skidmore, Needless Hall Farm, Toronto sold their run of 30 Beltex cross lambs to average 40kg £104.76 (261.9p/kg).

An overall sale average of 204.61p/kg was achieved.

Cast sheep topped at £130 for a pair of Texel cross ewes from Holms of caaf Dalry, Ayrshire.

Leading Prices

Spring Lambs
Price per head – Beltex £122, £116.80, £112.80 West View; £119, £114, £109.80, £109, £108.80, £108, 102.80 Terrys Farm; £116.80, £109.80 Bowes Cross Farm; £115, £106.80, £104.80 Needless Hall Farm; £112, £110.80 Stubsgill Farm; £105.80 Woodland House Farm; £105, £101 Staingills; £103 Black Syke; £100.80 Windygate: Texel £111 Needless Hall Farm; £109 Terrys Farm; £105 Staingills; £102.80 Bowes Cross Farm; £99.80, £90.80 Hollins View Farm; £99.80 Yore House; £99.30, £90.80 Carpool; £96 Hundith House; £94.80, £90 Holmes of caaf Dalry; £93.80, £90 Stanhope Gate Farm; £92.80 Martindale Farm; £91.80 Bowes Cross Farm; £90 Chapel House: Dutch Texel £108, £95 Stubsgill Farm; £100(2), £93.80 Hallbankgate Farm; £94.80 Black Syke; £90.30 Staingills: Rouge £105.80 The Gables; £88.80 Black Syke: Suffolk £103.80 Terrys Farm; £95, £90.30, £87.80 Littleburn Farm; £94 Holms of caaf Dalry; £89.30 Black Syke: Bleu du maine £103 Black Syke: Half bred £100 Black Syke: Charollais £98.80 Hallbankgate Farm; £89.80 Black Syke: Mule £80 Asby Hall; £70.80 House & Holme Farm: Ryeland £77.30 House & Holme Farm.

Price per kilo – Beltex 290.5p, 262.3p, 259.6p West View; 290.2p(2), 281.5p(2), 253p, 247.8p Terrys Farm; 288.9p, 265.5p Bowes Cross Farm; 281.1p, 261.4p, 243.2p Needless Hall Farm; 252.1p, 245.8p Upper Brydekirk; 251.9p Woodland House Farm; 248.9p Stubsgill Farm; 246.5p Hundith House; 245p Hopewell Farm; 244.2p, 243.1p, 240.5p Staingills; 244.1p Crosby Hall; 242p Bonnygate Farm: Texel 284.6p Needless Hall Farm; 253.5p(3) Terrys Farm; 240p Hundith House; 234.2p Wilson House; 232.8p, 226.8p Hollins View Farm; 232.1p Yore House; 230.9p Carpool; 225.1p Haithwaite; 223.5p Bowes Cross Farm: Rouge 251.9p The Gables: Dutch Texel 244.1p, 230.5p, 218.7p, 215.4p Staingills; 215.5p Black Syke: Suffolk 244.1p, 231.7p Littleburn Farm; 230.7p Terrys Farm: Blue Texel 233.2p The Gables; 214.5p Barton Dale: Charollais 219.6p Hallbankgate Farm; 204.1p Black Syke; 202.3p Leigh Croft: Half bred 209p, 208.3p Black Syke: Ryeland 203.4p House & Holme Farm: Mule 191.4p House & Holme Farm: Cheviot 189.7p Dowthwaite Head Farm.

Cast Ewes – Texel £130, £121.50, £114.50, £102.50, £97.50, £96.50 Holms of caaf Dalry; £128.50, £104.50, £95.50 Stanhope Gate Farm; £105.50 Askrigg Hall; £99.50 Hundith House; £96.50 Staingills; £95.50 Greenriggs: Charollais £129.50, £102.50, £96.50 Holms of caaf Dalry: Suffolk £100.50 Staingills; £99.50 River View; £97.50(3), £94.50 Holms of caaf Dalry: Bluefaced Leicester £98.50, £84.50 Greenriggs; £93.50, £86.50 East Lowfields; £87.50 West Hindon Farm: Beltex £90.50 Buckles Farm: Zwartble £87.50 Askrigg Hall: Cheviot £80.50 Holms of caaf Dalry: Mule £76.50, £75.50 Rosgill Head; £75.50 Castlegarth; £75.50 Stubsgill Farm; £75.50 Staingills: Swaledale £70.50, 361.50 Stubsgill Farm; £65.50 Pasture House Farm; £63.50 Highfield Farm; £62.50 Buckles Farm; £61.50 Asby Hall; £61.50 Greenriggs; £60.50 Kelmore Hill Farm; £60.50 Swathburn: Scotch Blackface £65.50 House & Holme Farm.

Cast Rams – Bluefaced Leicester £122.50 Ashgill Farm: Texel £120 Holms of caaf Dalry: Swaledale £87.50 Eller Gill Barn; £73.50 Stanhope Gate Farm; £71.50 Ettergill House; £70.50 Lanehead Farm.