Kirkby Stephen Prime Sheep Sale

14th August 2019

Harrison & Hetherington Ltd, Kirkby Stephen Mart held their weekly sale of prime sheep on Tuesday when 2,207 sheep were forward consisting of 1,649 prime lambs and 558 cast sheep.

Topping the sale at £130 was a 46 kilo Beltex cross lambs from Messrs Jackson, Little Beck, Kings Meaburn which was bought by Vivers Scotlamb Ltd.

Topping at 293.2p/kg was a 44 kilo Beltex cross lamb which sold for £129 from Orlena Henderson, Middle Horsleyhope Farm, Consett and was bought by M. Helliwell, Rochdale.

Messrs Jackson, Little Beck sold their great consignment of 21 lambs to average 42.5 kilo £102.84 (242p/kg)

Messrs Bainbridge, Bonnygate Farm, Soulby sold their wonderful run of 20 lambs to average 43.5 kilo £103.83 (238.7p/kg).

Messrs Bell, Hallbankgate Farm, Brampton sold their 30 lambs to average 42 kilo £94.58 (225.2p/kg).

Mule lambs sold to £77.30 for a pen of 17 44 kilo lambs from Kilnstown Farms, Roweltown, Carlisle.

Messrs Fairburn sold a great consignment of 125 lambs to average 40 kilo £88.52 (221.3p/kg).

The annual young handlers show was held which witnessed a fantastic turnout of youngsters displaying their handling skills.

Our judge Mr W Capstick, Newbiggin on lune had a hard task and finally awarded the overall champion young handler to 8 year old Robert Davidson, Thorney Gale, Stainmore with his lamb selling for £126 to Steadmans Butchers, Kirkby Stephen.

Robert Davidson holding the lamb with judge Wilf Capstick.

The reserve overall award was given to 14 year old Orlena Henderson, Middle Horsleyhope Farm, Consett who’s lamb went on to sell for £129 to M. Helliwell.

Young Handlers

Show Results
5 year old and under
1st Alana Bainbridge, Bonnygate Farm – 5 years old – sold for £105 (38kg)

6-10 years old
1st Robert Davidson, Thorney Gale – 8 years old – sold for £126 (51kg)
2nd Keeley Gough, Galloper Park – 9 years old – sold for £111 (42kg)
3rd Autumn Longrigg, Breaks Hall – 7 years old – sold for £90 (37kg)
4th Maddie Bainbridge, Bonnygate Farm – 9 years old – sold £100 (42kg)
5th Holly Longrigg, Breaks Hall – 10 years old – sold for £90 (40kg)

11-16 years old
1st Orlena Henson, Middle Horsleyhope Farm – 14 years old – sold for £129 (44kg)
2nd Libby Bainbridge, Bonnygate Farm – 12 years old – sold for £111 (46kg)
3rd Fern Longrigg, Breaks Hall – 13 years old – sold for £105 (44kg)
4th Emily Davidson, Thorney Gale – 13 years old – sold for £80 (38kg)
5th Sophie Horn, Griseburn Farm – 11 years old – sold for £99 (49kg)

Champion – Robert Davidson, Thorney Gale
Reserve Champion – Orlena Henderson, Middle Horselyhope Farm

Lamb trade was sharper that expected here at Kirkby Stephen once again with a sale average of 187.87p/kg being achieved for all classes and weights sold.

Many more lambs can easily be sold to our competitive ringside of 14 buyers here at Kirkby Stephen.

Leading Prices
Spring Lambs
Price per head – Beltex £130, £125, £111.30, £104.30 Little Beck; £129, £104.80, £96.30 Middle Horselyhope Farm; £126, £118.30, £116.80, £111, £105, £100(2), £99.30 Bonnygate Farm; £111, £107 Galloper Park; £110.80, £108.80, £99.80, £97.80, £96.80 Marriforth; £108.80 West Lea; £106.80 Upper Brydekirk; £106 Bonny Rigg; £105.80 Dona Close; £102.80 Lansmere; £100.80, £99.30, £95.80 Hallbankgate Farm; £100.80 Dry Evers; £100, £95 West View; £100, £99 Lower Griseburn; £99 Carpool: Texel £126 Thorney Gale: £92.80 Bullflatts Barn; £92.80, £87.30 Town Head; £92.30 Street House; £88.80 Littlebeck Farm; £85.80 Mayland Farm; £85 Hardberry Hill Farm; £84.80 Punchard Farm; £84 Stripes Farm: Dutch Texel £105, £91, £90 Breaks Hall; £87.80 East Mellwaters Farm: Halfbred £87.30 Dona Close: Blue Texel £82.50, £80.30 Wyse Hill Farm: Suffolk £80.30 Ascot House; £78 Brooklyn: Mule £77.30, £77, £75.30 Kilnstown; £76.30 Waterhouses; £75 Keisley Farm: Teeswater £75 The Oaks: Lleyn £75 Brooklyn: Swaledale £56 Pennine View.

Price per kilo –
Beltex 293.2p Middle Horseleyhope; 282.6p, 266p, 258.8p, 237p Little Beck; 276.3p, 262.9p, 262.5p, 248.5p, 241.3p, 238.1p, 230.9p Bonnygate Farm; 264.3p, 232.6p Galloper Park; 258.5p, 230.9p Hallbankgate Farm; 257.7p, 253p, 236.1p, 232.9p Marriforth; 256.4p, 237.5p West View; 246.5p Bonny Rigg; 244.8p Lansmere; 239.2p, 234.1p, 230p Upper Brydekirk; 236.8p Ascot House; 235.1p Dona Close; 230.8p Moor Riggs; 230.2p Carpool: Texel 247.1p Thorney Gale; 214.7p, 192.7p Street House; 206.2p Town Head; 197.4p Bullflats Barn; 197.3p Littlebeck Farm(Addison) 193.6p Fair View; 193.2p Hardberry Hill Farm: Dutch Texel 245.9p, 238.6p, 225p Breaks Hall; 204p East Mellwaters Farm; 200p Old Mill Flatt: Blue Texel 206.3p, 200.8p, 198.2p Wyse Hill Farm: Charollais 190.5p Newsham Grange: Mule 175.7p, 175.1p Kilnstown, 169.6p Waterhouses: Suffolk 191.2p Ascot House: Swaledale 155.6p Pennine View.

Cast Ewes
Texel £100, £86.50 Ash Dub; £97.50 Upper Brydekirk; £94.50, £85.50 Goodlie Hill Cottage; £92.50 Sideway Bank; £88.50 Sandford Hall; £87.50 Porthy Green: Bluefaced Leicester £94.50 Wat Garth; £93.50 Yore House: Beltex £88.50 Brackenslack: Suffolk £87.50 Hardberry Hill Farm: Blue Texel £80.50 Wyse Hill Farm: Mule £74.50 Dry Evers; £72.50 Toby Hill Farm: Rough £57.50 Greenside Farm; £50.50 Crooksbeck: Swaledale £56.50 Keisley Farm; £52 Stoneriggs; £50.50 East Unthank Farm; £50 How Burn; £50 Waterhouses: Teeswater £55 The Oaks: Jacob £45.50, £42.50 Hardberry Hill Farm.

Cast Rams
Texel £115.50, £103.50 New View Farm; £87.50 Mid Farm; £87.50 Low Grassgill: Rough £87.50 Blue Grass Farm: Suffolk £80.50 Low Grassgill: Swaledale £60 Stanhope Gate Farm; £54 Greenhills Farm; £50 Granthwaite.