Kirkby Stephen Prime Sheep Sale

1st October 2019

Harrison & Hetherington Ltd, Kirkby Stephen Mart held their weekly sale of prime sheep on Tuesday night when 3,461 sheep were forward consisting of 1,811 Prime lambs, 567 Cast sheep and 1083 Store lambs.

Topping the Prime lambs at £110 and 244.4p/kg were a pen of eight 45kg Beltex cross lambs from Messrs Chester, Grassgill Lodge, Soulby which were bought by Vivers Scotlamb.
Another pen of ten 42kg Beltex cross lambs from this home sold to make £100.30 also selling to Vivers Scotlamb.
The whole consignment of 31 lambs from Grassgill Lodge sold to average 44.5kg, £98.70, (221.9p/kg).
Messrs Wearmouth, Parkside, Barnard Castle sold their 20 lambs to average 48kg, £96.90, (201.8p/kg).
Messrs Lyle, Staingills, Culgaith sold their consignment of 50 lambs to average 43.9kg, £89.12, (203p/kg).
Messrs Dodd, West View, Temple Sowerby sold their 32 lambs to average 43kg, £88.17, (202.6p/kg).
Messrs Allinson, West Briscoe, Barnard Castle sold their run of 30 lambs to average 42kg, £86.05, (204.8p/kg).
All classes of lambs were much dearer than they had been anywhere recently with an SQQ sale average of 178.1p/kg and an overall sale average of 170.39p/kg been achieved.
Many more lambs could have easily been sold to great advantage here at Kirkby Stephen!
Cast sheep also sold to a strong trade topping at £150 for a cast Texel Ram from Messrs Allinson, Windygate which was bought by Lancashire Direct Meats.
Cast ewes topped at £140 for a Texel cross ewe from Messrs Foster, West End Farm, Barnard Castle which was bought by Yorkshire Halal Meats.

Leading Prices

Prime Lambs Price per head –Beltex £110, £106.80, £100.30, £97.80, £90 Grassgill Lodge; £109.80, £93.30, £91.30, £90.80 Brackenslack; £108.80, £100, £98.80, £98.30 West View; £105.30, £101.30, £100, £97.30, £90.30 Parkside; £101.80, £92.30 Stripes Farm; £96.80 Dry Evers; £95.80, £91.30 West Briscoe; £92.80 Castle Hill; £91.80 Bolton Road; £91.30, £90.30 Staingills: Texel £101.80, £100 New View Farm; £100.80 Skirwith Hall; £100, £92 Grassgill Lodge; £92.30, £87 Staingills; £92.30, £84.30 West Lea; £91.80 Hollins View Farm; £88.30 Windygate; £87.80, £84.80 Langton Field; £87.80 Wilson ouseHouseHouse; £85.80 Parkside; £83.30, £82.80 Greenbury Grange; £82.80 Breaks Hall: Dutch Texel £95.30 West View; £89.30, £87.80 Staingills; £87.30 Amersber; £86.80 Dry Evers; £83.80, £81.80 Wilson House: Blue Texel £90 West View: Rouge £84.80, £82 Langton Field: Charollais £84, £76.80 Bolton Road; £76.30 Wilson House: Cheviot £82.30, £71.80 Thornship Farm; £70.30 Ellergill (Cannon): Suffolk £77.30 Greenbury Grange; £74 Kiln Beck Farm: Mule £73.30 Waterhouses; £72.80 Croft House; £72.80 Asby Grange; £72.30 Eden Flatt; £70.30 Green Gill Farm; £70 Ellergill (Cannon): Rough Fell £54.30 Kilnmire; £48.80 Crooksbeck; £46.80 Low Shaw Farm: Swaledale £47.80 Beverley Cottage; £43.80 Hill Farm; £41.80 Stoneriggs:

Price per kilo – Beltex 244.4p, 238.8p, 210.8p Grassgill Lodge; 233.7p West Briscoe; 228.6p, 227.3p, 224.5p, 222p West View; 226.2p, 214.7p Stripes Farm; 224.1p, 222.1p, 212.3p, 210.5p Brackenslack; 220.2p, 212.8p, 210p Parkside; 214.6p Stoneriggs; 212.6p, 212.3p, 210p Staingills; 211p Park House Farm; 210.5p Castle Hill: Dutch Texel 226.9p West View; 204.2p, 203p Staingills; 203p Amersber: Texel 205.3p Windygate; 205.1p West Lea; 204.2p Wilson House; 197.1p, 189.3p Greenbury Grange; 192.6p Breaks Hall; 190.9p Langton Field; 183.6p Hollins View Farm; 182.4p Green Gill Farm; 181.4p West View; 181p Staingills: Blue Texel 187.5p, 182.4p West View: Rouge 188.4p Langton Field: Charollais 178.7p Bolton Road; 169.6p Wilson House: Cheviot 160.2p, 156.1p Thornship Farm: Suffolk 157.8p Greenbury Grange; 154.2p Nova Scotia: Mule 153p East Unthank Farm; 151.7p Asby Grange; 149.6p(x2) Kilnstown: Rough Fell 139.2p Kilnmire; 135.6p Crooksbeck: Swaledale 121.7p Hill Farm:

Cast Ewes Texel £140 West End Farm; £100 Staingills; £90, £80 Hawkrigg Farm; £80.50 Thornship Farm: Bleu de Maine £110.50 Leigh Croft: Suffolk £80 Hawkrigg Farm: £80 West Briscoe: Bluefaced Leicester £70 Marriforth; £70 Yore House: Mule 66.50 Hayberries: Cheviot £63.50 Thornship Farm; £51.50 Bents Farm: Swaledale £47.50 West End Farm; £47.50 Poppin Cottage; £45.50 mRudd Hills; £43.50 East Unthank Farm; £42.50 Yore House: Rough Fell £44.50 Ellergill (Steadman); £41.50 Bents Farm: Herdwick£34.50 Dowthwaite Head Farm:

Cast RamsTexel £150 Windygate; £148.50, £116.50 Leigh Croft; £102 New View Farm; £100 Southwaite Farm: Swaledale £59.50 Grassgill Lodge; £50(x2) Dirt Pit Farm: Rough Fell £55.50 Ellergill(Steadman):