Kirkby Stephen Prime Sheep Sale

19th November 2019

Harrison & Hetherington Ltd, Kirkby Stephen Mart held their weekly sale of prime sheep on Tuesday night when 4,038 sheep were forward consisting of 2,842 prime lambs, 886 cast sheep and 310 store lambs.

Topping the prime lambs at £121 was a 52kg Beltex cross lamb from Messrs Phillips, Fir Tree Farm, Harrogate which was bought by Dowding Butchers Appleby.

Topping at 281.6p/kg were a pen of 38kg Beltex cross lambs selling for £107 from Messrs Lawson, Stubsgill Farm, Workington which were bought by Vivers Scotlamb.

Messrs Lee, Carkin Moor Farm topped at £116.80 for a pen of five 45kg Beltex cross lambs which sold to Pak Mecca Meats, Birmingham.

Another pen of 14 54kg lambs from this home sold for £114.80 to Andrew Atkinson.

The whole consignment of 106 Texel & Beltex cross lambs from Carkin Moor sold to average 49.5kg £102.50. Messrs Phillips, Fir Tree Farm sold his run of 134 Dutch Texel and Beltex cross lambs to average 43kg £95.50 (222p/kg)

Messrs Fairburn, Marriforth, Ripon sold their consignment of lambs to top at £116 for a pair of 49kg Beltex cross lambs bought by Dowding Butchers Appleby.

The run of 170 Beltex and Texel cross lambs from this home sold to average 44kg £96.30

Messrs Longrigg, Breaks Hall sold their 40 lambs to average 42kg £94.92 (226p/kg)

Another good entry of over 700 Mule lambs were forward which topped at 188.4p/kg for a pen of 30 45kg lambs making £84.80 from Messrs Raine & Davidson, Thorney Gale, Stainmore, with another pen of 30 Mule lambs from this home weighing 44kg selling for £82.80.

Kilnstown Farms, Carlisle sold their 50 Mule lambs weighing 46kg to make £84.30 (183.26p/kg)

Cast sheep were a flying trade and topped at £150 for a pair of Texel cross ewes from Messrs Ivinson, River View, Penrith which were bought by Yorkshire Halal Meats.

Beltex cross ewes topped at £140.50 for a pen of 3 from Messrs Simpson, Highscale Farm, Wigglesworth.

Swaledale ewes topped at £62.50 from Messrs Pickering, Low Rigg, Barnard Castle.

With another pen of 13 Swaledale ewes making £57.50 from Messrs Skelton, Low House, Maryport.

Blackfaced ewes sold to £60 for a pen of 13 from Newton Farm, Aberdeenshire.

Mule ewes topped at £78.50 for a pen from Messrs Nelson, Rosgill Head.

Good quality and heavy ewes were in extreme demand from our regular and fresh buyer, and many more of types can be sold to great advantage here at Kirkby Stephen.

Leading Prices – Prime Lambs

Price per head –

Beltex £121, £110.80(2), £108.80, £107.80, £102.80, £96.80, £95.30, £95(2) Fir Tree Farm; £116.80, £115.30, £114.80, £110.80, £109.30, £98.30 Carkin Moor Farm; £116, £104.30, £100, £99.30, £98.80, £97.80(2), £96.30, £96, £95.80 Marriforth; £115.80, £101, £100 West View; £107, £103.80, £98.80 Stubsgill Farm; £103.80 Breaks Hall; £102.80, £96.30 Windygate; £100.80 High Toft Hill Farm; £98.80 Starrah; £95.30 Bank House: Dutch Texel £109.80, £104.80, £101.80(2), £87.80 Dry Howe; £97.30, £94.80 Fir Tree Farm: Blue Texel £108.80 Rosgill Head; £102.80 Newton Farm: Texel £105.80, £98.80, £96.30, £95.80, £94.30 Carkin Moor Farm; £105.30, £97.80, £95.30(2), £94.80 Etherley House; £103.80 Burton Hill; £100.80, £95 Barnskew; £99.80, £96.80, £95 Abbey Park; £98.30, £97.80 Rookby Scarth; £96.80, £94.30 Newton Farm; £96.80, £96.30, £95 Kelmore Hill Farm; £96.80, £95.80 Galloper Garth; £96.30 Windygate; £94.30 Easegill Head; £94.30 Fox Grove Farm; £94 Rosgill Head; £94 School Cottage: Suffolk £100 Carkin Moor Farm; £92.30 Newton Farm; £90.80 Clarks Farm; £90 Bank Head: Zwartble £93.80 Clockeld: Rouge £90.30 Skelcies Hall: Bluefaced Leicester £90 Whitewall Farm: Mule £86.30 Burton Hill; £85.80 Eden Flatt; £85.80, £85.30 West View; £85.80 High Stennerskeugh; £85 Blades Field Farm; £85 Marriforth; £84.80, £84.30(2) Lands Farm; £84.80 Thorney Gale; £84.80 Croft House Farm; £84.80 Argill House; £84.30 Starrah; £84.30(3) Kilnstown Farm; £84.30 Ashgill Farm: Half Bred £85 Newton Farm: Kerry Hill £81.80 Bank Head: Cheviot £81.30, £79.80 Bents Farm: Swaledale £73.30 Allergill Cottage; £70.30(2) High Birk Hatt; £68 Shieldhill Top; £65.80 Palliard; £65.80 Flakebridge Farm: Scotch Blackface £72.80 Newton Farm: Rough £65, £64.80 Ellergill; £62.80 Raven Cottage.

Price per kilo –

Beltex 281.6p, 235.9p, 231.2p Stubsgill Farm; 262p, 259.6p, 246.2p Carkin Moor Farm; 246.3p, 241.3p West View; 240.9p, 238.3p, 233.6p, 231.5p Fir Tree Farm; 240.8p, 233.6p Windgate; 238.3p Black Syke; 236.7p, 231.8p, 230.9p, 230p Marriforth; 235.9p Breaks Hall; 234.7p School Cottage; 233.3p Barnskew; 232.4p Bank House: Texel 232.4p Bank House Farml 224.4p School Cottage; 223.8p Carpool; 222.3p Etherley House; 222p Galloper Garth; 221.7p Mount Pleasant; 217.5p Chapel House; 217.4p Breaks Hall; 216.1p Blunt House; 216.1p Ellergill: Dutch Texel 232.9p, 218.5p, 218.3p, 216.6p Dry Howe; 216.2p, 215.5p Fir Tree Farm: Blue Texel 229p Bank House; 201.6p Newton Farm: Rouge 225.8p Skelcies Hall: Charollais 215.3p, 211.6p Black Syke; 197p School Cottage: Cheviot 210p, 189.1p Bents Farm; 193.7p Valehurst: Scotch Blackface 196.8p Newton Farm: Mule 188.4p, 188.2p Thorney Gale; 183.3p(3) Kilnstown; 181.4p Dousgill Farm; 180.9p Bents Farm; 180.4p Lands Farm; 180.2p Eden Flatt: Suffolk 187.9p Villa Farm; 186p, 181p Newton Farm: Kerry Hill 181.8p Bank Head: Swaledale 163.5p(2) High Birk Hatt; 161.9p Shieldhill Top:

Cast Ewes

Texel £150 River View; £128.50, £109.50, £106.50 Highscale Farm; £109.50(2) Dacre Lodge:

Beltex £140.50, £117.50, £114.50 Highscale Farm; £132.50 Easegill Head; £126.50 Town Foot; £106.50 Newton Farm: Dutch Texel £111.50 Dry Howe: Suffolk £90, £89.50 Newton Farm; £88.50 Stanhope Gate Farm: Rouge £86.50 Skelcies Hall: Halfbred £80 Bank House: Mule £78.50 Rosgill Head; £77.50 Abbey Park; £73.50 Low House; £70 Stanhope Gate Farm: Bluefaced Leicester £73.50 Marriforth Farm: Cheviot £71.50 Low House; £69.50 Town Foot; £68.50 Dry Howe; £65.50 Amersber Cottage: Teeswater £68.50 River View: Rough £63.50 Raisgill Hall: Swaledale £62.50 Low Rigg; £57.50, £50 Low House; £54.50 Bleathgill; £54.50 Fountain Head; £53.50 Blades Field Farm; £53.50 Ashgill Farm; £52.50 Springfield; £51.50 The Street: Scotch Blackface £60, £55.50 Newton Farm; £59.50, £57.50 Low House: Jacob £50 Low House: Herdwick £47.50 Starrah: Shetland £35.50 Newton Farm: Badger faced £33.50 River View.


Cast Rams

Suffolk £104.50 Scar Top; £94.50 Bank Head; Beltex £103.50 Greenfield Farm; £100 Newton Farm: Bluefaced Leicester £95.50 Hartley Castle; £90 Dry Howe: Kerry Hill £90.50 Bank Head: Rough £77.50 Raisgill Hall; Swaledale £59.50 Low Houses Farm.