Kirkby Stephen Prime Sheep Sale

30th December 2019

Harrison & Hetherington Ltd, Kirkby Stephen Mart held their weekly sale of prime sheep on Monday night when an entry of 3,801 sheep were forward consisting of 2,800 prime lambs and 1001 cast sheep.

Topping the lambs at £126.80 was a 43kg Beltex cross lamb from Messrs Maughan, Ash Garth, Great Asby.
Topping at 299.5p/kg were a pen of 37kg Beltex cross lambs which sold for £110.80 from Master Jack Maughan, Ash Garth.
The concluding sale of 2019 prime sheep sales here at Kirkby Stephen went out with a bang, with an overall sale average of 214.02p/kg and an SQQ overall of 218.33p/kg being achieved, which included over a third of the lambs being Mule and horned lambs, and a flying trade for all classes of lambs from start to finish was witnessed.

Messrs Sayers, Town End Farm, Hackthorpe sold a pen of four 35kg Beltex cross lambs to make £104.80 £299.4p/kg).
Messrs Porteous, Scorton, Richmond sols a pen of three 36kg Beltex cross lambs to make £107.80 (299.4p/kg).
Messrs Maughan, Ash Garth also sold a pen of 16 36kg lambs to make £106.30 (295.3p/kg) with the 25 lambs from this home selling to average 37kg £104.35 (282.01p/kg).
Messrs Dinsdale, High Field, Morland sold their consignment of lambs to top at £123 (292.9p/kg) for a pair of 42kg Beltex cross lambs with another pen of five lambs selling for £121.80 and the whole consignment of 46 lambs from this home selling to average 43.5kg £116.15 (267p/kg).
Messrs Fairburn, Marriforth, Ripon topped their run of lambs at £125 for a 44kg Beltex cross lamb. The consignment of 185 continental cross and Mule lambs from this home sold to average £100.07.
Messrs Little, Row End, Soulby sold a pen of 10 36kg lambs to make £105.30 (292.5p/kg)

Heavy lambs were a flying trade with 51kg Beltex cross lambs selling to £118.80 (232.9p/kg) from Messrs Maughan, Ash Garth and were purchased by Pak Mecca Meats.
Messrs Downie, Aberdeenshire sold 49kg Beltex cross lambs to make £115.80 (236.3p/kg) also selling to Pak Mecca, another pen of 54kg lambs from this home sold to make £112.80 (208.9p/kg) to A Atkinson.
Messrs Fairburn, Marriforth sold 52kg lambs to make £116 (223.1p/kg) selling to M. Helliwell. A pen of 16, 50kg Texel cross Mule Lambs from this home sold to make £104.80 (209.6p/kg).
Messrs Corner, Wiske Moor, Northallerton sold a pen of 14 Suffolk cross Mule lambs weighing 52kg to make £107.30.
Messrs Dunne, Birks Farm, Bleatarn sold a pen of 14 49kg Texel cross Mule lambs to make £101.80 (207.8p/kg)

Mule lambs topped at £97 for a pen of 10 from Messrs Smith, Kelmore Hill Farm, Workington which were bought by H Birkbeck.
A pen of 17 49kg Mules sold for £96.80 from Crook Alter Farming, Bishop Auckland, this same home topped the Mules at 212p/kg for a pen of 44kg which sold for £93.30.
Messrs Sayer, Town End sold a pen of 21 Mule lambs weighing 43kg to make £87.30 (203p/kg) with another pen of 16 Mules from this home weighing 47kg selling for £94.30 (200.6p/kg).
Messrs Birkbeck, Castle Hill, Soulby sold a pen of 18 44kg Mules to make £88.30 (200.7p/kg).

Swaledale lambs sold to £85.30 for a pen of seven 45kg lambs from Messrs Longstaff, Ascot House, Murton.

Cast Sheep could only be described as a flying trade throughout, with an overall sale average of £90.54 for 1001 sheep being achieved.
Topping this section at £186.50 were three Beltex cross ewes from Messrs Skidmore, Needless Hall Farm, Toronto which were bought by Janan Meat.
Following closely at £180 were a pair of Texel cross ewes from Messrs Morrell, Darlington.
A pen of eight Texel cross ewes sold for £172.50 from Ayrshire, with Messrs Elliot, Bank House, Mungrisdale also selling Texel cross ewes to £170. A pen of 10 Texel cross ewes sold to £158.50 also from Ayrshire.
Suffolk ewes sold to £131.50 for a pen from Alford, with another pen of 20 Suffolk cross ewes from this home selling for £122.50.
Another pen of 32 Suffolk cross ewes also sold for £122.50 from Ayrshire, with a pen of twelve Charollais cross ewes from this home also selling to make £122.50. The whole consignment of 234 Suffolk and Continental cross ewes from Ayrshire sold to average £114.37.
110 Suffolk cross ewes forward sold to average £117.72.
360 Texel cross ewes forward sold to average £105.80.
422 ewes sold between £100-£186.
Mule ewes sold to £94.50 for a pen of 33 from Aberdeenshire.
Swaledale ewes topped at £67.50 for a pen of 10 from Messrs Smith, Kelmore Hill Farm, Workington.

Finally we thank all our sellers, buyers and staff for the continued support throughout 2019 and wish you all the best for 2020.

Leading Prices – Prime Lambs
Price per head – Beltex £126.80, £118.80, £110.80, £106.30 Ash Garth; £125, £116(2), £113.50, £108, £107.80, £106.30, £105, £102.80, £101.80 Marriforth; £123, £121.80, £118.50, £117.30, £112.80 High Field; £120.50, £105.80, £102.30 Dona Close; £118.30, £105.80; £104.80, £103.80 Town End Farm; £115.80, £106.80, £106.30 Newton Farm; £114, £108.80 Mount Pleasant Farm; £109.80 Ascot House; £108.80(2), £101.30 Castle Hill; £107.80 Bolton Road; £106.80 Outgang Farm; £105.30, £102.30 Row End Farm; £104.80, £102.30 Whygill Head; £103.80, £102 Langton Field; £103.80 Windygate; £103, £102 Gracies Farm; £100.80 Prospect Farm; £100 Black Leases Farm; £100 New Hummerbank Farm: Texel £115, £97.80 Guise; £112, £100 Holmes of caaf Dalry; £110, £105.30, £104.30 Fox Grove Farm; £109.80 Hawkrigg Farm; £108.80, £105.80, £97.30, £96.80, £96.30(2) Newton Farm; £108 Martindale(Wearmouth) £107.80 Porthy Green; £107.80 East Rackwood Hill; £107.30 Outgang Farm; £106.80 Martindale Farm(Robinson); £106.80 Amersber Cottage; £106.80 Sunrise House Farm; £106.30, £96.80 Bolton Road; £104.80, £100.50, £97.80 Marriforth; £104.80, £101.80 Row End; £103.80, £98.80 East Rackwood Hill; £103.80 Step Ends Farm; £101.80, £98.30 Birks Farm; £100.30 Wiske Moor; £100 The Cottages; £100 High Street; £98.30 Town End Farm; £96.80 Dalefoot; £96.80 Startforth Park; £96.80 West Farm; £96.30 Langton Field: Dutch Texel £114.80, £112.80, £109.80, £108.80, £105.80 Newton Farm: Charollais £108.80, £103.80 Newton Farm; £108.80 High Field; £96.30, £93.30 Holms of caaf Dalry: £94.30 Martindale Farm: Rouge £107.80 Skelcies Hall: Suffolk £107.30 Wiske Moor; £104.80 Newton Farm; £98.80 Bolton Road; £97.80 Town End Farm; £97.80 Midtown Farm: Badger Faced £100, £94.80 Gracies Farm:  Bluefaced Leicester £100 Bollihope Shield: Blue Texel £97.80 Marrisforth; £96.30 Old Mill Flatt: Mule £97, £95.80 Kelmore Hill; £96.80, £93.30 Sunrise House Farm; £96.80 Eden Flatt; £94.50, £94.30 Sowerthwaite Farm; £94.30, £93.30 Town End Farm; £92.80 Orchard Farm: Cheviot £95.80 Buckles Farm; £93.30 Prospect Farm; £93.30 Newton Farm; £92.30 Ghyll Bank: Hampshire £94.30 Colby Laithes: Halfbred £92.80(2) Black Leases Farm: Masham £89.80 Town End Farm: Swaledale £85.30 Ascot House; £80.30 Orchard Farm: Scotch Blackface £78.80 Newton Farm: Rough £72.30 Ghyll Bank: Herdwick £64.80 The Gables.

Price per kilo – Beltex 299.5p, 295.3p, 294.9p Ash Garth; 299.4p, 270p Bolton Road; 299.4p, 275.1p Town End Farm; 292.9p, 276.8p, 272.8p, 269.3p, 256.4p High Field; 292.5p Row End Farm; 291.1p, 269.2p Whygill Head; 285.6p, 284.1p, 276.4p, 270.2p, 253.1p Marriforth; 280.2p, 250.8p Dona Close; 272p, 265.4p Castle Hill; 275.1p Town End Farm; 268.1p Outgang Farm; 265.8p Newton Farm; 255.3p Ascot House; 250.8p New Hummerbank Farm: Rouge 291.4p Skelcies Hall: Texel 275.8p, 235.6p(2) Row End Farm; 267p, 252.2p Amersber Cottage; 265.8p, 230.5p Bolton Road; 258.2p Guise; 251.9p Newton Farm; 249.5p Hawkrigg Farm; 241.6p, 236.3p, 230.5p Startforth Park; 239.8p Town End Farm; 234.6p, 230p Searchlight Farm; 233.7p Little Langton Grange;  232.9p Home Farm; 232.4p Midtown Farm; 231.5p Porthy Green; 230.7p Step Ends Farm: Badgerfaced 256.6p Gracies Farm: Charollais 247.3p High Field; 235.9p, 222.7p Newton Farm; 218.9p Holms of caaf Dalry; 218.3p Little Langton Grange: Dutch Texel 247.3p, 244.3p, 233.6p Newton Farm: Blue Texel 238.5p Marriforth; 236.2p Bolton Road: Cheviot 221.5p Buckles Farm; 220.5p Marriforth; 219.8p, 219p Ghyll Bank; 215.4p East Rackwood: Suffolk 218.6p Little Langton Grange; 208.4p Outgang Farm; 206.1p, 202.5p Wiske Moor; 203.8p Town End Farm; 202.4p Buckles Farm; 202.1p Guise: Halfbred 216p, 215.8p Black Leases Farm: Mule 212p Sunrise House Farm; 203p, 200.6p Town End Farm; 200.7p Castle Hill; 199.5p Ellergill; 199.5p Asby Grange; 198.4p Redgate; 198.3p Thorney Gale: Scotch Blackface 192.2p Newton Farm; 191.8p Redlands Bank: Swaledale 190.9p, 182.8p Hoggarths Farm; 189.6p Ascot House; 182.8p Bridge End: Rough 172.1p Ghyll Bank.

Ewes – Beltex £186.50, £137.50 Needles Hall Farm; £156.50 Hawkrigg Farm; £132.50 Bank House: Texel £180, £160 Hopewell Farm; £172.50, £158.50, £142.50, £121.50, £120 Holms of caaf Dalry; £170, £155.50 Bank House; £167.50, £161.50, £150, £134.50, £125.50 Guise; £164.50 Whygill Head; £127.50 Haughton Farm; £120.50 Friendship Farm: Suffolk £131.50, £126.50, £122.50, £120.50 Guise; £122.50, £119.50, £114.50, £113.50 Holms of caaf Dalry: Halfbred £131.50, £126.50, £125.50 Guises: Charollais £122.50, £115.50, £113.50, £107.50 Holms of caaf Dalry:  Bluefaced Leicester £114.50 Greenriggs; £91.50 Kelmore Hill; £90 Davygill Farm: Mule £94.50, 387.50 Guise; £90 Hopewell Farm; £85.50 Friendship Farm: Cheviot £89.50 Guise: Masham £85.50 Low Farm: Swaledale £67.50, £58.50 Kelmore Hill; £67.50 High Green; £63.50 West End Farm; £58.50 Far Close Farm: Scotch Blackface £63.50 Low Farm; £62.50 Newton Farm; £61.50 Guise.

Cast Rams – Texel £130 Whygill Head; £110 Friendship Farm; £105 Searchlight Farm: Beltex £112 Whygill Head: Bluefaced Leicester £104.50 Greenriggs; £100 Eastfield Farm: Suffolk £100 Holms of caaf Dalry: Swaledale £67.50 Bollihope Shield Farm: Scotch Blackface £62.50 Laneside.