Kirkby Stephen Prime Sheep Sale

4th February 2020

Harrison & Hetherington Ltd, Kirkby Stephen Mart held their weekly sale of prime sheep on Tuesday night when an entry of 3,449 sheep were forward consisting of 2,470 prime hoggs and 979 cast sheep.

The sale topped £139 was a pair of 66kg Texel cross hoggs from Messrs Fletcher & Coates, Short Thorns Farm, Weardale which were bought by A Atkinson.

Topping at 345p/kg was a 40kg Beltex cross hogg which sold for £138 from Messrs Fairburn, Marriforth, Ripon.

Messrs Wills, Fawcett Park, Dufton sold their consignment of hoggs to top at £137 on two separate occasions firstly for a pen of 5 44kg hoggs, and then again for a pen of 47kg hoggs. Another pen of 37kg hoggs sold for £120 also from this home.

The consignment of 20 hoggs from Fawcett Park sold to average 44.5kg £131.61 (295.8p/kg)

Messrs Kendal, Ourgang Farm, Helton sold their consignment of 40 hoggs to average 41kg £117.21 (285.9p/kg).

Messrs Garbutt, Waterhall Farm, York sold 90 hoggs to average 43kg £155.48 (268.6ppk).

Messrs Greensit, Priors Garth, Northallerton sold 64 hoggs to average 47.5kg £115.97 (251ppk).

A consignment of 30 Charolais & Suffolk hoggs sold to average 52kg £120.93 (232.6ppk) from Ayrshire.

Messrs Fairburn, Marriforth, Ripon sold a run of 134 hogs to average 39kg £107.32 (275ppk).

Mule hoggs topped at £117.80 for a pen of 20 from Messrs Graham, Dalbrack Farm, Brechin which were bought by Worsley Wholesale Butchers.

Another pen of 25 50kg Mules sold to make £115.80 (231.6p/kg), and a pen of 55 54kg Mules sold for £115.80 also from Dalbrack Farm.

The whole consignment of 115 Mule hoggs from Messrs Graham sold to average 53.5kg £116.83 (218.4p/kg)

Mule hoggs also topped at 232.9p/kg for a pen of 15 45kg hoggs which sold for £104.80 from Messrs Fairburn, Marriforth, Ripon which were bought by Scotbeef.

Blackfaced hoggs sold to £113.30 for a pen of 12 51kg hoggs from Messrs Addison, Greystone House, Kings Meaburn which were bought by Janan Meat.

A pen of 10 Blackfaced hoggs weighing 44kg sold for £103.30 (234.8p/kg) also from Greystone House.

Swaledale hoggs topped at 225.8p/kg for a pen of 18 42kg hoggs which made £90.30 from Messrs Wharton, Keisley Farm, Murton.

Good meated lightweight hoggs were a flying trade with a pen of 17 Herdwick hoggs weighing 34kg selling for £78.30 (230.3p/kg) from Messrs Rigg, Spanham Farm, Barningham.

A pen of 17 Swaledale hoggs from this home weighing 38kg sold to make £83.80 (220.5p/kg)

408 Beltex cross hoggs sold to average £112.57

462 Mule hoggs sold to average £103.87 and 220p/kg.

Trade for all classes of prime hoggs was the dearest seen so far this year, with an SQQ average of 239.5p/kg and an overall sale average of 234.5p/kg being achieved. And many more sheep are needed here at Kirkby Stephen on a weekly basis to fulfil strong demand from out 16 active buyers.

Cast sheep topped at £165 for a pen of five Texel cross ewes from Ayrshire.

Bluefaced Leicester ewes topped at £131.50 for a pair from Messrs Dawson, School Cottage, Kentmere.

Swaledale ewes topped at £75.50 for a pen of five from Messrs Procter, Villa Farm.

Leading Prices – Prime Hoggs

Price per head –

Texel £139, £135, £125.80, £111.50 Short Thorns Farm; £136 Castle Hill; £135, £125 Dalbrack Farm; £133, £120, £119.80, £115.30, £112.80 Friars Garth; £132, £115.80(2), £113.80 Town End Farm; £130 Shieldhill Top; £130(2), £123, £112.80 Holms of caaf Dalry; £128, £118.80 Rookby Scarth; £120 High Toft Hill Farm; £117.80 Fox Grove Farm; £116.80 Raygill Farm; £116.80(2) Newton Farm; £115.30 Villa Farm; £114.80 Grove House Farm; £114 High Beck Head; ££113.80 Blue Grass Farm; £113.80 Old Mill Flatt; £113.80 Townfoot(Thompson); £112.80 Fountain Head; £112 House & Holme: Beltex £138, £126, £117.80, £116 Marriforth; £137(2), £131, £130, £128.80, £120 Fawcett Park Farm; £131 Needless Hall Farm; £128, £118, £116 Farewell Grange; £127, £122, £120.80(2), £119.30, £118.80, £116, £115.80, £115 Water Hall Farm; £126 Hawkrigg Farm; £124, £122.30, £121.80, £120.80, £120(2), £115.30(3) Outgang Farm; £122.80 Ascot House; £120 East Todholes; £118.80 High Toft Hill Farm; £118.80, £118.30 Friars Garth; £117 Stubsgill Farm: Rouge £125 Farewell Grange: Bluefaced Leicester £124, £110 Marriforth; £115 Asby Hall: Charollais £119.30, £116.80 Newton Farm; £109.80 Orchard Farm; £108.30 Friars Garth: Cheviot £117.80 Dalbrack Farm; £97.30 West View; £96.80 Newton Farm; £96.30 Orchard Farm: Mule £117.80, £115.80(2) Dalbrack Farm; £108.80 High Stennerskeugh; £107.80, £102.80 High Beck Head; £106.80, £104.80 Marriforth; £106.80 West View; £106.30 Castle Hill; £105 Lanehead Farm; £104.30 Farewell Grange; £103.80 Burton Hill; £102.80 High Toft Fam; £101.30 Low House: Dutch Texel £115.80, £108.80 Barnskew; £106.30 Town End Farm: Blue Texel £113.80 Castle Hill: Scotch Blackface £113.30, £105.80, £103.30 Greystone House; £93.80 Newton Farm: Suffolk £112.80, £107.80 Newton Farm; £108.80, £105.30 Townfoot Farm(Greenop); £107.80 Old Mill Flatt: Hampshire £101.80 House & Holme Farm: Swaledale £97.80 Fawcett Park Farm; £96.80 Shieldhill Top; £93.80 Low House; £92.80 Flakebridge Farm; £92.30 High Blackton Farm; £91.30 Nether House; £90.30 High Stennerskeugh; £90.30 Keisley Farm: Kerry Hill £95.80 Marriforth: Jacob £83.80 Orchard Farm: Herdwick £78.30 Spanham Farm.

Price per kilo –

Beltex 345p, 307.3p, 305.3p, 297.3p, 288.6p, 282p Marriforth; 324.3p, 311.4p, 291.5p, 280p Fawcett Park Farm; 309.8p, 305.6p, 287.6p, 282.9p, 280.5p Water Hall Farm; 300p Stubsgill Farm; 300p Hawkrigg Farm; 297.4p, 295p Farewell Grange; 295.6p, 287.6p, 285.7p, 285p Outgang Farm; 292.4p Ascot House; 284.5p Stripes Farm; 281.5p Windygate: Texel 297p, 266.7p Rookby Scarth; 284.5p Townfoot(Thompson); 261.4p Hawkrigg Farm; 259.4p Old Mill Flatt; 259.3p, 256.7p Short Thorns Farm; 258.5p, 253.9p Newton Farm; 257.3p, 252.9p Town End Farm; 255.5p Marriforth; 255.3p High Toft Hill Farm; 253p Coupland Beck Farm: Rouge 271.7p Farewell Grange: Blue Texel 264.7p Castle Hill; 241.8p Haithwaite; 240.6p Mains House Farm: Dutch Texel 263.2p Barnskew: Charollais 259.6p, 238.6p Newton Farm; 255.3p Orchard Farm; 235.4p Friars Garth: Cheviot 248.2p Newton Farm; 237.3p West View; 231p Dalbrack Farm; 230 House & Holme Farm: Suffolk 241.8p, 235.9p, 235p, 234.3p, 233.7p Newton Farm; 239.6p Old Mill Flatt; 239.3p Townfoot  Farm(Greenop): Halfbred 234.9p Townfoot Farm: Scotch Blackface 234.8p, 222.2p, 220.4p Greystone House; 234.5p, 231.9p Newton Farm; 229.5p Castle Hill: Mule 232.9p, 231.2p Marriforth; 231.6p Dalbrack Farm; 230.2p Low House; 229.1p Revelin Farm; 228.6p Villa Farm; 227.2p Lanehead Farm; 226.9p Stubsgill Farm; 226.7p Short Thorns Farm; 226.2p Castle Hill: Herdwick 230.3p Spanham Farm: Swaledale 225.8p, 215p Keisley Farm; 222.1p Revelin Farm; 220.5p Spanham Farm; 217.1p Townfoot (Thompson); 216.2p Herdship: Kerry Hill 222.8p Marriforth: Hampshire 221.3p House & Holme Farm: Shetland 218.5p Newton Farm.

Cast Ewes

Texel £165(2), £144.50(2), £140, £133.50, £129.50, £120.50 Holms of caaf Dalry; £143.50, £140, £136.50, £121.50 Needless Hall Farm; £140 East Leaside; £140 Barnskew; £130, £121.50(2) Newton Farm; £129.50 Farewell Grange; £125 Abbey Park: Beltex £134 Farewell Grange: Bluefaced Leicesters £131.50, £122.50 School Cottage; £129.50, £110.50 Asby Hall: Suffolk £130, £110.50, £109.50, £108.50(2) Holms of caaf Dalry; £119.50 West Hindon Farm: Charollais £123.50 Holms of caaf Dalry: Halfbred £110.50 Holms of caaf Dalry: Mule £103.50 Sandford Hall; £101 Abbey Park; £99.50 Barnskew; £95.50 Marriforth: Rough £87.50 Hardendale Hall; £86.50 Barnskew; £76.50 Greenside Farm; £75.50 High Lane: Cheviot £82.50 Newton Farm: Swaledale £75.50 Villa Farm; £74.50 High Beck Head; £74.50 Asby Hall; £73.50 Dalbrack Farm; £71.50 Bridge End Farm: Scotch Blackface £69.50 Dalbrack Farm; £69.50 East Todholes.

Cast Rams

Suffolk £131.0, £112.50 Holms of caaf Dalry: Bluefaced Leicester £128.50 Greenriggs; £110 School Cottage: Texel £127.50 Newsham Grange; £117.50 Holms of caaf Dalry; £115.50 Short Thorns: Charollais £110 Orchard Farm; £101.50 Holms of caaf Dalry: Cheviot £109.50 Holms of caaf Dalry: Rouge £101 Wackerfield: Swaledale £93.50 Valley Farm; £88.50, £81.50 Haithwaite: Rough £90.50 Greenside Farm: Blue Texel £90 Holms of caaf Dalry: Herdwick £63.50 Cherry Blossom Farm.