Kirkby Stephen Prime Sheep Sale

18th February 2020

Harrison & Hetherington Ltd, Kirkby Stephen Mart held their weekly sale of prime sheep on Tuesday night when an entry of 3,654 sheep were forward consisting of 2,567 prime hoggs and 1,087 cast sheep.

Topping the sale at £147 and 341.9p/kg was a pen of four 43kg Beltex cross hoggs from Messrs Hunter, Upper Brydekirk, Annan which were brought by Vivers Scotlamb.

Another pen of five 50kg hoggs sold to make £146 also from this home.

Messrs Porteous, Richmond sold a 53kg Beltex cross hogg for £151 in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support, which was bought by Mr M Helliwell, Rochdale.

The consignment of 30 hoggs from Upper Brydekirk sold to average 45.5kg and a whopping £137.63 (302.5p/kg)

Messrs Wills, Fawcett Park sold their run of hoggs to top at £144 for a Beltex cross hogg with another three selling for £140 to A Atkinson and the 20 hoggs from this home averaging 47.5kg and £135.61.

Messrs Dinsdale, High Field, Morland sold their consignment to top at £134.80 for a pen of 12 43kg hoggs with another pen of 16 43kg hoggs selling for £134 and a pen of 16 41kg hoggs selling for £130 (317.1p/kg). The whole run of 65 hoggs from this home sold to average 42.5kg £132.68 (312.2p/kg).

Messrs Patchett, Ripon sold their consignment of hoggs to top at £138.80 for a pen of 15 Texel cross hoggs which were bought by Worsley Wholesale Butcher. The run of 326 hoggs sold to average £119.09

Downie Farming Company, Aberdeenshire sold a pen of six 42kg Beltex cross hoggs to make £138.30 (329.3p/kg) with another pen of five 42kg hoggs selling for £138 (328.6p/kg)

Heavy hoggs were good to sell with Charollais cross hoggs topping at £146.80 from Messrs Birkbeck, Decklyn, Soulby.

Messrs Thompson, Whins Farm sold their consignment of heavy Charollais and Suffolk cross hoggs to top at £145 for Charollais cross hoggs with the run of 70 selling to average £122.80.

Messrs Sayer, Town End Farm, Hackthorpe sold a pen of 13 Mule hoggs weighing 44kg to make £104 (236.4p/kg)

Cast sheep were the dearest trade seen so far this year with all classes being a flying trade.

Topping this section at £156.50 were a pen of eight Suffolk cross ewes from Ayrshire.

The whole consignment of 236 Suffolk and Continental cross ewes sold to average a massive £125.59.

Bluefaced Leicester ewes sold to top at £142.50 from Messrs Dent, Greenriggs, Kirkby Stephen.

Mule ewes sold to top at £120.50 from Messrs Akrigg, Studfold Farm, Fell End.

Blackfaced ewes sold to top at £98.50 from Messrs Kirby, Riverside Cottage, Soulby.

Rough fell ewes topped at £88.50 for a pen of 8 from Messrs Dargue, Smardale Hall.
114 Suffolk cross ewes sold to average a whopping £125.80.
Charollais cross ewes sold to average £132.88
303 Texel cross ewes sold to average £112.73
451 ewes sold between £100-£156.

Cast rams topped at £150 for a Charollais. Rough Fell rams topped at £120 from Messrs Law, Raven Cottage, Newbiggin on Lune.

Many more cast sheep of all classes can be sold to great advantage on a weekly basis here at Kirkby Stephen. 

Leading Prices – Prime Hoggs

Price per head –

Beltex £151 Bolton Road; £147, £146, £139, £137, £134, £132 Upper Brydekirk; £144, £141, £140, £138(2), £136, £129, £120 Fawcett Park Farm; £138.30, £138, £133.80, £131.80, £126.80, £123.80 Newton Farm; £138, £130.30, £120 Outgang Farm; £135, £130 Town End Farm; £134.80, £134(4), £133, £130(2), £127 High Field; £125(2) Elm Cottage; £122 West Briscoe: Charollais £146.80 Decklyn; £145, £136.80(2), £130.80, £125(2) Whins Farm: Texel £140 Mill Cottage; £138.80, £128.50, £127, £125.80 West Summersides; £133.80 High Toft Hill Farm; £133.80 High Griseburn; £131 Laneside; £130.80 Holms of caaf Dalry; £130 The Cottage; £128.80, £123.80(2), £122 Newton Farm; £128.80, £120.80 Kelmore Hill Farm; £128 Friars Garth; £125.80 Briggle Farm; £125 High Griseburn; £125 Calva Farm; £125 Clarks Farm; £122.80 Rookby Scarth; £122 The Howes; £120 East Lowfields: Suffolk £136.80, £130 Whins Farm; £125 Elm Cottage; £124 Holms of caaf Dalry: Hampshire £132 Newton Farm: Cheviot £130, £104.30, £101 Newton Farm; £98.80 East Rackwood Hill Farm: Blue Texel £128.80 Kelmore Hill; £109.30 Town End Farm: Halfbred £125 Newton Farm: Bluefaced Leicester £122.80 East Lowfields; £117.80 Marriforth: Rouge £119.30 Newsham Grange: Scotch Blackface £118.80 Marriforth; £112.30, £106.30 Greystone House: Mule £116 Kelmore Hill Farm; £112, £105 Woodbine House; £112 Archers Hall; £110.80 Hundith House; £108.80, £104 Burton Hill; £106 Villa Farm; £105.80 High Stennerskeugh; £104.30 High Toft Hill Farm; £104 Town End Farm: Zwartble £110.80 Rouge Garth; £110 Newton Farm: Swaledale £101 Arngill House; £97.880 Ravenseat; £97.30 High Stennerskeugh; £95.80 High Blackton Farm; £95.80 Ashgill Farm; £95.30 Hardberry Hill Farm; £94.80 Well House; £94.30 Archers Hill; £90.30 Studfold Farm: Rough Fell £100 Archers Hall; £95.30 High Lane; £94.30(2) Manor Court: Lleyn £93.30 Helm Farm.

Price per kilo –

Beltex 341.9p, 315.9p, 311.6p, 292p, 287p Upper Brydekirk; 329.3p, 328.6p, 299.5p, 294.8p Newton Farm; 326.8p, 325p, 324.4p, 319p, 317.1p, 313.5p, 311.6p, 297.8p High Field; 311.3p, 310.2p, 307.4p, 306.7p Outgang Farm; 300p, 289.4p, 286.7p, 281.6p, 280p Fawcett Park Farm; 299.5p Whygill Head; 295.5p, 280.3p Town End Farm; 284.9p Bolton Road; 284p Friars Garth; 282.9p Black Syke; 282.4p High Toft Hill Farm: Blue Texel 314.1p Kelmore Hill Farm; 280.3p Town End Farm; 243.2p Newton Farm: Texel 292.7p, 291p, 281.4p, 263.4p, 260.2p Newton Farm; 275p Kelmore Hill Farm; 273.8p Raygill Farm; 269.8p Castle Hill; 262.3p Newsham Grange; 262.2p Green Gill Farm: Charollais 250.7p Elm Cottage; 237.3p Villa Farm; 233.6p Black Syke; 232.9p Newsham Grange; 232.6p, 230p Whins Farm: Rouge 248.5p Newsham Grange: Cheviot 248.3p Newton Farm; 241.6p Ghyll Bank; 235.2p East Rackwood Hill Farm; 233.3p Bolton Road: Suffolk 247.2p High Toft Hill Farm; 239.3p Elm Cottage; 238.8p, 236.8p Villa Farm; 230.8p Town End Farm: Halfbred 245.6p Town End Farm: Bleu du maine 240p Newsham Grange: Mule 236.4p, 226.7p, 226.7p Town End Farm; 231.7p Farewell Grange; 230.8p Hundith House; 229.8p Villa Farm; 226.7p High Toft Hill Farm; 226.3p Marriforth; 225.1p Windygate: Lleyn 233.3p Helm Farm: Scotch Blackface 228.6p, 226.2p, 224.6p Greystone House; 226.3p Farewell Grange; 222.3p Castle Hill: Bluefaced Leicester 222.3p Marriforth: Swaledale 221.1p, 215.3p Farewell Grange; 214.3p Archers Hall; 213.9p High Stennerskeugh; 213.3p(2) Green Gill Farm; 213.3p Ashgill Farm; 212.9p Howgill Farm: Rough 214.3p(2) Manor Court; 205.6p Archers Hall: Herdwick 203.9p The Gables.

Cast Ewes

Suffolk £156.50, £124.50(2) Holms of caaf Dalry; £150.50 Bank Head; £139.50(2), £130.50 Nixon Terrace; £138.50 New View Farm; £138.50 Elm Cottage; £132.50 Clarks Farm; £129.50 Moyadam Park; £129.50, £128.50 Yew Tree Farm; £125.50 Whins Farm: Texel £153.50, £136.50 Villa Farm; £148.50, £146.50, £140.50, £138.50, £137.50, £130.50, £129.50, £126.50 Holms of caaf Dalry; £144.50 Marriforth; £143.50, £133.50 Brackenslack; £140 Clarks Farm; £139.50, £128, £125.50 Elm Cottage; £138.50 New View Farm; £135.50, £130 Yew Tree Farm; £134.50 West Summersides; £134.50, £129.50 Moyadam Park; £131.50 Town End Farm; £130.50 Whygill Head; £128.50 Nixon Terrace; £127.50 Town End Farm; £127.50(2) Upper Brydekirk: Charollais £144.50 Moyadam Park; £134.50 Holms of caaf Dalry: Bluefaced Leicester £142.50 Greenriggs; £113.50 Oak House; £112.50 Mount Pleasant; £110 Oak House: Beltex £138.50 High Toft Hill Farm; £120.50 High Field; £119.50 Hardberry Hill Farm: Blue Texel £131.50 Holms of caaf Dalry: Mule £120.50 Studfold Farm; £106.50 Whins Farm; £103.50 Clarks Farm; £103.50 Mill Cottage: Border Leicester £120.50, £106.50 Newton Farm: Zwartble £120.50(2) Rookby House: Lleyn £117.50 Helm Farm: Scotch Blackface £98.50 Riverside Cottage; £85.50 Laneside; £82.50 Castle Hill; £79.50 Newton Farm: Cheviot £96.50 West Summersides; £86.50 Bank Head; £81.50 Fir Tree Farm: Rough £88.50 Smardale Hall; £75 High Lane: Swaledale £77.50 West Briscoe; £77.50 Greenriggs; £76.50 Kelmore Hill Farm; £73.50 Harbour Flatt; £73.50 Yew Tree Farm: Herdwick £67.50 Rouge Gath; £55.50 Smardale Hall: Shetland £62.50 Barranrioch.

Cast Rams

Charollais £150 Moyadam Park: Texel £140.50 West Briscoe; £130.50 Nixon Terrace; £128.50 west Summersides; £127.50 Holms of caaf Dalry; £122.50(2) Clarks Farm: Dorset £134.50 Moyadam Park: Suffolk £127.50 Clarks Farm; £114.50 Holms of caaf Dalry: Beltex £126.50 Upper Brydekirk: Cheviot £125.50 Moyadam Park; £113.50 Archers Hall: Bluefaced Leicester £124.50 West Briscoe: Rough £120 Raven Cottage; £107.50 Archers Hall; £90 High Lane: Herdwick £74.50 The Gables: Swaledale £87.50 Harbour Flatt; £85.50 Studfold Farm; £83.50 Middle End Farm.