Kirkby Stephen Prime Sheep Sale

25th February 2020

Harrison & Hetherington Ltd, Kirkby Stephen Mart held their weekly sale of prime sheep on Tuesday night when an entry of 3,585 sheep were forward consisting of 2,476 prime hoggs and 1,109 cast sheep.

Topping the sale at £148 was a 50kg Beltex cross hogg from Messrs Neachell, Shrubbery Farm, Walsall which was bought by A Atkinson.

Messrs Neachell also topped at 358.5p/kg for a pair of 41kg Beltex cross hoggs which sold for £147 selling to Vivers Scotlamb another pen of five 42kg hoggs from this home sold to make £135.30 (322p/kg)

Another pen of 17 Texel cross hoggs from this home weighing 45kg sold to make £128.80 selling to A Atkinson.

The whole consignment of 75 Beltex and Texel cross hoggs from this home sold to average 43kg £124.70 (290p/kg)

Messrs Buckle, Buckles Farm, Barras sold three 36kg Beltex cross hoggs to make £122.80 (341.1p/kg)

Messrs Kendal, Outgang Farm, Penrith sold their consignment of 40 hoggs to average 42kg and make £126.19 (300.5p/kg) with a pen of 20 38kg Beltex cross hoggs from this home selling for £122.30 (321.8p/kg)

Messrs Patchett, Ripon sold their wonderful run of 328 hoggs to average 52kg £120.81, and top at £135.80 for a pen of twenty 60kg hoggs which were bought by S & S Meats, Darlington.

Messrs Greensit, Northallerton sold their consignment of hoggs to top at £145 for 47kg Texel cross hoggs, with the run of 40 hoggs from this home averaging 48kg £121.23 (252.6p/kg)

A pen of 10 63kg Texel cross hoggs from Ayrshire sold to make £138.80 with the run of 90 Suffolk and Texel cross hoggs from this home averaging 52kg £120.26.

Blackfaced hoggs sold to 237.6p/kg for a pen of 22 46kg hoggs which made £109.30 from Messrs Addison, Greystone House and were bought by Scotbeef Ltd.

Mule hoggs topped at £117.30 for a pen of 17 from Messrs Graham, Dalbrack Farm, Brechin which were bought by Worsley Wholesale Butcher.

Swaledale hoggs topped at £107.30 for a pen of 60 also from Dalbrack Farm.

Cast sheep were off the clock with an entry of 1109 forward averaging a phenomenal £108.52 for all sold which is thought to be a record!

Topping this section at £185.50 were a pen of four Texel cross ewes which were bought by Pak Mecca Meats.

Suffolk cross ewes sold to £161.50 for a pen of six from Messrs Brannen, Scar Top, Penrith which was bought by A Atkinson.

Other pens of Suffolk cross ewes sold to £151.50 for a pen of seven, and £150.50 for a pen of ten.

Beltex cross ewes sold to £158.50 for a pair from M Kendal, Outgang Farm, Helton.

Mule ewes sold to £121.50 for a pen from Messrs Bayles, Haithwaite, Barningham.

Swaledale ewes topped at £89.50 from Messrs Fawcett, Argill House, South Stainmore.

Another pen of 21 Swaledale ewes sold to £81.50 from Messrs Sibson, Hole House, Keswick.

Some great consignments of cast ewes travelled the distance to take advantage of our strong ringside and excellent cast sheep returns here at Kirkby Stephen.

111 Suffolk & Charollais cross ewes from one consignment averaged a whopping £137.55

Another run of 304 Suffolk, Charollais and Continental cross ewes from Ayrshire sold to average £130.29

230 Suffolk cross ewes forward averaged £130.09

100 Charollais cross ewes forward averaged £134.20

301 Texel cross ewes forward averaged £124.41

Mule ewes averaged £101.57

201 Swaledale Ewes averaged £60.56

475 ewes sold between £120-£185

Many more sheep of all classes can be sold to great advantage here at Kirkby Stephen with 15 active buyers around the ring!

Leading Prices – Prime Hoggs

Price per head –

Beltex £148, £147, £135.30, £127.80 Shurbbery Farm; £143, £125 West View; £140.50, £131.80, £130, £128.80, £128(2), £126, £122.30 Outgang Farm; £139 Woodfoot; £135, £123.80 Newton Farm; £130 Goodlie Hill Farm; £128.80, £122.80 Buckles Farm; £123.80 Marriforth; £123.80 Rookby Scarth; £123.80 Ash Garth: Texel £145, £125(2), £122.80, £120(2) Friars Garth; £138.80, £130, £120.80, £120 Holms of caaf Dalry; £135.80, £125, £124, £122(2), £120(3) West Summersides; £130 Rookby Scarth; £130(2), £124, £121.80 Newton Farm; £128.80 Shrubbery Farm; £128.80 The Howes; £124, £120.30 Drumlane Road; £123.80 Newsham Grange; £122 Etherley House; £120(2) Prospect Farm; £120 Outgang Farm: Suffolk £132, £125 Nixon Terrace; £126 Shinn Road; £126, £124 Drumlane Road; £120 Holms of caaf Dalry; £120(2) Whins Farm: Charollais £130, £118.80 Newton Farm; £126 Outgang Farm; £118.80 Whins Farm: Rouge £128.80, £118.30, £116.80 Skelcies Hall: Mule £117.30, £112.50, £112.30 Dalbrack Farm; £112 High Green; £107.80 Burton Hill; £107.80 Marriforth; £107.30 Castle Hill; £106 Villa Farm; £105 Briggle Farm: Blue Texel £116.80, £112.80 Newton Farm: Bluefaced Leicester £116, £112 Marriforth: Scotch Blackface £112.80, £109.30 Greystone House; £101.80 Castle Hill; £95.30, £93.30 Pasture House Farm; £92.80 Redlands Bank: Swaledale £107.30, £106.80(2) Dalbrack Farm; £97.80 Oakbank Farm; £96.80 Allergill Cottage; £94.30 Ascot House; £93.80 Swinstone House Farm; £93.30 Nether House: Cheviot £105.80 Orchard Farm; £105.80 Fell View; £96.80 Hillcrest; £94.30 Pasture House Farm: Herdwick £75.80 Fell View: Jacob £74 Orchard Farm.

Price per kilo –

Beltex 358.5p, 322.1p, 315.7p, 313.9p, 297.2p, 296p 295.5p Shrubbery Farm; 341.1p Buckles Farm; 340.5p, 312.5p West View; 339p, 310.3p Woodfoot; 331.6p, 321.8p, 312.2p, 309.5p, 304.8p, 299.5p Outgang Farm; 328.6p, 306.2p Castle Hill; 313.9p Marriforth; 309.5p Rookby Scarth; 295p, 292p Newton Farm; 294.8p Ash Garth; 292p Hillcrest; 290.8p Windygate: Texel 308.5p, 279.1p, 260.4p(2) Friars Garth; 286.2p, 272.8p, 264p Shrubbery Farm; 265p Newton Farm; 264p Rookby Scarth; 260.4p Prospect Farm: Rouge 288.5p, 265.5p Skelcies Hall: Blue Texel 262p, 259.6p Newton Farm: Cheviot 253.5p Buckles Farm; 252p Orchard Farm; 246p Fell View; 235.8p Pasture House Farm; 234.5p Redlands Bank: Charollais 249.5p Hillcrest; 233p, 232.1p Newton Farm; 232.9p Whins Farm: Suffolk 245p Townfoot Farm; 236.5p, 233.7p Hillcrest; 234.3p Redlands Bank; 233.6p Nixon Terrace; 233.3p Newton Farm; 231.2p Fell View; 231.1p Pasture House Farm: Scotch Blackface 237.6p, 225.6p Greystone House; 230.6p Newton Farm; 227.6p, 226.4p, 225.1p Pasture House Farm: Mule 233.3p Castle Hill; 232.9p, 220p Burton Hill; 224.5p Marriforth; 222.7p Newton Farm: Swaledale 223.5p Dalbrack Farm; 212.6p Revelin Farm; 211.6p Keisley Farm.

Cast Ewes

Texel £185 Moyadam Park; £182, £162.50, £156.50 Shinn Road; £163.50, £162 Hillcrest; £160, £150.50 Scar Top; £153.50, £146.50, £142.50 Holms of caaf Dalry; £150.50, £147.50 Whygill Head; £149.50 Loirsbank Road; £146.50 Rookby Scarth; £143.50 West Stoney Keld; £142.50 Etherley House: Suffolk £161.50 Scar Top; £151.50 St Patricks Park; £150.50, £140.50, £139.50, £138.50(2), £133.50 Holms of caaf Dalry; £147.50, £145, £132.50 Buninver Road; £146.50, £138.50, £137.50 Shinn Road; £137.50 Moyadam Park; £136.50, £134 Loirsbank Road: Beltex £158.50, £139.50 Outgang Farm; £140 Shinn Road; £130.50 Holms of caaf Dalry: Charollais £156.50, £149.50, £135.50 Shinn Road; £148.50, £134.50 Holms of caaf Dalry; £131.50 Moyadam Park; £129.50 Buninver Road; £129.50 St Patricks Parks: Blue Texel £143.50 Holms of caaf Dalry; £127.50 Castle Hill: Rouge £140, £126.50 Skelcies Hall: Bluefaced Leicester £130.50 Argill House: Mule £121.50 Haithwaite; £116.50 Loirsbank Road; £113.50 Raygill Farm; £112.50 Green Farm; £109.50 Allergill Cottage; £105.50 Hesket Demain: Border Leicester £119.50, £106.50 Loirsbank Road: Cheviot £102.50 Rookby Scarth: Goat £95.50, £90.50, £80, £75 Piper Hole; £73.50 Holms of caaf Dalry: Rouge £92.50 Kilnmire; £85.50 Sproat Ghyll: Swaledale £89.50, £76.50 Argill House; £83.50 Ascot House; £81.50 Hole House; £77.50 Revelin Farm; £77.50 West Stoneykeld; £76.50 Hesket Demain; £75.40 Bleathgill: Herdwick £79.50 Hesket Demain.

Cast Rams

Texel £150.50 Hollins View Farm; £144, £142.50 Moyadam Park; £140.50, £130.50 Holms of caaf Dalry: Suffolk £135.50, £126.50 Holms of caaf Dalry: Charollais £134 Esplands: Bluefaced Leicester £120.50 Castle Hill: Ryeland £120 Holms of caaf Dalry: Dorset £118.50 Holms of caaf Dalry: Beltex £109.50 Carpool Farm: Swaledale £81.50 Oakbank Farm; £72.50 Step Ends Farm.