Kirkby Stephen Prime Sheep Sale

3rd March 2020

Harrison & Hetherington Ltd, Kirkby Stephen Mart held their weekly sale of prime sheep on Tuesday night when an entry of 4,010 sheep were forward consisting of 2,850 prime hoggs and 1,160 cast sheep.

Topping the sale at £169 was a 67kg Blue Texel hogg from Messrs Kearton, Wyse Hill Farm, Barnard Castle.

Topping at 340.24p/kg was a pen of four 41kg Beltex cross hoggs which sold for £139.50 from Messrs Wills, Fawcett Park Farm, Dufton.

Another pen of four 46kg Blue Texel hoggs sold to make £151 (328.30p/kg) also from Messrs Kearton.

Messrs Kendal, Outgang Farm, Penrith sold a pen of four 35kg Beltex cross hoggs to make £117.30 (335.1p/kg)

Gary Bell, Haas Side Farm, Lockerbie sold a wonderful run of hoggs to top at £144 for a pair of 47kg Beltex cross hoggs, with a consignment of 30 hoggs from Haas Side Farm averaging 50kg £135.29 (270.6p/kg)

Joanna Andrews, Boscar Flats, York sold a fantastic consignment of hoggs to top at £143 for a pen of four 49kg Beltex cross hoggs. The whole run of 40 hoggs from this home sold to average 45.7p/kg £134.02 (293.3p/kg).

Messrs Wills, Fawcett Park Farm, Dufton sold their great run of hoggs to top at £140 for a pair of 42kg Beltex cross hoggs. The 30 hoggs from this home sold to average 46kg £133.40 (290p/kg).

Blackfold Farm, Aberdeenshire sold a run of 100 Texel cross hoggs to average 48.9kg £127.82 (261.3p/kg).

Messrs Patchett, Ripon sold their consignment of Texel cross hoggs to top at £140 for a pen of 20 58kg hoggs. The run of 342 Texel cross hoggs from this home sold to average 51kg £123.64.

Messrs Thompson, Whins Farm, Bishop Auckland sold their 40 Charollais cross hoggs to top at £138.80 (252.4p/kg) for a pen of 55kg hoggs, with another pen of 13 Charollais cross hoggs weighing 57kg making £137.80, the 40 Charollais cross hoggs from Whins Farm sold to average 56.5kg £132.47.

Mule hoggs sold to £130.80 for a pen of 12 61kg from Messrs Sibson, Hole House, Keswick. The 25 Mule hoggs from this home sold to average 57kg £125.55

Blackfaced hoggs sold to £113.30 for a pen of 18 49kg hoggs from Messrs Addison, Greystone House, Kings Meaburn.

Another pen of 22 Blackfaced hoggs from this home topped at 240.2p/kg weighing 43kg and making £103.30.

Swaledale hoggs topped at £105.30 for a pen of 10 from Messrs Gibson, Easterbeck House, Barnard Castle.

Topping the Swaledale hoggs at 228.30p/kg were a pen of 30 40kg hoggs which made £91.30 from Messrs Lawson, Buddle House, Richmond.

Cast sheep were the dearest trade seen for some time.

Topping this section at £200 were a pen of four Texel ewes from Ayrshire which sold to Janan Meat.

Suffolk cross ewes sold to £180 from Ayrshire selling to Pak Mecca Meats.

Mule ewes sold to £136.50 from Messrs Sayer, Musgrave House, Great Musgrave.

Blackfaced ewes topped at £103.50 from Messrs Birkbeck, Castle Hill, Soulby which was bought by Pak Mecca Meats.

Rough Fell ewes sold to £101.50 for a pair from Messrs Huck, Dale View, Ravenstonedale which were bought by Lancashire Direct Halal Meats.

Swaledale ewes topped at £90.50 for a pen of eight from Messrs Lawson, Stubsgill Farm, Workington.

Another pen of five Swaledale ewes sold to make £90 from Messrs Slack, Stoneriggs.

Cast rams topped at £185 for a Blue Texel from Messrs Kearton, Wyse Hill Farm, Barnard Castle.

208 Suffolk cross ewes sold to average £126.53

302 Texel cross ewes sold to average £124.23

424 ewes sold between £120-£200

A consignment of 337 Suffolk cross and Continental cross ewes sold to average £131.09.

Leading Prices – Prime Hoggs

Price per head –
Blue Texel £169, £151, £130 Wyse Hill Farm; £150, £123.80 Wyseby Hill Farm; £124 Littleburn Farm: Beltex £144, £136.80(2), £136(2) Haas Side Farm; £143, £140, £138, £137, £137, £136.50, £133.80, £133, £130 Boscar Flats; £140, £139.50, £138.80, £138(2), £136.80, £135.80, £130.30 Fawcett Park Farm; £136.80, £133.30 Littleburn Farm; £135.80 Wyseby Hill Farm; £134.80 Dona Close; £134, £130.80 Blackfold; £133 Crossfell House; £130.30, £130(2) Outgang Farm; £130 Castle Hill; £130 Hallbankgate Farm: Charollais £142.80, £122.80, £120 Wyseby Hill Farm; £138.80, £137.80, £134, £130, £126.80, £125.80, £125 Whins Farm; £125.80 Newton Farm: Texel £142 Abbey Park; £140, £138.30(2), £136.80 West Summersides; £140 Garth Side; £139, £136, £134.80(2), £130.80 Blackfold; £138 Friarbiggin; £135.80, £134(2), £132.80 Haas Side Farm; £134.80 Newton Farm; £134, £130 Crossfell House; £133.80 Stoneriggs; 130 Boscar Flats: Mule £130.80, £120.30 Hole House; £112.80 Town End Farm; £111.80 Burton Hill; £111.30, £110.30 Town Head Farm; £110 House & Holme Farm; £110 Sunrise House Farm: Suffolk £130(2) Redmile; £126.80 Hill Farm; £120 Town End Farm; £120 Wyseby Hill Farm; £118, £114.30 Holms of caaf Dalry: Cheviot £125.80, £111.80, £110.80 Crossfell House; £111.80 Dry Howe; £108.30 Stoneriggs: Zwartble £122.30 Garth Side: Bluefaced Leicester £115 Brow Farm; £114.80 East Lowfield: Scotch Blackface £113.30, £103.30 Greystone House; £96.80 Newton Farm; £94.80 House & Holme Farm; £94.30 Castle Hill: Rough £110 Dale View; £87 Crooksbeck: Swaledale £105.30, £103 Easterbeck House; £105, £104.30, £99.80, £98.30 Hill Farm; £104.80 Dirt Pit Farm; £102.50 Eastfield Farm; £100 Dry Howe; £99.80 Springfield: Herdwick £90 Garth Side.

Price per kilo –
Beltex 340.2p, 333.3p, 323.3p, 320.9p, 317.8p Fawcett Park Farm; 335.1p, 317.1p, 310.2p Outgang Farm; 333.3p, 325p, 311.4p, 309.5p, 304.1p, 302p Boscar Flats; 325.1p, 313.4p, 310.9p Littleburn Farm; 318.3p Town End Farm; 309.3p Stubsgill Farm; 306.4p Haas Side Farm; 304.3p High Toft Hill Farm; 302.6p, 302.3p Castle Hill; 302 Townfoot: Blue Texel 328.3p Wyse Hill Farm; 287.9p Wyseby Hill Farm; 282.4p Town End Farm; 261.8p Newton Farm: Texel 285.1p, 274.6p, 274p, 269.6p Blackfold; 284.1p High Lane; 283.6p Coupland Beck Farm; 273.1p, 271p Stoneriggs; 268p, 261.2p Haas Side Farm; 265.1p, 263.2p Calva Farm; 260.5p Stubsgill Farm; 260p Wyseby Hill Farm: Charollais 259.6p, 250.6p, 244.3p, 242.1p Wyseby Hill Farm; 252.4p, 241.8p, 240.4p Whins Farm; 248.4p Hawkrigg Farm: Suffolk 254p, 246p Holms of caaf Dalry; 247.2p Newton Farm; 242.7p Wyseby Hill Farm: Cheviot 251.9p Stoneriggs; 241p Townfoot; 237.9p, 235.7p Crossfell House; 237.9p Dry Howe; 235p Coupland Beck: Scotch Blackface 240.2p, 231.2p Greystone House; 236.1p Newton Farm; 235.8p Castle Hill: Mule 235.9p Burton Hill; 233.6p Stubsgill Farm; 230p Blades Field Farm: Dorset 233.3p Holms of caaf Dalry: Herdwick 226.2p Riverside Cottage: Swaledale 228.3p, 225.8p, 220p Buddle House; 227.6p Eastfield Farm; 225.1p Musgrave House: Rough 199.4p Ghyll Bank; 193.4p Archers Hall.

Cast Ewes

Texel £200, £178.50, £158.50, £144.50, £141.50, £140.50 Holms of caaf Dalry; £188.50 Dale View; £170, £150, £140.50 Cooilingel Farm; £158.50 Carkin Moor Farm; £157.50 Newton Farm; £148.50 Bracken Bank; £148.50 Crossfell House; £146.50, £144.50 Moyadam Park; £144.50 Town Head; £144.50 Helbeck Farm; £140.50 Ellergill; £140 Wyseby Hill Farm: Suffolk £180, £158.50, £145.50, £144.50, £139.50 Holms of caaf Dalry; £155.50 Newton Farm; £151.50 Buckles Farm; £146.50 Crake Trees Manor; £141.50 Moyadam Park; £138.50 Hallbankgate Farm; £138.50 Helbeck Farm; £137.50 Winter Tarn; £136.50 Cairn Cottage: Bleu du Maine £151.50 Holms of caaf Dalry: Charollais £147.50, £138.50 Holms of caaf Dalry; £138.50 Buckles Farm: Blue Texel £146.50 Wyse Hill Farm: Bluefaced Leicester £143.50 Bollihope Shield Farm; £143.50 Town End Farm; £136.50 Stubsgill Farm; £132.50 New House; £130.50 Cooilingel Farm: Beltex £140.50 Buckles Farm; £140 Town End Farm; £121.50 Town Foot; £120.50 Stubsgill Farm: Zwartble £140.50 Newton Farm: Mule £136.50 Musgrave House; £118.50 Old Mill Flatt; £118.50 Abbey Park; £117.50 Friendship Farm; £115.50 Middle End Farm; £114.50 Low Houses Farm; £112.50 Newton Farm; £112.50 Fox Grove Farm: Cheviot £133.50 Rathvale Farm; £127.50 Newton Farm; £124.50 Holms of caaf Dalry; £113.50 Buckles Farm; £112.50 Bents Farm: Scotch Blackface £103.50, £90 Castle Hill; £93.50, £85.50 Newton Farm: Dorset £108.50 Buckles Farm; £101.50 Cooley Lodge: Rouge £101.50 Dale View: Swaledale £90.50, £80.50 Stubsgill Farm; £90 Stoneriggs; £81.50 Ireshope Plains; £81.30 Helbeck Farm; £79.50 West Hindon Farm; £78.50 Williams House; £76.50 Greenriggs; £76.50 Buckles Farm; £75.50 Brow Farm; £75.50 Springfield: Goat £89.50 Piper Hole; £70 Moyadam Park: Ryeland £78.50, £75.50 Cooilingel Farm: Manx £77.50 Cooilingel Farm: Herdwick £76.50 Thorney Gale:

Cast Rams

Blue Texel £185, £140 Wyse Hill Farm: Texel £180 Holms of caaf Dalry; £153.50 Moyadam Park; £140.50(2) Old Mill Flatt; £140.50 Bollihope Shield Farm: Rouge £160 Holms of caaf Dalry: Charollais £151.50 Holms of caaf Dalry; £150 Castle Hill: Bluefaced Leicester £150.50 Townfoot; £150 Holms of caaf Dalry: Suffolk £144.50 Newton Farm; £143.50 Ellergill; £141.50 Holms of caaf Dalry:  Beltex £126.50 Holms of caaf Dalry: Swaledale £106.50 South Wellhope; £96.50 Bollihope Shield Farm; £93.50 Hope House: