Kirkby Stephen Prime Sheep Sale

7th April 2020

Harrison & Hetherington Ltd, Kirkby Stephen Mart held their weekly sale of prime sheep when 2098 sheep were forward consisting of 1797 prime hoggs 269 cast sheep and 32 spring lambs.

32 spring lambs were forward selling to average 221.49p/kg, SQQ of 226.15p/kg.

Texel cross lambs sold to £130 from Messrs Jarman, Brow Top Farm, Branthwaite selling to Steadman Butchers, Kirkby Stephen.

Messrs Slee, Street House, Kirkby Thore topped at 277.3p per kilo for a 44kg Texel cross and was purchased by Steadman Butchers, Kirkby Stephen.

Topping the prime hoggs at £126 and 286.4p/kg was a 44kg Beltex cross from Messrs Kendal, Outgang Farm, Helton selling to Dowding Butchers, Appleby.

The overall sale average for 1797 prime hoggs sold was 192.69p/kg with an SQQ of 201.96p/kg.

Cast sheep topped at £148 from Messrs Chester, Grassgill Lodge, Soulby and were purchased by Lancashire Direct Halal Meats.

Spring Lambs

Price per head – Texel £130 Brow Top Farm; £122, £118, £110 Street House: Suffolk £115 Low Grassgill; £112 Lingfield Bungalow; £101 Scar Top: Zwartble £108, £106 Hayberries.

Price per kilo –  Texel 277.3p, 268.2p, 250p Street House; 254.9p Brow Top Farm: Suffolk 255.6p, 229.3p Low Grassgill; 246.3p Scar Top; 231.4p Bank Head; 229.3p Lingfield Bungalow: Zwartble 200p(x3) Hayberries.

Prime Hoggs

Price per Head – Beltex £126, £104(2), £103, £102, £101, £100(2), £99(2), £97, £95 Outgang Farm; £110 Brow Top Farm;  £100 Bowes Cross Farm; £100, £92 Dalbrack Farm; £97.50 Little Beck; £95 Greenbury Grange; £95 Mount Pleasant Farm: Texel £104 Grassgill Lodge; £104, £95 Outgang Farm; £101 Bowes Cross Farm; £100, £96 Brow Top Farm; £100, £96 Greenbury Grange; £99(2), £97, £94(2) West Summersides; £95.50 Briggle Farm; £95.50 Preston Manor; £94.50 Theakston Grange; £94(2) Mill Cottage; £94 Mount Pleasant Farm; £94 Cole Hill Farm; £94 High Barn: Cheviot £99, £94.50, £92.50, £92(2), £90 West Summersides; £93.50 Boghall; £92 Mount Pleasant Farm: Suffolk £97, £90 Theakston Grange; £94.50, £92(2) Boghall; £94 Mount Pleasant; £94 Outgang Farm; £94 Briggle Farm; £90 Redlands Bank: Charollais £96 Outgang Farm: Swaledale £90.50, £90(2), £87.50, £82 Dalbrack Farm; £89 Blades Field Farm; £81 Burton Hill: Mule £90 Mount Pleasant; £90 Boghall; £89 Briggle Farm; £88 West Summersides; £88 Burton Hill; £86 The Edge; £85(2) Dalbrack Farm; £85 Ellergill: Scotch Blackface £88(2) Greystone House: Zwartble £88 Theakston Grange: Rough £87 Helbeck Grange; £76 Manor Court; £75.50 Low Stead: Goat £70(2) Decklyn.

Price per Kilo –

Beltex 286.4p, 260p, 256.4p, 253.8p(2), 253.7p, 248.8p, 246.3p, 236.6p, 232.6p, 231.7p Outgang Farm; 243.9p Dalbrack Farm; 237.8p Little Beck; 232.6p Bowes Cross Farm: Texel 244.7p, 228.6p High Griseburn; 229.5p Bowes Cross Farm; 228.6p Brow Top Farm; 225p, 220.5p, 220p West Summersides: Cheviot 210p, 205.6p, 200p West Summersides; 204.8p Redlands Bank; 204.7p Theakston Grange; 203.3p Boghall; 200p Townhead: Charollais 208.7p Outgang Farm: Mule 202.3p Briggle Farm; 200p West Summersides; 192.7p, 191.3p Windygate: Swaledale 202.3p Blades Field Farm; 201.1p, 200p(2), 198.9p Dalbrack Farm; 188.1p, 184.6p Helbeck Grange; 182.9p Musgrave House: Suffolk 200p Briggle Farm; 195.8p Outgang Farm; 195.7p Boghall; 180p Theakston Grange; 176.5p Redlands Bank; 170.9p Mount Pleasant Farm: Scotch Blackface 191.3p(2) Greystone House: Rough 189.1p Helbeck Grange: Zwartble 163p Theakston Grange.

Cast Ewes

Texel £148 Grassgill Lodge; £142 Breaks Hall; £138 Stoneriggs; £115 High Griseburn; £104 School Farm; £104 Middle Bank End Farm; £101 Windygate; £100 Breaks Hall: Halfbred £122 Cole Hill Farm: Suffolk £115 Stoneriggs; £100 Williamsgill Farm: Beltex £110 Grassgill Lodge: Lleyn £104 Woodfoot: Zwartble £100 Middle Bank End Farm: Bluefaced Leicester £100 Bowes Cross Farm; £94 Ellergill: Cheviot £96 Stoneriggs; £86 Townhead Farm; £84 Ellergill: Mule £92, £82 School Farm; £90 Mill Cottage; £90 High Griseburn; £83.50 Blades Field Farm; £80 Bowes Cross Farm: Scotch Blackface £85 Middle Bank End Farm: Swaledale £82 Greenriggs; £82 Stoneriggs; £80 Whingill: Hampshire £80 Castle Hill.

Cast Rams

Texel £100 Breaks Hall: Charollais £94 Ellergill Farm: Swaledale £82 Tullich.