Kirkby Stephen Prime Sheep Sale

14th April 2020

Harrison & Hetherington Ltd, Kirkby Stephen Mart held their weekly sale of prime sheep on Tuesday night when an entry of 1,676 sheep were forward consisting of 1,052 prime hoggs, 601 cast sheep and 23 Spring Lambs.

Topping the spring lambs at £120 was a pen of five 42kg Texel cross lambs from Messrs Slee, Street House, Brough which was bought by Vivers Scotlamb Ltd.

Topping the prime hoggs at £140 and 350p/kg was a pen of seven Beltex cross hoggs from Messrs Wills, Fawcett Park Farm, Dufton being purchased by Vivers Scotlamb Ltd.

With another pen of seven 41kg Beltex cross hoggs selling to make £132 (322p/kg) selling to Vivers Scotlamb Ltd.

The consignment of 30, 42kg Beltex cross lambs sold to average 289.9p/kg £124.44.

Messrs Sayer, Town End Farm, Hackthorpe sold a pen of four 42kg Beltex cross to £131 (311.9p/kg) and were bought by Vivers Scotlamb Ltd.

The consignment of 103 Beltex and Texel cross hoggs sold to average 43kg 270p/kg £117.20

Messrs Gill, Bowes Cross Farm, Boldron sold 13 Beltex and Texel cross lambs to average 41kg 272.1p/kg (£113.69)

A pen of 17 39kg Scotch Blackface hoggs sold to make £94 (241p/kg) from Glen Ogle Farms selling to Yorkshire Halal Meats Ltd. The consignment of 112 Scotch Blackfaced hoggs from this home sold to average 41kg £95.21 (228.9p/kg).

Cast Sheep were a sharper trade with this section topping at £170 for Texel ewes from Messrs McCutcheon, Trillick. The consignment of 88 cast sheep from this home sold to average £127.66.

Leading Prices –

Spring Lambs
Price per head – Texel £120 Street House; £107 East Mellwateres Farm:
Price per kilo – Texel 285.7p Street House; 254.8p East Mellwaters Farm; 250p House & Holme Farm.

Prime Hoggs
Price per head –
Beltex £140, £132, £124(2), £118 Fawcett Park Farm; £134, £131, £130, £129, £120(2), £118(3), £117.50 Town End Farm; £133, £119 Woodfoot; £117 Bowes Cross; £116 Ling Cottage: Texel £119, £105 Sycamore Rise; £115.50 Cowes Cross Farm; £112 Sunny Gill Farm; £110 Ling Cottage; £108 West Summersides; £107, £104.50 Carlton Park; £106, £105, £101 High Harbour Farm; £103 Burton Hill; £101 Town End Farm; £100 Sunny Gill Farm; £100 The Oaks: Charollais £116 Ling Cottage: Suffolk £108, £100 High Harbour Farm; £105 Townfoot Farm: Cheviot £106 West Summersides; £102(2), £100(2) Sunny Gill Farm; £100 Bloan Farm; £94 Town End Farm: Mule £102, £98, £97, £96(4) West Summersides; £97 villa Farm: Scotch Blackface £98 Greystone House; £96.50, £96, £95 Glen Ogle Farm: Swaledale £94 Burton Hill; £90 Howgill Farm; £90 Helbeck Grange; £90 Mount Pleasant; £90 West Summersides; £80 Villa Farm: Roughs £82 Helbeck Grange: Lleyn £82 Rake Head: Bluefaced Leicester £80 West Hindon Farm: Goat £75(2) Decklyn.

Price per kilo –  Beltex 350p, 335.3p, 322p, 305.6p Fawcett Park Farm; 311.9p, 304.5p, 286.7p, 282.6p, 281p, 280.2p, 274.4p(2) Town End Farm; 295.6p, 290.2p, 288.5p Woodfoot; 285.4p Bowes Cross Farm: Texel 275p Bowes Cross Farm; 253.2p, 223.4p Sycamore Rise; 241p Woodfoot; 240p West Summersides; 239.5p Town End Farm; 236.8p, 230.6p Windygate; 236.8p, 231.6p Villa Farm; 232.6p, 232.2p Carleton Park; 229.8p, 220.5p Mount Pleasant Farm; 228.3p High Harbour Farm; 223.9p Burton Hill; 222.2p The Oaks: Scotch Blackface 241p, 236.3p, 229.8p, 228.6p Glen Ogle Farm: Cheviot 235p Town End Farm; 230.4p West Summersides; 228.9p, 227.6p(2), 224.3p Helbeck Grange: Mule 228.8p, 217p, 208.7p West Summersides; 216.7p Town End Farm; 210.9p, 207.3p Villa Farm; 209.3p Martindale Farm; 207.3p Gaisgill Row Farm: Suffolk 211.4p(2) Townfoot Farm(Greenop): Swaledale 204.5p Howgill Farm; 202.7p, 202.6p, 191.5p Helbeck Grange; 202.6p West End Farm; 195.8p Burton Hill; 190p Ravenseat: Lleyn 205p Rake Head: Goat 192.3p Decklyn.

Cast Ewes
Texel £170, £150, £148(2), £136, £134(3), £132 Bodoney Road; £140 Bonneygate, £138 Carkin Moor Farm; £136 Bridge End Farm; £132 High Harbour Farm; £132 Pepper Hall; £130 Sycamore Rise; £128 Midtown Farm: Beltex £150, £120 Bonnygate Farm; £120 Ling Cottage; £120 Sawbridge Hall; £114 High Harbour Farm: Charollais £140 Bodoney Road: Suffolk £136, £122(3), £115 High Harbour Farm; £134 Beckstones; £134, £124, £122 Bodoney Road; £118 Sideway Bank; £114 Ling Cottage: Bluefaced Leicester £130 East Lowfields; £112 Asby Hall: Blue Texel £120 Bodoney Road: Cheviot £118(2) High Harbour Farm; £108 West Summersides: Zwartble £106 High Harbour Farm: Mule £106 Sawbridge Hall; £100 High Green; £100 Carkin Moor Farm; £100 Sycamore Rise; £100 Friendship Farm; £100 Townend Farm(Crocker); £100 High Harbour Farm; £98 Midtown Farm; £98 West End Farm; £98 Townfoot Farm(Greenop); £94 West Hindon; £90 Bridge End Farm: Rough £96, £94 Wath Farm; £90 Beckstones: Swaledale £94, £74 East Lowfields; £90, £80 Keisely Farm; £86 West End Farm; £85 Fieldham House; £80 Sandwath Farm; £80 Townend Farm(Crocker); £80 Bridge End Farm; £80 Elm Pot; £76 Ravenseat; £75 Asby Hall Mews; £74 Gaisgill Row Farm; £72 South House; £72 West Summersides; £70 The Croft: Ryeland £82 High Harbour Farm: Kerry Hill £74 West Summersides:

Cast Rams
Bluefaced Leicester
152 Greenriggs: Texel £136(2), £134 Sunny Gill Farm: Beltex £120 Sunny Gill Farm: Cheviot £120 Sunny Gill Farm: Charollais £120 Bodoney Road.