Kirkby Stephen Prime Sheep Sale

5th May 2020

Harrison & Hetherington Ltd, Kirkby Stephen Mart held their weekly sale of prime sheep on Tuesday night when an entry of 1,602 sheep were forward consisting of 103 spring lambs, 1,030 prime hoggs and 469 cast sheep.

Topping the spring lambs at £124 were a pen of three Dutch Texel cross lambs from Messrs Sowerby, Terrys Farm, Ormside which were bought by Dowdings Butchers, Appleby.

Topping this section at 280p/kg were a pen of five 40kg Texel cross lambs which sold for £112 from Messrs Slee, Street House, Kirkby Thore selling to West Scottish Lamb.

Spring lambs were a flying trade for all classes and weights with an overall sale average of 265.72p/kg being achieved.

Messrs Slee, Street House sold his run of 12 Texel cross lambs to average 41kg £112.58 (274.6p/kg)

Messrs Lyle, Staingills sold their consignment of 30 Charollais, Suffolk and Texel cross lambs to average 41kg £112.08 (273.4p/kg).

Askham Bryan Collage (Newton Rigg) Penrith sold a pen of 16 37kg Texel cross Mule lambs to make £97.80 (264.3p/kg) with the 25 Texel cross mule lambs from this home selling to average 38.5kg £100.96 (262.2p/kg).

Many more New season lambs could be easily sold to great advantage here at Kirkby Stephen.

Prime hoggs sold to £120.30 and 316p/kg for a pen of six from Messrs Kendal, Outgang Farm, Helton which were bought by Yorkshire Halal Meats.

Messrs Bowes, Harbarrow Farm, Barrow in Furness sold a pen of six 45kg Beltex cross hoggs to make £119.30 selling to Yorkshire Halal Meats.

Heavy hoggs were a sharper trade with Messrs Hetherington, Old Hall Farm, Staffield selling a pen of 52kg Beltex cross hoggs to make £111 (213.5p/kg) selling to Lancashire Direct Halal.

A pen of 18 Suffolk cross hoggs from this home weighing 52kg sold for £109.30 (210.2p/kg) selling to A. Atkinson.

Another pen of 21 57kg Suffolk cross hoggs sold to make £104 selling to Worsley Wholesale Butchers.

A pen of 13 48kg Texel cross hoggs sold for £105.80 selling to Lancashire Direct Halal.

The whole consignment of 114 Suffolk and Texel cross hoggs sold to average 53kg £106.29 (200.5p/kg).

A pen of 25 42kg Mule hoggs sold for £87.80 (209p/kg) from Messrs Patchett, Ripon.

A pen of 25 39kg Scotch Blackface hoggs sold to £87.30 (223.8p/kg) from Glen Ogle Farm, Perthshire. This run of 120 Scotch Blackface hoggs sold to average 42.5kg £92.84 (218.4p/kg)

Cast sheep topped at £132 for a pair of Blue Faced Leicester cast rams from Messrs Slack, Stoneriggs.

Ewes topped at £130 for a pen of four Texel cross ewes from Messrs Hughes, Dona Close, Asby and also selling for £130 was a Beltex cross ewe from Messrs Steel, Steeley Farm, Bishop Auckland.

Horned ewes were particularly good to sell with Swaledales topping at £83.50 from Messrs Buckle, Bleathgill, Barras.

Messrs Lawson, Hundith House, Wigton sold a pen of 8 Swaledale ewes to make £82.50 with another pen of 6 Swaledale ewes making £81.50 from Messrs Elliott, Harbour Flatt, Murton.

154 Swaledale ewes forward averaged £64.62.

All classes of cast sheep were also a fantastic trade being the dearest seen of recent weeks.

Leading Prices –

Spring Lambs

Price per head – Dutch Texel £124 Terrys Farm: Beltex £120 Dry Evers; £110 Staingills: Texel £116.50, £111.80(2) Street House; £114 Powis House; £114, £110 Staingills; £114 Terrys Farm: Charollais £111.80 Staingills: Suffolk £109.80 Staingills.

Price per kilo –Texel 280p, 266.2p, 264.8p Street House; 272p, 269.2p, 265.1p, 264.7p Martindale(Wearmouth); 271.4p, 268.3p, 261.4p Staingills; 264.3p, 262.9p Newton Rigg; 261.7p South View: Charollais 279.5p Staingills: Beltex 275p Staingills; 272.7p Dry Evers: Suffolk 255.3p Staingills: Dutch Texel 253.1p Terrys Farm:

Prime Hoggs

Price per head – Beltex £120.30, £101.80 Outgang Farm; £119.30 Harbarrow Farm; £114, £110, £108, £106, £105.80 Needless Hall Farm; £111, £108.30, £108, £105.30, £105 Old Hall Farm; £110, £103.80 Fawcett Park Farm; £110 New Godderthwaite Bungalow; £104 Easegill Head; £100(3) Steeley Farm; £100 Bowes Cross Farm: Suffolk £109.30, £104.80, £104 Old Hall Farm; £104.80, £100.80 Low Greenside: Texel £108.80(2), £108.30, £108, £105.80, £102 Old Hall Farm; £107.80, £105.30, £105, £104, £102, £100 New Godderthwaite Bungalow; £101.80, £100.80 Chapel House; £100 Outgang Farm; £100 Hawkrigg Farm: Cheviot £100.30, £91.80 Bloan Farm; £91.80 West Summersides: Scotch Blackface £96.80, £95.30, £94.80 Glen Ogle Farms; £92.80 Harbarrow Farm: Bluefaced Leicester £88.80 East Lowfields: Swaledale £88.80 Mount Pleasant Farm; £88.80 Flakebridge Farm; £87.80 Midtown Farm(Hall); £86.80 Billing Shield Farm; £84.30, £83.80 West Summersides: Mule £87.80 South House; £87.80 West Summersides; £86.80 High Toft Hill Farm: Herdwick £84.80 Low Greenside: Hampshire £84 Harbarrow Farm: Goat £74(2) Decklyn: Rough £73.80 Outgang Farm.

Price per kilo – Beltex 316.6p, 236.8p Outgang Farm; 268.3p Needless Hall; 265.1p Harbarrow Farm; 259.5p, 235p Fawcett Park Farm; 253.3p Steeley Farm; 240p Dona Close; 237p Stripes Farm: Texel 227.3p Hawkrigg Farm; 220.5p School Cottage(Madrell); 220.4p Old Hall Farm; 216.6p Dona Close; 216.6p West Summersides; 216.6p Chapel House; 215.8p Harbarrow Farm: Scotch Blackface 223.8p, 221.6p, 220.5p, 212.6p Glen Ogle Farms; 215.3p Fawcett Fark Farm; 210.9p Harbarrow Farm: Goat 217.6p(2) Decklyn: Suffolk 213.9p, 210.2p Old Hall Farm: Cheviot 213.5p West Summersides; 206.8p Steeley Farm: Mule 209p, 205p West Summersides; 199.5p South House; 192.3p Croft Farm: Swaledale 200.7p, 199.5p, 195.8p, 194.5(2) West Summersides: 199.4p Wemmergill Farm; 194.2p Billing Shield Farm; 190.9p Midtown Farm(Hall): Hampshire 200p Harbarrow Farm: Rough 194.2p Outgang Farm: Herdwick 192.7p Low Greenside.

Cast Ewes

Beltex £130 Steeley Farm: Suffolk £119.50 Claylands Farm; £99.50 Black Syke; £95.50 Terrys Farm: Zwartble £116.50 Yore House; £84.50 Oakcroft: Bluefaced Leicester £110 School Cottage(Dawson); £106.50 Easegill Head; £104.50 Yore House; £100 Claylands Farm: Blue Texel £109.50 Chapel House:

Cheviot £106.50 Steeley Farm; £85.50 Amersber Cottage; £79.50 Yore House; £79.50 Melbourne House: Mule £87.50 Gaythorne Hall; £87.50 Sandwath Farm; £85.50 Blades Field Farm; £85.80 Yore House: Swaledale £83.50 Bleathgill; £82.50, £76.50 Hundith House; £81.50, £76.50 Harbour Flatt; £78.50 Eastfield Farm; £76.50 West Briscoe; £74.50 Midtown Farm(Hullock); £73.50(2) Pinfold House; £73.50 Green Gill Farm; £72.50 Yore House; £72.50 Easegill Head; £72.50 School Cottage(Dawson): Rough £83.50, £71.50 Beckstones: Herdwick £73.50 Rouge Garth: Kerry Hill £73.50 The Park: Jacob £73.50(2) Oakcroft: Texel £130 Dona Close; £124 Yore House; £120.50 Grassgill Lodge; £120.50, £117.50 Easegill Head; £120 Needless Hall Farm; £120 Fawcett Park Farm; £117.50 Amersber Cottage; £117.50 Black Syke; £116.50 Mount Pleasant Farm.

Cast Rams

Bluefaced Leicester £132 Stoneriggs; £112.50 Croft Farm: Texel £118.50 Easegill Head: Beltex £109.50 Steeley Farm: Rough £101.50 Flakebridge Farm: Swaledale £88.50 West Briscoe; £82(2) Stoneriggs: Scotch Blackface £80.50 Elm Gill Farm: