Kirkby Stephen Prime Sheep Sale

26th May 2020

Harrison & Hetherington Ltd, Kirkby Stephen Mart held their weekly sale of prime sheep on Tuesday night when an entry of 2,180 sheep were forward consisting of 909 spring lambs, 773 prime hoggs and 498 cast sheep.

Topping the sale at £130 and 325p/kg was a 40kg Beltex cross lamb from Messrs Dodd, West View, Temple Sowerby which was bought by Vivers Scotlamb.

A pen of three 40kg Beltex hoggs sold for £124.50 (311.3p/kg) also from West View.

Messrs Armstrong, Moor Riggs, Penrith topped their run of lambs at £127 for 44kg Beltex crosses which were bought by Vivers Scotlamb.

Messrs Lyle, Staingills sold a pen of 20 38kg Beltex cross lambs to make £112.50 (296.1p/kg).

Mr K Sowerby, Terrys Farm sold 45kg Beltex cross lambs to make £126 selling to Dowdings Butchers, Appleby.

Messrs Hunter, Upper Brydekirk, Annan topped their run at £121 for 40kg Beltex cross lambs, with this consignment of 20 lambs averaging 40kg £115.49 (289kg).

Messrs Dodd, West View sold their run of lambs to average 41kg £117.61 (287p/kg).

Messrs Jenkinson, Whingill, Hartley sold a pen of five 37kg Mule lambs to make £80 selling to M Helliwell.

Prime hoggs topped at £120 for Charollais cross hoggs from Messrs Thompson, Whins Farm, Bishop Auckland which were bought by S & S Meats, Darlington. The run of 60 Charollais cross hoggs from this home sold to average £112.26.

Messrs Turnbull, Boghall, St Andrews sold Hill Cheviot hoggs to £106.80 (232.2p/kg) for a pen of 20 46kg hoggs.

Another pen of 24 42kg Hill Cheviots from this home sold to make £96.80 (230.5p/kg)

Some good consignment of heavy hoggs were forward with Messrs Hetherington, Old Hall Farm, Staffield selling a pen of 21 Suffolk cross hoggs to make £117 with this run of 80 Suffolk cross hoggs averaging £113.42.

Messrs Mark, Sunny Gill Farm, Ousby sold their run of 70 Hill Cheviot hoggs to average £111.29

Leading Prices –

Spring Lambs

Price Per Head –:

Beltex £130, £124.50, £114(2) West View; £127 Moor Riggs; £126, £123 Terrys Farm; £124, £121, £120, £117.50, £114.30, £112 Upper Brydekirk; £121, £116.50, £112.50 Staingills; £120, £114.30, £112.30 Woodlands House Farm; £118, £115 Hill Top East; £116.80 Ling Cottages; £114.50, £114 Town End Farm; £112.50 Home Farm: Texel £120 Wharton Hall; £119, £115 Old Mill Flatt; £118, £110 Home Farm; £116.80 Castle Hill; £116 Town End Farm; £116 Moor Riggs; £115(2) Hill Top East; £114 Grassgill Lodge; £113.80 Low Woodside; £112.80 Townend; £112 Woodside; £112 Brow Top Farm; £111.50 Lansmere; £110 House & Holme Farm; £110 Breaks Hall: Dutch Texel £125, £120, £116 Terrys Farm: Suffolk £119, £106 Scar Top; £110.80 Friendship Farm; £110, £106 Woodside; £106.80 Woodfoot; £106.30 Staingills; £105.30 Black Syke: Blue Texel £106.80 Avondale: Charollais £102.30 Brow Top Farm: Hampshire £96.80 Town End Farm: Mule £80 Whingill.

Price per kilo –

Beltex 325p, 311.3p West View; 302.5p, 293.8p, 292.7p, 288.4p, 287.2p, 281.5p Upper Brydekirk; 296.1p, 288.1p, 284.1p, 280.8p Staingill; 290.8p, 288.6p Moor Riggs; 287.9p, 285.7p Woodland House Farm; 287.5p Hill Top East; 286.3p Town End Farm; 286p, 280p Terrys Farm; 281.3p, 281.1p Home Farm: Texel 289.5p House & Holme; 272p, 267.9p Lansmere; 268.3p Breaks Hall; 267.9p Home Farm; 267p Staingills; 266.7p Wharton Hall; 265.3p, 264.1p, 263.6p, 262p, 260.5p Brow Top Farm; 263.2p Avondale; 262.2p, 261.4p(2) Hill Top East; 260.8p Home Farm; 260p Street House; 260p Moor Riggs: Blue Texel 267p Avondale: Dutch Texel 266p, 260.9p Terrys Farm: Suffolk 255.8p Woodside; 254.5p Brow Top Farm; 254.3p Woodfoot; 253.2p Low Grassgill; 253.1p; 252.4p Scar Top; 250.7p Black Syke: Bleu Du Maine 245.5p High Farm: Charollais 243.6p Brow Top Farm: Hampshire 230.5p Town End Farm: Mule 216.2p Whingill.

Prime Hoggs

Price per head –

Charollais £120, £114, £112(4), £110 Whins Farm: Suffolk £117, £116, £115, £114.30, £106 Old Hall Farm; £115.80, £111, £100 Boghall; Texel £116, £115, £111 Sunny Gill Farm; £113 Whins Farm; £111, £110 Lansmere; £110, £103 Boghall; £106, £100 Newton Farm: Beltex £111, £100 Galloper Park; £111 Sunny Gill Farm; £108.80 Lansmere ; £100 Stubsgill Farm: Cheviot £110.80, £110, £108.80; £97(2) Sunny Gill Farm; £106.80, £96.80 Boghall; £104.80 East Rackwood Hill; £102, £100 Bloan Farm: Mule £104.80 Boghall; £93.80 West Hindon Farm: Swaledale £92.80; £90 East Friar House Farm; £92.80 East Thorngarth Hill; £88.80 Easterbeck House; £88.80 Well House; £88.80 Grayrigg Hall; £88.80 Keisley Farm: Scotch Blackface £78.80 Hallbankgate Farm: £77.50 Milescott: Goat £64 Decklyn.

Price per kilo –

Beltex 246.5p, 235.2p Black Syke; 231.3p Sunny Gill Farm: Texel 233.7p Stubsgill Farm; 227.5p Sunny Gill Farm; 222.9p Galloper Park; 219.1p, 215p Boghall: Cheviot 232.2p, 230.5p, 223.3p, 219p Boghall; 226.7p, 215.6p Sunny Gill Farm: Mule 227.8p Boghall: Charollais 219.6p, 203.6p Whins Farm; 205.1p Old Hall Farm; 203.9p Black Syke: Suffolk 214.4p Boghall; 212p Old Hall Farm: Goat 213.3p Decklyn: Swaledale 210.5p East Friar House Farm; 200.7p Sunrise House Farm; 197.1p, 196.1p Easterbeck House; 193p Keisley Farm: Scotch Blackface 197p Hallbankgate Farm; 193.8p Milescott.

Cast Ewes

Texel £120 High Harbour Farm; £118, £100 Grassgill Lodge; £112 Castle Hill; £105.50 Wharton Hall: Suffolk £113.50, £94.50 High Harbour Farm; £111.50 Scar Top; £91.50 Whins Farm; £90 Black Syke: Charollais £106.50(2) High Harbour Farm; £100 Ling Cottage: Bluefaced Leicester £98.50 Whitewall Farm: Lleyn £90 Whingill; £87.50 Woodfoot: Cheviot £80.50 Wharton Hall: Mule £76.50 High Harbour Farm; £75.50 Stubsgill Farm: Swaledale £76.50 High Harbour Farm; £65.50 Low Swainston Farm; £64.50 Stubsgill Farm; £63.50 Woolpits Hill; £63.50 West Summersides; 362.50 Whitewall Farm; £61.50 Whingill; £61.50 sunrise House Farm; £60 Fieldham House; £60 Keisley Farm: Easycare £70.50 high Harbour Farm: Goat £65 Decklyn.

Cast Rams

Texel £120 Wharton Hall; £114 Black Syke: Bluefaced Leicester £119.50 Williams House: Beltex £102.50 Lansmere: Charollais £95 High Harbour Farm: Herdwick £92.50 Foggy Gill: Swaledale £80 West Summersides.