Kirkby Stephen Prime Sheep Sale

2nd June 2020

Harrison & Hetherington Ltd, Kirkby Stephen Mart held their weekly sale of prime sheep on Tuesday night when an entry of 2,663 sheep were forward consisting of 1,208 spring lambs, 703 prime hoggs and 752 cast sheep.

Topping the spring lambs at £134 and 335p/kg were a pen of three 40kg Beltex cross lambs from Messrs Lyle, Staingills, Penrith which were bought by Yorkshire Halal Meats.

A pen of 20 38kg lambs from this home sold to make £123.30 (324.5p/kg).

The whole consignment of 300 lambs from Staingills sold to average 40.8kg and a mind blowing £111.75 (273.9p/kg).

Mr K Sowerby, Terrys Farm, Ormside sold a pen of 6 40kg Beltex cross lambs to make £128.80 (322p/kg) which were bought by Vivers Scotlamb.

Messrs Hunter, Upper Brydekirk, Annan sold 40kg Beltex cross lambs to make £128 (320p/kg).

The consignment of 31 lambs from this home sold to average 41kg £116.39 (283.9p/kg).

Messrs Metcalfe, Home Farm, Penrith sold 45kg Texel cross lambs to make £130 selling to West Scottish Lamb.

Kirkby is king of the sheep trade so far this week with an unbelievable overall sale average of 260.59p/kg for 1208 lambs being achieved.

30 pens and 204 lambs sold between 280-335p/kg.

20 pens of lambs sold between £120-£134

306 Beltex cross lambs sold to average 285p/kg.

Messrs Ellwood, Old Mill Flatt, Penrith sold their run of lambs to top at £116.80(299.5p/kg) for a pen of 16 39kg lambs.

This consignment of 36 lambs sold to average 41.4kg £112.22 (271.1p/kg)

Messrs Slee, Street House, Kirkby Thore sold their consignment of 21 lambs to average 37.4kg £103.63 (277.1p/kg)

Suffolk lambs sold to £121.80 for a pen of 5 from Messrs Hutchinson, Redgate which were bought by A. Atkinson.

12 active buyers were around the ring competing for all classes and weights of lambs from 32-60kg, with trade for every class of lamb way outstepping any other method of marketing your lambs “sell live and thrive”

Prime hoggs sold to £120 for a 70kg Charollais cross from Messrs Ivinson, River View, Penrith which was bought by S&S Meats, Darlington.

Messrs Hetherington, Old Hall Farm, Staffield sold a run of 85 Suffolk & Charollais cross hoggs with teeth up to average £108.08.

A run of 130 clipped Swaledale hoggs from Messrs Macaskill, Perthshire sold to average 38kg £77.66 (204.4p/kg)

Cast sheep topped at £130 for a Texel cross ewe from Messrs Dinsdale, Carpool, Bleatarn which was bought by Lancashire Direct Halal.

Swaledale ewes topped at £68.50 for a pen of 4 from Messrs Beckwith, New Hall, Barras which were bought by A Atkinson.

Messrs Pedley, Oaktree Farm, Barbon sold a pen of 35 Swaledale ewes to make £64.50 selling to S&S Meats.

Leading Prices –

Spring Lambs

Price Per Head –:

Beltex £134, £127, £123.30, £118.30, £112.80(2), £112.30 Staingills; £128.80 Terrys Farm; £128, £122.30, £120, £116.80, £115 Upper Brydekirk; £124.50 Crossfell House; £121.80 Wodencroft; £116.80 Old Mill Flatt; £115.80 Hallbankgate Farm; £115.80, £112.30 Dry Evers ; £115.30 Decklyn; £114.80 Park Farm; £112.80 Hill Top East: Texel £130, £128, £117.80, £115, £112.80 Home Farm; £128, £121 New View Farm; £120, £115.80, £115 Clifton Moor; £119 Terrys Farm; £118.80 Old Mill Flatt; £117 Wodencroft; £116, £110.30 Upper Brydekirk; £116 Hawkrigg Farm; £115.80, £111.80, £111.30, £110.80 Staingills; £113.80 Dry Evers; £113.30 Hallbankgate Farm; £112.80 Ling Cottage; £112.80 Hill Top East; £111.80 Moor Riggs; £110.80 Rosgill Head; £110 Barningham House: Suffolk £121.80 Redgate; £114.80 Terrys Farm; £111.30 Staingills: Charollais £109.30 Clifton Moor; £103.50 Hallbankgate Farm.

Price per kilo –

Beltex 335p, 324.5p, 288.5p, 282.2p, 282p Staingills; 322p Terrys Farm; 320p, 305.8p, 300p, 284.9p, 280.5p Upper Brydekirk; 309.2p, 290p Wodencroft; 303.4p Decklyn; 299.5p, 284.6p Old Mill Flatt; 296.8p Street House; 296.4p Crossfell House; 295.5p Dry Evers; 294.1p Clifton Moor; 289.1p Castle Hill; 282.4p Hallbankgate Farm; 282p Hill Top East; 280p Park Farm: Texel 289.5p, 272.7p, 271.5p, 270.2p Staingills; 288.9p, 274p, 273.8p Home Farm; 282.4p, 273.8p Clifton Moor; 280.3p Martindale Farm(Wearmouth); 273.3p Red House Farm; 270.8p Street House: Dutch Texel 282.2p, 266.7p Terrys Farm: Blue Texel 285.7p Bonny Rigg: Suffolk 273.3p Terrys Farm; 258.9p Middle Bank End Farm; 253p Staingills: Charollais 254.2p Clifton Moor; 246.4p Hallbankgate Farm; 242.7p Newsham Grange: Hampshire 239.5p Woodside: Kerry Hill 236.7p Bank Head.

Prime Hoggs

Price per head –

Charollais £120 River View; £116 Old Hall Farm; £115.80, £112.80, £111, £107.80 Whins Farm; £115.80 Upperlands Farm: Suffolk £115.80, £114.80(2), £114 Old Hall Farm; £115, £113.80, £107 Roman Vale; £110.80 Redgate: Texel £114.80, £111.80 Sunny Gill Farm; £114 Old Hall Farm; £110.80 Fox Grove Farm; £107.80 Buckles Farm; £105 Earnwell; £103.80, £101.80 River View: Beltex £111.80, £108.80 Easegill Head: Cheviot £108.80, £100(2) Bloan Farm; £102.80 Sunny Gill Farm: Swaledale £89.80 Ashgill Farm; £89.80 Ravenseat; £88.80 Hill Farm; £86.80 Town Head Farm(Barker); £86.80 Birks Farm; £86.80 New Hall; £84 Rigg Farm: Mule £86.80 Town Head Farm(Barker): Rough £82.30 Tow Head(Beck); 375.80 High Wood End: Scotch Blackface £80 Almagill: Herdwick £77.80 Almagill.

Price per kilo –

Texel 217.1p, 212.1p River View; 215.8p Sunny Gill Farm; 213.2p Arla Burn Farm; 210p Earnwell; 209.7p Low Swainston Farm; 209.5p Hollins View: Beltex 210.9p, 209.5p Easegill Head: Cheviot 209.3p Birks Farm; 197.7p Sunny Gill Farm: Scotch Blackface 205.1p Almagill; 204.7p, 200.8p Tullich: Charollais 204.9p, 203.9p Old Hall Farm; 202p, 201.8p Whins Farm: Swaledale 204.7p, 203.3p, 202.1p Tullich; 198.3p, 193.9 Ashgill Farm; 196.8p, 191.9p, 190.5p Almagill; 192.9p Birks Farm; 192.9p New Hall: Herdwick 204.7p Almagill: Mule 202.4p Town Head Farm(Barker): Rough 187p Town Head(Beck).

Cast Ewes

Texel £130 Carpool; £120 Castle Hill; £120 Cole Hill Farm; £118.50 Staingills; £115 Grassgill Lodge; £110.50, £110, £100 Upperlands Farm; £106.50 Arla Burn Farm; £105.50, £103.50 New View Farm; £103.50 Newsham Grange; £102.50 Stoneriggs: Beltex £115.50 Wodencroft; £110 Staingills: Charollais £114.50, £109.50, 3105.50, £103.50 Upperlands Farm: Bleu du maine £110.50 Upperlands Farm: Bluefaced Leicester £108.50, £97.50 Redgate: Suffolk £103.50 Terry Farm; £102 Staingills; £100(2) Upperlands Farm: Halfbred £98.50 New View Farm; £97 Cole Hill Farm: Zwartble £87.50 Decklyn: Cheviot £83.50 Wharton Hall; £73.50 Carpool: Mule £81.50 Old Hall Farm; £76.50 Fox Grove Farm; £76.50 Carpool Farm; £75.50 Arla Burn Farm: Scotch Blackface £72.50 Upperlands Farm: Swaledale £68.50 New Hall; £68 Ettersgill House; £65.50 Low House; £65.50 Rigg Farm; £65 Redgate; £64.50 Oaktree Farm; £64 Copeland Row; £61.50 Rake Head; £60.50 Birks Farm; £60.50 Burton Hill; £60.50 Town Head Farm; £60 Hebblethwaite Hall Farm: Rough £64.50 Raisgill Hall: Herdwick £61.50 Decklyn.


Cast Rams

Texel £118, £90 Upperlands Farm; £92 Searchlight Farm: Suffolk £112.50 Redgate: Swaledale £70.50 Hill Farm