Kirkby Stephen Prime Sheep Sale

2nd July 2020

Harrison & Hetherington Ltd, Kirkby Stephen Mart held their weekly sale of prime sheep on Tuesday night when an entry of 2,926 sheep were forward consisting of 2,208 spring lambs and 718 cast sheep.

Topping at £137 were a pen of three 45kg Beltex cross lambs from Messrs Dodd, West View, Temple Sowerby and purchased by Vivers Scotlamb.

Topping at 334.2p/kg were a pair of 38kg Beltex cross lambs which sold for £127 from Messrs Lyle, Staingills, Culgaith.

Messrs Taylor, Smardale Mill sold 39kg Beltex cross lambs to make £126 (323.1p/kg)

Trade for all breeds, types and weights from 33kg-51kg was fantastic with the competitive power of the live-ring being displayed in its true form and a tremendous overall sale average of 243.1p/kg for 2208 lambs being achieved.

Messrs Dodd, West View sold 42kg Beltex cross lambs for £135 (321.4p/kg).

Messrs Lyle, Staingills sold 38kg Beltex cross to £122 (321.1p/kg)

Messrs Williamson, Littleburn Farm, Hamsterley sold a pen of five 36kg Beltex cross lambs to make £115.30 (320.3p/kg).

Over 20 pens of lambs sold between 300-334p/kg.

23 pens sold between £120-£137.

Heavy lambs sold exceptionally well with a pen of 48kg Texel cross lambs selling for £134 279.2p/kg from Messrs Atkinson, Abbey Park. With another pen of 48kg Texel cross lambs from this home selling to make £120.80.

Messrs Sowerby, Terrys Farm sold a pen of 49kg Dutch Texel cross lambs to make £133 (271.4p/kg) with another pen of 47kg Dutch Texel cross lambs selling for £130 (276.6p/kg)

A pen of 46kg Texel cross lambs sold to make £128.80 (280p/kg) from Messrs Williamson, Littleburn Farm.

Light lambs were off the clock for all types, Messrs Preston, Welldon, Askham sold a pen of 11 35kg lambs to make £101.80 (290.9p/kg) with another pen of 5 34kg lambs selling for £98.80 (290.6p/kg) also from this home.

Messrs Walton, Rockcliffe Farm, Darlington sold a pen of 6 35kg Texel cross lambs to make £87.80 (250.9p/kg)

Hornby Hall Farms, Penrith sol a pen of 41 35kg Texel cross Mule lambs to make £82.80 (236.6p/kg).

Mule lambs sold to £105 for a pen of 48kg from P&A Sowerby, Low Barn, Appleby, who also sold a pen of 13 37kg Mule lambs to make £78.30.

Cast sheep topped at £150 for Texel ewes from Upperlands Farm, bought by Yorkshire Halal Meats.

Messrs Raine, Stanhope Gate Farm sold a pen of 4 Texel ewes to make £135 which were purchased by Lancashire Halal Meats.

Bluefaced Leicester ewes sold to £114.50 for a pen of four from Messrs Bell, Scarrowmanwick which were bought by West Scottish Lamb.

Swaledale ewes topped at £68 for a pen from Messrs Dawson, School Cottage, Kentmere and were bought by M Helliwell, Rochdale.

A full ringside of 13 active cast sheep buyers were in attendance with all classes been good to sell.

Leading Averages (10 or more lambs)

10      @   £130.71 (309.2p/kg)            West View
20      @   £120.77 (308.7p/kg)            Needless Hall
15      @   £120.77 (274.5p/kg)            Terrys Farm
10      @   £120.30 (292p/kg)               Ling Cottages (Teasdale)
24      @   £114.75 (255p/kg)               Abbey Park
20      @   £112.32 (284.4p/kg)            Littleburn Farm
40      @   £112.07 (254.7p/kg)            Etherley House
45      @   £110.10 (272.5p/kg)            Upper Brydekirk
266    @   £105.22 (260.4p/kg)            Staingills

Leading Prices –

Spring Lambs

Price Per Head –:

Beltex £137, £135, £125, £123.80 West View; £131, £123.30, £116.80(2) Upper Brydekirk; £128.80, £115.30 Littleburn Farm; £127, £122, £118.80, £118.30, £115 Staingills; £126.80 Buckles Farm; £126 Smardale Mill; £124, £123, £121, £120, £116.80 Needless Hall Farm; £122, £115.80 Little Beck; £120.80, £118.30 Ling Cottage; £117.80, £117.30 Etherley House; £115.80 Terrys Farm; £115.30 Goodlie Hill Cottage: Texel £134, £120.80, £114.80 Abbey Park; £121.80 Street House; £120 Barrowmoor Road; £120, £117.30 Etherley House; £117.80 Terrys Farm; £117 High Toft Hill Farm; £115.80 Windygate; £114.80 Sandwath Farm; £114.80 West Briscoe; £114 Upperlands Farm: Dutch Texel £133, £130 Terrys Farm: Suffolk £114, £107.80 Redgate; £105(2) Upperlands Farm; £98.30 Etherley House; £95(2) Woodfoot: Blue Texel £110.80 Barrowmoor Road: Mule £105, £78.30 Low Barn; £93.50 Asby Hall; £75.80 School Cottage: Cheviot £102.80 Jardines: Charollais £96.80 Staingills; £94.80, £92 East Mellwaters Farm: Hampshire £92 Upperlands Farm: Masham £85.80 Robridding: Zwartble £85.80 Low Barn: Dorset £82 Town End Farm: Swaledale £77.80 Bluebridge Barn.

Price per kilo –

Beltex 334.2p, 321.1p, 300p Staingills 323.1p Smardale Mill; 321.4p, 317.4p, 304.4p, 290.7p West View; 320.3p, 299.5p Littleburn Farm; 315.8p, 302.7p, 302.5p, 302.4p, 300p, 292p Needless Hall Farm; 309.3p Buckles Farm; 307.8p Woodland House Farm; 307.4p, 304.7p, 300.7p Upper Brydekirk; 302p Ling Cottage; 296.9p Terrys Farm; 290.9p, 290.6p Welldon: Texel 279.2p, 260.9p Abbey Park; 270.7p, 260.3p Street House; 265.4p Home Farm; 262p Stripes Farm; 261.6p School Hill; 260.9p Barrowmoor Road; 259.3p Yore House; 256.8p Etherley House; 256.2p(2) Clifton Moor; 256.1p Terrys Farm; 255.5p Middle Bank End Farm; 255.1p West Briscoe: Dutch Texel 276.6p, 271.4p Terrys Farm: Masham 255.8p Robridding: Blue Texel 246.2p Barrowmoor Road; 233.7p Railway Terrace: Suffolk 239.6p, 232p Redgate; 229.p Stripes Farm; 228.6p Etherley House; 226.2p(2) Woodfoot: Charollais 236.1p Staingills; 231.2p East Mellwaters Farm: Cheviot 223.5p Jardines: Dorset 221.6p Town End Farm: Mule 218.8p, 211.6p Low Barn; 212.5p Asby Hall; 210.6p School Cottage: Swaledale 210.3p Bluebridge Barn.

Cast Ewes

Texel £150 Upperlands Farm; £135, £112 stanhope Gate Farm; £108.50 Sideway Bank; £106.50 Abbey Park; £105, £104.50 Needless Hall Farm; £104 Brakes Hall: Millennium Blue £125 Jutland Ave: Bluefaced Leicester £114.50 Scarrowmanwick; £111.50 School Cottage; £100 Asby Grange; £94.50 Hallbankgate Farm; £94.50 Oaktree Farm: Rouge £110 Middle Bank End Farm; £90.50 Townend: Suffolk £108, £91 Upperlands Farm; £94.50, £92.50 Etherley House; £92.50 Red House Farm; £91.50 Rosgill Head: Beltex £105, £90 Needless Hall Farm; £90.50 Hallbankgate; Charollais £97.50, £95.50 Upperlands Farm: Lleyn £97.50, £83.50 Helm Farm; £85.50 Railway Terrace: Zwartble £87.50 Soulby Mill; £84.50 Jutland Ave:

Mule £83.50, £77.50 Rosegill Head; £82.50 Middle Shipley Farm; £80.50 Staingills; £79.50 Clifton Moor; £79.50 Fox Grove Farm; £77.50 Friendship Farm; £77.50 Oaktree Farm; £77.50 Starrah: Masham £73.50 Rosegill Head: Swaledale £68 School Cottage; £66.50 Middle Shipley Farm; £66.50 Slip Cottage; £66.50 West Briscoe; £65.50 Scarrowmanwick; £64.50 Easegill Head; £64.50 West Briscoe: Scotch Blackface £66.50 Middle Shipley Farm; £63.50 Hallbankgate: Cheviot £65.50 Coupland Beck Farm.

Cast Rams

Bluefaced Leicester £125.50, £104 Gillses Farm: Charollais £110 Upperlands Farm: Texel £106 Upperlands Farm: Swaledale £83.50 Easegill Head; £80.50 Oak Tree: Hebridean £61.50 Rayne Cottage.