Kirkby Stephen Prime Sheep Sale

14th July 2020

Harrison & Hetherington Ltd, Kirkby Stephen Mart held their weekly sale of prime sheep on Tuesday night when an entry of 5,304 sheep were forward consisting of 3,265 spring lambs and 2,039 cast sheep which was 2,302 more sheep compared with the same week last year. The total of lambs 3,265 is treble the number of lambs sold on the same week last year.

Topping the sale at £130 and 317.1p/kg was a 41kg Beltex cross lamb from Messrs Longstaff, Ascot House, Murton which was bought by Vivers Scotlamb.

Next selling for £128 was a 48kg Beltex cross lamb from Messrs Walton, Goodlie Hill Cottage, Great Asby which was bought by Dowdings Butchers, Appleby.

Once again Kirkby Stephen managed to sell 3,265 lambs ranging from 28-58kg to an overall average of 234.5p/kg this being 41p/kg more than the same week last year. More lambs can easily be sold to an ever increasing ringside of buyers here at Kirkby Stephen.

Heavy lambs were off the clock with a pen of 7 49kg Texel cross lambs selling for £126 from Messrs Richardson, Etherley House, Darlington and were bought by West Scottish Lamb.

Another pen of 8 48kg Texel cross lambs from this same home sold to make £125.

Messrs Hastwell, The Buildings Farm, Kaber sold 48kg Texel lambs to make £126.30 which were bought by M Helliwell, Rochdale.

Smart bred continental cross lambs were also a good trade with a pen of 38kg Beltex cross lambs selling for £118.80 (312.6p/kg) from Messrs Skidmore, Needless Hall Farm, Toronto.

Another pen of 5 38kg Beltex cross lambs from this home sold to make £116 (305.3p/kg)

Barbara Teasdale, Ling Cottage, Ousby sold a pen of 5 36kg Beltex cross lambs to make £110 (305.6p/kg)

Messrs Lyle, Staingills, Penrith sold a pen of 23 36kg Beltex cross lambs to make £105.30 (292.5p/kg)

Lightweight lambs were also a fantastic trade with a pen of 8 33kg Beltex cross lambs making £96.80 (293.3p/kg) from Messrs Dalton, West End Farm, Barnard Castle. With another pen of 18 37kg lambs from this home selling for £104.30 (281.9p/kg)

East Mellwaters Farm, Bowes sold a pen of 11 37kg Texel cross lambs to make £105.80 (285.9p/kg)

Messrs Lyle, Staingills sold a pen of 5 34kg lambs to make £98 (288.2p/kg).

Messrs Walton, Goodlie Hill Cottage sold a pen of 11 35kg lambs to make £94.80 (270.9p/kg)

First cross continental/Mule lambs with plenty of meat were also very good to sell with a pen of 20 45kg Texel cross Mule lambs selling for £103 from Messrs Atkinson, Abbey Park, Bleatarn.

Messrs Lawson, Stubsgill Farm, Distington sold a pen of 20 Texel cross Mule lambs to make £98.30.

A larger entry of Mule wethers were forward with a pen of 20 43kg Mules selling for £90.80 from Messrs Hayton, Asby Grange, Great Asby. Another pen of mules from this same home weighing 39kg sold to make £84 (215.4p/kg).

Blackfaced lambs sold to £90 (209.3p/kg) for 43kg lambs from Messrs Birkbeck, Castle Hill, Soulby.

Cast sheep would be a sharper trade all round with Mule ewes taking the biggest lift on the week and topping at £91.50 for a pen of 15 Mules from Messrs Hebson, Chapel Farm, Carlisle. Many other big pens of Mules sold between £85-£88

Swaledale ewes topped at £73.50 for a pen of 6 from Messrs Coatsworth, East Rackwood, Hamsterley. Plenty of big pens of Swaledale ewes sold between £65-£73.

Over 700 Swaledale ewes were forward with plenty of buyers present looking for all classes of these.

Rough Fell ewes topped at £78 for a pen of 5 from Messrs Pratt, Kilnmire, Ravenstonedale.

Leading Averages (10 or more lambs)
41      @ £117.44  (255.31p/kg) Etherley House
20      @ £111.48  (280.56p/kg) Upper Brydekirk
18      @ £110.87  (288.08p/kg) Needless Hall
17      @ £110.66  (254.91p/kg) Terrys Farm
40      @ £109.20  (267.98p/kg) Barton Hall
54      @ £108.09  (240.10p/kg) Abbey Park
74      @ £102.82  (260.12p/kg) Marriforth
30      @ £102.33  (240.06p/kg) Hollins View
21      @ £102.35  (224.82p/kg) Clarks Farm
26      @ £101.99  (285.14p/kg) West End Farm
10      @ £101.12  (231.93p/kg) Moor Riggs

Leading Prices –

Spring Lambs
Price Per Head –Beltex £130 Ascot House; £128, £108.30, £105.80 Goodlie Hill Cottage; £126.80, £115.80, £102.80 Barton Hall; £124.30, £122 West View; £123.80 West Hindon Farm; £118.80, £116, £112, £107.80, £106.80, £102 Needless Hall Farm; £117.80, £112.30, £110.80 Upper Brydekirk; £116.80, £107.30 Castle Hill; £116 Moor Riggs; £115.80 The Grange; £114.80 Terrys Farm; £114.30, £112.80 Stubsgill Farm; £113.80 West Briscoe; £110 Ling Cottages; £108.30, £107.30, £102.30, £100.30 Marriforth; £106.80 Smardale Mill; £105.30, £102.80, £100.80, £100 Staingills; £104.30 West End Farm; £104 Windygate; £103.30 Town End Farm. Texel £126.30, £112, £108 The Buildings Farm; £126, £125, £119.30, £110.80 Etherley House; £123, £120 Marriforth; £121, £113.30, £112, £108.80, £103 Abbey Park; £118, £116, £108 Front Street; £116.30, £105 Stubsgill Farm; £115 Amersber Cottage; £114.80, £110 Town Head; £113.80 Upper Brydekirk; £112.50(2) Ascot House; £112 New View Farm; £110 Terrys Farm; £109.80 Castle Hill; £108.80 Arla Burn Farm; £107.80 Riverside Cottages; £107.80, £106.80 Moor Riggs; £106.80, £100 Askrigg Hall; £105.80 East Mellwaters Farm; £105.80 Hollins View; £105.80 Buddle House; £103.30 Keld Farm; £102.80 Barton Hall; £100 Breaks Hall: Dutch Texel £115, £104 Terrys Farm: Suffolk £110 Etherley House; £105.80 Midtown Farm; £103.80, £92.80 Villa Farm; £103.30 Clarks Farm; £98.80 Fell View; £94.30 West Hindon Farm; £93.30 Eden Lodge Farm; £91.80 Ghyll Bank: Charollais £104.80 Orchard Farm; £102 Midtown Farm; £96.30 East Mellwaters Farm: Cheviot £104, £102 Rathvale Farm; £87.80 West View: Blue Texel £98.80 Hill Top East; £97.80 Bonny Rigg; £92.80 Hopewell Farm: Bluefaced Leicester £96.80 Hundith House; £92.80(2) Park House Farm(Metcalf): Mule £95 Eden Lodge Farm; £90.80, £84 Asby Grange; £88.80 West Hindon Farm; £82.80 Greenriggs: Scotch Blackface £90 Castle Hill: Dorset £80 School Hill: Ryeland £79.50 Stamp Hill: Rough £61.80 Kilnmire.

Price per kilo – Beltex 317.1p Ascot House; 312.6p, 305.3p, 294.7p, 275.7p Needless Hall Farm; 305.6p Ling Cottages; 303.2p, 277.3p West View; 302.1p Terrys Farm; 294.5p, 287.9p, 284.1p Upper Brydekirk; 293.3p, 281.9p West End Farm; 292.5p, 288.2p, 270.3p Staingills; 290p Moor Riggs; 288.2p, 282.4p Barton Hall; 287.9p West Hindon Farm; 285p Marriforth; 282.4p, 271.6p Castle Hill; 279.2p Town End Farm; 273.8p Smardale Mill; 272.1p Stubsgill Farm; 271p West Briscoe; 270.9p Goodlie Hill Cottage: Texel 285.9p, 255p East Mellwaters; 284.5p Upper Brydekirk; 273.8p, 250p Askrigg Hall; 273.3p Marriforth; 267p School Hill; 265.1p, 260.4p, 257.7p, 257.1p Etherley House; 263.1p The Buildings Farm; 262.9p Moor Riggs; 257.6p, 255.1p, 253.5p, 250.8p Staingills; 255.1p, 250p Town Head; 253.4p Friendship Farm; 253p Abbey Park; 251.9p Hollins View: Charollais 249.5p, 241.1p Orchard Farm; 240.8p East Mellwaters Farm: Dutch Texel 244.7p Terrys Farm: Blue Texel 244.5p Bonny Rigg; 244.2p Hopewell Farm: Suffolk 239.1p Etherley House; 229.5p Ghyll Bank; 226.7p Chapel farm; 225.7p Villa Farm; 225.1p Midtown Farm: Cheviot 226.7p Rathvale Farm: Bluefaced Leicester 220p Hundith House: Mule 215.4p, 211.2p Asby Grange; 211.4p West Hindon Farm: Scotch Blackface 209.3p Castle Hill.

Cast Ewes Texel £121, £109.50(2) Needless Hall Farm; £120 Bankwood; £120 Staingills; £120 Hartley Castle; £119.50 Sideway Bank; £113.50 Town End Farm; £113.50 Clarks Farm; £110 Front Street; £110(2) Holme Farm; £109.50 Hopewell Farm; £109.50 Clifton Moor; £108 Askrigg Hall: Bluefaced Leicester £112.50 Hartley Castle; £110 Hundith House; £105.50 Gillcumber Edge: Suffolk £110.50 New View Farm; £101.50 Chapel Farm; £100 Woodfoot; £91.50 Fell View; £90 Castle Hill; £90 Terrys Farm: Beltex £100 Pasture House Farm; £96.50 Upper Brydekirk: Rouge £95.50 Middle Bank End Farm: Charollais £95, £94.50, £93.50, £90 High Harbour Farm; £94.50 Hill Top East: Mule £91.50, £85.50, £81.50 Chapel Farm; £88.50 Barningham House; £85.50 Clarks Farm; £85.50 High Toft Hill Farm; £84.50 Nova Scotia; £83.50 Bridge End Farm; £83.50 High Harbour Farm; £81.50 Rosgill Head: Lleyn £86.50 Woodfoot: Cheviot £81.50, £75.50, £70.50 High Harbour Farm: Kerry Hill £79.50 Stamp Hill Farm: Rough £78(2) Kilnmire: Rare Breed £77.50 Hollow Green Farm: Swaledale £73.50 East Racwood; £71.50 Ireshope Plains; £70, £60.50 Kelmore Hill Farm; £67.50 The Park Wall; £67.50, £65 Hundith House; £65.50 Greenriggs; £65.50 Bridge End Farm; £62.50 Quarry Farm; £62 Asby Hall; £61.50 Asby Grange; £61.50 Easegill Head.

Cast Rams Texel £100 Needless Hall Farm: Bluefaced Leicester £94 Asby Hall: Dalesbred £90 Hillgill Farm: Scotch Blackface £87.50 East Rackwood: Kerry Hill £86.50 Stamp Hill Farm: Swaledale £76.50 Green Rigg(Staley); £68 Hebblethwaite Hall; £66.50 villa Farm; £64.50 Bleathgill: