Kirkby Stephen Prime Sheep Sale

4th August 2020

Harrison & Hetherington Ltd, Kirkby Stephen Mart held their weekly sale of prime sheep on Tuesday night when an entry of 2,870 sheep were forward consisting of 2,026 and 844 cast sheep.

Topping the prime lambs at £146 was a pure Blue Texel lamb from Messrs Jewitt, Gracies Farm, Barnard Castle which was bought by S & S Meats, Darlington.

Topping at 332.3p/kg were a pen of 15 35kg Beltex cross lambs which sold for £116.30 from Messrs Slater, Whiteley Hey Farm, Cheshire.

The shapely consignment of 65 Beltex cross lambs from Whiteley Hey Farm sold to average 36.2kg and a whopping £115.73 (319.6p/kg)

Messrs Thompson, Newfield Farm, Sedbergh sold their run of lambs to top at £136 for a pair of 44kg Beltex cross lambs, with another pen of eight 42kg lambs from this home selling for £128.80 (309.1p/kg).
The whole consignment of 37 lambs from Newfield Farm sold to average 41.5kg £114.21 (275.2p/kg)

Next selling for £134 was a 46kg Texel cross lamb from Messrs Raine & Davidson, Thorney Gale which was bought by Steadmans Butchers, Kirkby Stephen.

Mule lambs topped at £100 for a pair from Messrs Sayer, Musgrave House, Great Musgrave and were bought by S&S Meats, Darlington.

Once again Kirkby Stephen achieved a wonderful overall sale average of 220.37p/kg which included over 200 Mule and horned lambs and although this being easier on the week was still as stronger trade as seen on the day.

Over 20 pens of lambs sold between £110-£146 with over 30 pens selling between 250-332p/kg.

Cast sheep were forward in few numbers and sold to a much sharper trade for all classes.

Good hill and Mule ewes were as good a trade as any on the night with a pen of 20 Swaledales topping at £65.50 from Messrs Wharton, Keisley Farm, Murton and were bought by A Atkinson, Harrogate.

Plenty of good pens of Swaledale ewes sold between £60-£65.

Mule ewes topped twice at £86.50 from Messrs Atkinson, Abbey Park, Bleatarn and from Messrs Pratt, Kilnmire, Ravenstonedale.

Many more ewes could easily have been sold to advantage!

Leading Averages
65      @      36.2kg      £115.73 (319.6p/kg)    Whiteley Hey Farm
37      @      41.5kg      £114.21 (275.2p/kg)    Newfield Farm
24      @      43.5kg      £101.75 (234p/kg)       Windygate
175    @      39.2kg      £101.55 (259p/kg)       Marriforth
16      @      40kg         £101.40 (253.5p/kg)    Terrys Farm
40      @      44kg         £100.66 (228.8p/kg)    Abbey Park
61      @      43.6kg      £100.41 (230.3p/kg)    Black Syke

Leading Prices –

Spring Lambs
Price Per Head –Blue Texel £146 Gracies Farm: Beltex £136, £128.80, £117.30, £116 Newfield Farm; £116.80, £116.30(2), £115.30, £112.80 Whiteley Hey Farm; £115, £103.80 New Hall Farm; £112.80 Black Syke; £112, £106.80, £106.30, £104.30, £103.30 Marriforth; £109.30 Windygate; £108.80 £108.30, £102.30 Stubsgill; £103.80 Cherry Tree Farm; £100.80 West End Farm: Texel £134, £115, £106 Thorney Gale; £118.30, £115, £113.80, £108.80, £100 Black Syke; £115, £106, £102 Windygate; £114, £113.80, £108.80, £106.80 Abbey Park; £112, £100 Grove House Farm; £109.80 New Hall Farm; £109.80 Keld Farm: Dutch Texel £110, £106.80, £103.80, £100 Terrys Farm: Mule £100 Musgrave House; £92 High Stennerskeugh; £90.30, £81.30 Red House Farm; £88.30 Hill House West; £86 Marriforth; £84.80 East Unthank Farm; £83.30 Kirkland Fold; £80.80 Davygill Farm; £80.30 Gilts; £80 Stoneriggs: Bluefaced Leicester £102.80 Kirkland Fold: Suffolk £91.80 Terrys Farm; £86.30 Kirkkland Fold: Cheviot £77.80 Stoneriggs; £74.30 Yew House: Rough £77.30 Greenside Farm: Swaledale £70.80 East Unthank Farm; £62 Stoneriggs; £54.30 Skirrygill.

Price per kilo – Beltex 332.3p, 329.4p, 323.1p, 304.9p, 299.5p Whiteley Hey Farm: 309.1p, 306.7p, 286.1p, 269.8p Newfield Farm; 287.2p, 267p, 265.8p, 260.8p, 260p Marriforth; 272.4p West End Farm; 327.2p Terrys Farm; 266.6p Windygate; 264.1p Stubsgill Farm; 262.3p Black Syke: Texel 291.3p Thorney Gale; 262.9p, 239.6p, 237.1p Black Syke; 244.5p, 234.7p Windygate; 244p New Hall Farm; 242.6p, 242.1p, 236.5p, 232.2p Abbey Park; 231.8p Swarthymere: Dutch Texel 242.7p, 235.9p Terrys Farm: Blue Texel 228.1p Gracies Farm: Cheviot 210.3p Stoneriggs: Suffolk 208.6p, 206.6p Terrys Farm; 208.3p Black Syke; 205.5p Kirkland Fold: Mule 204.8p Marriforth; 204.4p High Stennerskeugh; 203.3p Red House Farm; 202.2p East Unthank; 202p Davygill Farm: Swaledale 182.4p Stoneriggs: Rough 179.8p Greenside Farm.

Cast Ewes- Texel £108.50 Harbour Flatt; £100.50 Windygate; £98.50 Fair View; £98.50 West Lea; £98 Heggle Lane Farm; £97.50 Sawbridge Hall; £96.50 Goodlie Hill Cottage; £95.50 Swarthymere: Bluefaced Leicester £108.50 Hill House West: £87.50 South House: Beltex £100 Windygate: Suffolk £97.50 New Hall Farm; £90.50 Terrys Farm: Mule £86.50, £84.50 Abbey Park; £86.50 Kilnmire; £84.50, £81.50 South House; £83.50 Low House: Zwartble £84.50 Hedgeholme Farm: Cheviot £75.50 East Rackwood Hill Farm; £73.50 Dry Howe: Swaledale £65.50 Keisley Farm; £64.50 Harbour Flatt; £60.50 Hebblethwaite Hall; £60.50 Gilts; £60.50 Yore House; £60.50(2) Villa Farm: Rough £61.50 Kilnmire; £55.50 Raisgill Hall; £53.50(2) The Gables: Scotch Blackface £53.50 Kirkland Fold: Herdwick £47.50 The Gables; £46.50 Scar Sykes Farm.

Cast Rams – Blue Texel £108.50, £86.50 Gracies Farm; £88.50 Glebe Farm: Beltex £92.50 Gracies Farm: Cheviot £68.50 Dry Howe: Swaledale £60.50, £60 Low Rigg; £60 Low House; £60 Burton Hill.