Kirkby Stephen Prime Sheep Sale

2nd September 2020

Harrison & Hetherington Ltd, Kirkby Stephen Mart held their weekly sale of prime sheep on Tuesday night when an entry of 3,798 sheep were forward consisting of 2,898 prime lambs and 870 cast sheep.

Topping the prime lambs at £150 was a 48kg Beltex cross lamb from Messrs Little, Row End Farm, Soulby which was bought by Vivers Scotlamb.

Topping at 326.8p/kg was a 41kg Beltex cross lamb which sold for £134 from Messrs Dodd, West View and was bought by Vivers Scotland.

Messrs Bell, Hallbankgate Farm, Brampton sold a pair of 42kg Beltex cross lamb which sold for £136.80 325.7p/kg.

Messrs Slater, Whiteley Hay Farm made the journey to Kirkby Stephen once again and reaped the benefits of our trade when they sold a pen of 14 35kg Beltex cross lambs to make £112.30 (320.9p/kg). Another pen of 6 35kg lambs sold to make £111.80 (319.4p/kg) and 14 lambs weighing 37kg made £111.30 (300.8p/kg) all from Messrs Slater.

The consignment of 53 lambs from Whiteley Hay Farm sold to average 36.3kg £110.70 305.5p/kg.

Messrs Skelton, Low House, Maryport sold a pen of 5 39kg lambs to make £119.30 305.9p/kg with another pen of 12 35kg lambs selling to make £104.30 (298p/kg).

Messrs Jackson, Little Beck, Kings Meaburn sold 46kg Beltex cross lambs to make £142 selling to Vivers Scotlamb.

Also equalling £142 were 46kg Beltex cross lambs from Messrs Fairburn, Marriforth, Ripon also bought by Vivers Scotlamb.

Messrs Clarke, Stripes Farm, Waitby sold 47kg Texel cross lambs to make £139 selling to Steadman Butchers, Kirkby Stephen.

Young Henry Fairburn, Marriforth Farm sold his run of lambs to top at £135 for 48kg Beltex cross lambs purchased by Vivers Scotlamb.

Trade for all classes of prime lambs was fantastic with an overall sale average of 225.4p/kg being achieved which is a whopping 59p/kg dearer than the same week last year.

Trade for top quality types was on fire with over 30 pens of lambs selling between £120-£150 and over 20 pens of lambs selling between 300-326p/kg. 40 pens of lambs sold between 280-326p/kg

Mule lambs topped at £105 for a pen of 51kg from Messrs Fairburn, Marriforth, Ripon which were bought by G Lomax.

Topping the Mule at 212.9p/kg were a pen of 22 45kg lambs which sold for £95.80 from Kilnstown Farms Carlisle and were bought by Janan Meats Ltd.

The consignment of 44 Mule lambs from this home sold to average 45kg £94.90 (210.9p/kg)

Heavy lambs were a flying trade with 59kg Texel cross lambs selling to make £124 from Messrs Skelton, Low House which were bought by West Scottish Lamb.

Messrs Horn, Lower Griseburn, Great Asby sold 51kg Beltex cross lambs to make £116 (227.5p/kg) bought by A Atkinson.

A pen of 16 50kg Texel cross Mule lambs sold to make £105.80 from Messrs Richardson, School Farm, Great Strickland bought by G Lomax.

634 Beltex cross lambs forward in total sold to average a fantastic £105.47 (261p/kg).

A large entry of 424 Mule lambs were also included in the sale with these averaging £88.61 (203p/kg).

Cast sheep were a strong trade once again with good pens of horned ewes being good to sell and topping at £65.50 for a pen of 8 Swaledales from Messrs Fawcett, Argill House which were bought by M Helliwell, Rochdale.

Leading Averages

11      @      41.7kg      £117.95    (282.7p/kg)          Marriforth (H. Fairburn)
11      @      42kg         £111.53    (265.5p/kg)          Woodfoot
53      @      36.3kg      £110.70    (305.5p/kg)          Whiteley Hay Farm
42      @      43.8kg      £110.75    (252.9p/kg)          West Briscoe
47      @      43.6kg      £110.31    (253p/kg)             Hallbankgate Farm
63      @      42kg         £108.61    (258.5p/kg)          Carkin Moor Farm
13      @      42.6kg      £108.56    (254.7p/kg)          West View
36      @      44kg         £107.85    (245.1p/kg)          Ling Cottage
26      @      47kg         £105.62    (224.6p/kg)          Midtown Farm (Hullock)
20      @      43.4kg      £104.92    (241.8p/kg)          Starrah
27      @      39.7p/kg   £104.68    (263.7p/kg)          Little Beck
42      @      43.5kg      £103.76    (238.1p/kg)          Home Farm
230    @      40.5kg      £102.32    (252.6p/kg)          Low House
47      @      42.2kg      £102.25    (241.1p/kg)          Mid Farm (Bewley)
32      @      44kg         £102.18    (232.2p/kg)          Abbey Park
24      @      46kg         £101.60    (220.3p/kg)          The Buildings Farm
40      @      47.6kg      £101.60    (213.5p/kg)          School Farm
36      @      41.7kg      £101.04    (242.3p/kg)          Windygate
154    @      40kg         £101.01    (252.5p/kg)          Marriforth


Leading Prices –

Prime Lambs

Price Per Head –:

Beltex £150, £110.80 Row End Farm; £142, £123.80 Little Beck; £142, £124.80, £122.80 Marriforth; £136.80, £130, £122.30, £116.80 Hallbankgate Farm; £135, £128.80, £117.30, £112.30 Marriforth (Henry); £134, £130.80, £125.30 West View; £128.80, £122.80 Starrah; £126.80, £118.30 West Briscoe; £123.30 Woodfoot; £122.80, £110 Carkin Moor Farm; £120.80 Windygate; £120.80, £113.30 Mid Farm(Bewley); £120.80, £113.80 Home Farm; £119.30, £112.30 Low House; £116 Lower Griseburn; £114.30, £113.80 Castle Hill; £113.80 Bollam Terrace; £113.80 Smardale Mill; £112.30, £111.80, £111.30 Whiteley Hay Farm; £112 Ling Cottages: Texel £139 Stripes Farm; £130, £120.30, £105.80(2) Hallbankgate Farm; £128.80, £113.80, £107.80 Ling Cottage; £126, £124, £118.80, £112.80, £106.80, £105.80, £105 Low House; £118.80 Marriforth (Henry); £114.80 Dale View; £112.80 Carpool; £112, £110.80 Rosgill Head; £110 Helbeck Farm; £108.80 Home Farm; £108.80 Stoneriggs; £108, £105 Haber; £107.80, £105(3) The Buildings Farm; £106.80, £105 Midtown Farm(Hullock); £105.80 School Farm; £105.80 Rudd Hills; £105 Town End Farm; 3105 West Briscoe: Suffolk £110, £105.80 Whins Farm; £100 High Hermitage Farm; £98.80 Villa Farm; £98.30 Town End Farm; £96.30 Villa Farm: Charollais £106.80 Low House; £105.80, £99.80, £98.30 Whins Farm: Mule £105 Marriforth; £95.80, £94 Kilnstown; £94.80 Stoneriggs; £94 Croft House Farm; £92.80 Scarrowmanwick; £92.80 Asby Grange; £92.30 High Stennerskeugh; £91.30 Haber; £90.80 Greenriggs; £90.80 The Croft; £90.30 Studfold Farm; £90.30 castle Hill; £90 School Cottage: Cheviot £97.80 Mid Farm; £95.80 West View; £89.80 Bank Head: Swaledale £85, £76.80 West End; £73.30 The Street; £70 Stoneriggs: Rough £68.80 Manor Court; £68.80 Kilnmire.

Price per kilo –

Beltex 326.8p, 321.3p, 284.3p West View; 325.7p, 317.1p, 305.8p, 284.9p Hallbankgate Farm; 320.9p, 319.4p, 300.8p, 282.4p Whiteley Hay Farm; 312.5p Row End Farm; 309.7p Mid Farm, 283.3p (Bewley); 308.7p, 290.2p, 286.1p, 285.6p Marriforth; 308.7p, 302p, 280.3p Little Beck; 307p, 306.7p Starrah; 306.7p, 281.3p, 280.8p Marriforth (Henry); 305.9p, 298p, 295.5p, 290p, 281.9p Low House; 305.8p Woodfoot; 294.9p West Briscoe; 291.8p Smardale Mill; 284.5p Castle Hill; 284.5p Bollam Terrace; 280.9p Windygate; 280.9p Home Farm: Texel 299.5p Ling Cottage; 295.7p, 250p Stripes Farm; 288.9p, 286.4p, 246p Hallbankgate Farm; 273.9p, 264p, 250.7p, 247.1p, 244.6p, 240p Low House; 252.8p Marriforth (Henry); 250.7p Carpool; 247.1p, 241.4p Home Farm; 241.4p Whiteley Hay Farm; 240p Breaks Hall: Charollais 260.5p Low House: Suffolk 252.1p Town End Farm; 218.9p, 214.8p Villa Farm; 216.1p Middle Bank End Farm: Cheviot 221.3p Stoneriggs; 218p Low Carlinghyll; 217.7p West View; 217.3p Mid Farm: Mule 212.9p, 208.9p Kilnstown; 206.5p Smardale Mill; 206.2p Asby Grange; 206.1p Stoneriggs; 205.9p Marriforth; 205.2p Castle Hill; 205.1p High Stennerskeugh; 204.5p School Cottage; 204.3 Croft House Farm; 204.2p Greenriggs: Swaledale 202.1p, 184.8p West End; 192.9p The Street; 180.5p Stoneriggs.

Cast Ewes

Bluefaced Leicester £115.50 Davygill Farm; £88.50 Scarrowmanwick: Charollais £115 Marriforth:Texel £114.50, £112 Helbeck Farm; £110 Low House; £107.50, £102.50 Marriforth; £106 Sideway Bank; £100 West View: Beltex £103 West View: Suffolk £94 Low House: Mule £85.50 Jardines; £84.50 Low House; £81.50 Abbey Park; £80.50 Smardale Mill; £80 Dale View: Cheviot £77.50 Middle Bank End Farm: Rough £70 Whinfell Terrace; £65.50 Kilnmire: Swaledale £65.50 Argill House; £61.50 Whitestone; £60.50 Red House Farm; £60.50 Bleathgill; £59.50 Stoneriggs; £58.50 West Briscoe: Scotch Blackface £56.50 Castle Hill; £64.50 High Hermitage Farm.

Cast Rams

Bluefaced Leicester £146 Woodfoot; £110 Sandwath Farm; £105 Grains O Beck: Beltex £93.50 Castle Hill: Swaledale £78.50 Lanehead Farm; £75.50, £70 Sandwath Farm; £73.50 Stanhope Gate Farm; £71.50 Shieldhill Top.