Kirkby Stephen Prime Sheep Sale

5th January 2021

Harrison & Hetherington Ltd, Kirkby Stephen Mart held their weekly sale of prime sheep on Tuesday night when an entry of 3,058 sheep were forward consisting of 2,615 prime hoggs and 443 cast sheep.

Topping the prime hoggs at £143.30 was a pen of 8 40kg Beltex cross hoggs from Paul Simpson, Highscale Farm, Wigglesworth which were bought by Vivers Scotlamb.

Messrs Simpson also topped at 374.5p/kg for a pen of 38kg Beltex cross hoggs which sold for £142.30.

Another pen of 7 hoggs from this home weighing 38kg sold to make £138.30 (363.9p/kg).

The whole consignment of 64 Beltex cross hoggs from Highscale Farm sold to average 40.5kg £137.78 (340p/kg).

Messrs Mellor, Doncaster sold a pen of 15 Texel cross hoggs weighing 46kg to make £133.80.

Messrs Wynne, Derbyshire sold a pen of 30 43kg hoggs to make £128.80.

Mule hoggs sold to £120 for 60kg hoggs from Messrs Richardson, Croft House, Ravenstonedale which were bought by J. Birkbeck.

Messrs Fairburn, Marriforth, Ripon sold a pen of 17 Mule hoggs weighing 47kg to make £115.80 (246.4p/kg)

Messrs Lawson, Stubsgill Farm, Workington sold another pen of 21 Mules weighing 47kg which sold for £115.30 (245.3p/kg).

Heavy hoggs were a flying trade with many of these being a good £10-£15 up on the week.

A pen of 60kg Suffolk cross hoggs sold to make £130 from Hyde Park, Penrith, with another pen of 31 Suffolk cross hoggs weighing 55kg making £125.30.

The whole consignment of 215 Suffolk cross hoggs from this home sold to average 52kg £121.27 (233.2p/kg)

Swaledale hoggs sold to £106.80 for a pen of 16 from Messrs Fawcett, Argill House, South Stainmore, with another pen of 16 46kg Swaledale hoggs from this home selling for £104.30 (221.9p/kg)

Messrs Elliott, Harbour Flatt, Murton sold a pen of 23 Swaledale hoggs weighing 42kg to make £94.30 (224.5p/kg)

72 pens and 512 hoggs sold between £120-£143

33 pens and 210 hoggs sold between 300-374 p/kg

362 Beltex cross hoggs sold to average a whopping £122.08 & 300p/kg

361 Mule hoggs averaged £103.24 & 230p/kg

A wonderful overall sale average of £107.12 per head, 248.86p/kg SQQ and an overall average of 244.05p/kg was achieved for 2615 hoggs which included 922 horned and Mule hoggs.

Many more prime hoggs of all breeds and weights can be easily sold to extreme competitive advantage here at Kirkby Stephen with 14 buyers ringside and some leaving without any sheep at all.

Sell live and thrive!!

Cast sheep were also a flying trade with medium sized and horned ewes being in exceptional demand.

Continental cross ewes topped at £142 for Texel cross ewes from Messrs Clark, Stripes Farm, Waitby.

Mule ewes topped at £100 for a pen from Messrs Barker, Middle Bank End Farm, Appleby.

Blackfaced ewes topped at £86.50 from Messrs Birkbeck, Castle Hill, Soulby.

Swaledale ewes topped at £80 for a pen from Messrs Hebson, Chapel Farm, Carlisle.

Another pen of 19 Swaledale ewes sold to make £76.50 from Messrs Akrigg, Manor House Farm, Skipton.

Many more cast sheep of all classes can easily be sold to fantastic advantage here at Kirkby Stephen.

Leading Hogg Consignment Averages

64 @ 40.5kg £137.58 339.1p Highscale Farm
40 @ 45.4kg £131.69 289.5p West Hale Farm
50 @ 51.5kg £125.38 243.5p Boscar Flats
51 @ 47.5kg £122.98 258.6p Hallbankgate Farm
160 @ 44.9kg £121.01 269.5p Hall Farm House
41 @ 45.5kg £120.18 263.6p Fawcett Park
23 @ 40.7kg £118.90 291.5p Dandy Farm
48 @ 49.1kg £116.78 237.4p Stubsgill Farm
94 @ 44.6kg £115.07 257.6p Town End Farm
92 @ 45.6kg £114.62 251.3p Bridge Close Farm
21 @ 42.3kg £114.25 269.8p Castle Hill
19 @ 46.5kg £112.96 242.5p Green Farm (Hodgson)
28 @ 39.8kg £112.21 281.2p Steeley Farm
16 @ 49.6kg £112 225.6p Low Farm
40 @ 48kg £111.80 232.9p Kilnstown Farm
21 @ 45kg £109.80 244p Haithwaite
12 @ 46kg £108.80 236.5p Greystone House
23 @ 45.4kg £108.61 238.8p Kelmore Hill
58 @ 41.5kg £108.41 260.9p Little Langton Grange
235 @ 39.1kg £107.06 273.8p Marriforth

Leading Prices –

Prime Hoggs

Price Per Head –

Beltex £143.30, £142.80, £142.30, £139.80, £138.80, £138.30, £136.80, £133.30, £131.80, £126.30 Highscale Farm; £142.30, £142, £141.30, £138, £133.30, £128 Boscar Flats; £140, £133.80, £124 Dandy Farm; £137, £136, £131.80, £127.80 Hallbankgate Farm; £137, £128.80, £128.30, £126.30, £125.80, £120.30 Hall Farm House; £136.30 West Hale Farm; £132.80 Steeley Farm; £132 Green Farm (Hodgson) £131, £127.30, £127, £122, £121 Fawcett Park Farm; £128.80 Castle Hill; £128.30, £127.80 Town End Farm; £127.80, £124.80 Marriforth; £127.80 Bridge Close: Charollais £134 Little Langton Grange; £110 Town End Farm: Texel £133.80, £129.30, £125.80 West Hale Farm; £130, £128, £123.30, £120.80(2) Boscar Flats; £127.80 Little Langton Grange; £127.50, £120, £118.30 Bridge Close; £126.30, £120.30, £119.30 Hall Farm House; £126, £124.80, £122.80, £118.80, £118.30 Hallbankgate Farm; £121.30, £119.80 Fawcett Park Farm; £120, £119.30(2), £118.80 Stubsgill Farm; £120(2) Dandy Farm; £118.80(2) Steeley Farm; £118.30 Town End Farm: Suffolk £130, £125.30, £121.80(2), £121.80, £119.30, £118.80, £118.80 Hyde Park; £121.80 Green Farm(Hodgson); £113.30 Town End Farm; £111.80 Forest Farm; £110.80 Fawcett Park Farm: Mule £120 Croft House Farm; £115.80, £115.30 Stubsgill Farm; £115.80 Marriforth; £115.80 Fawcett Park Farm; £114.30, £109.30 Kelmore Hill Farm; £113.30 Town End Farm; £112.80, £110.80 Kilnstown; £112.30 Castle Hill; £112, £109.80 Low Farm; £110.30 Green Farm(Hodgson); £106.30 High Stennerskeugh; £105.80 Burton Hill; £105.80 Eastfield Farm; £105 Old Mill Flatt; £105 High Toft Farm: Blue Texel £117.80 Bridge Close: Romney £110.80 Colby Laithes: Cheviot £110.30, £98.30 East Rackwood Hill Farm; £91.80 High Lane: Scotch Blackface £108.80 Greystone House; £108.80 Hallbankgate Farm: Bluefaced Leicester £108.80 Marriforth; £108.80 Green Farm: Swaledale £106.80, £104.30 Argill House; £100.30, £94.80 Glebe Farm; £94.30 Harbour Flatt; £93.30 Eastfield Farm; £92.80 Bayles Farm; £90 East Rackwood Hill: Lleyn £105.80 Whingill: Rouge £102.80 Brackenslack (Seymour): Jacob £90 Orchard Farm: Herdwick £84 Thorney Gale: Rough £80 High Lane.

Price per kilo –

Beltex 374.5p, 363.9p, 358.3p, 355.9p, 348.3p, 342p, 332.9p, 329.5p, 300.7p Highscale Farm; 347.1p, 336.4p, 330.2p, 328.6p, 310p Boscar Flats; 343.1p, 307.2 Dandy Farm; 335.9p, 303.1p Fawcett Park Farm; 332p, 321.1p Steeley Farm; 328.4p, 311.9p, 308.2p, 300.8p Marriforth; 326.2p, 320.8p Hall Farm House; 319.5p Bridge Close; 305.5p Town End Farm; 302.9p West Hale Farm; 302.2p Hallbankgate Farm: Charollais 326.8p Little Langton Grange; 266.2p Orchard Farm; 250p Town End Farm: Texel 311p, 270.8p Little Langton Grange; 293.9p, 290.9p, 273.5p West Hale Farm; 289.8p, 269.7p Steeley Farm; 288.5p, 269.3p Town End Farm; 285.8p, 260.6p Marriforth; 273.7p West Hindon Farm; 273.2p Brackenslack(Seymour); 272.9p Hallbankgate Farm; 271.6p, 266.7p, 266.6p Bridge Close; 264.5p School Cottage; 261.5p Kelmore Hill Farm; 261.2p Hall Farm House; 260.5p Abbey Farm: Rouge 263.6p Brackenslack (Seymour): Blue Texel 252.1p Orchard Farm; 245.4p Bridge Close: Lleyn 251.9p Whingill: Suffolk 251.8p Fawcett Park Farm; 247.5p, 234.2p, 233.9p, 232.9p, 229.8p(2), 227.8p Hyde Park; 246.1P Little Langton Grange; 239.3p The Edge; 231.2p Town End Farm; 221.5p Gunnerwell: Cheviot 248.1p High Lane; 241.8p Bayles Farm; 239.8p, 229.7p, 225.1p East Rackwood Hill Farm; 225.8p Dry Howe: Mule 246.4p, 242.6p, 239.1p Marriforth; 245.3p Stubsgill Farm; 242.3p Spanham Farm; 239.8p Green Farm(Hodgson); 238.9p Castle Hill; 237.9p Villa Farm; 236.3p Fawcett Park Farm; 236.2p High Stennerskeugh; 235p, 230.8p Kilnstown; 232.6p Kelmore Hill Farm; 232.5p Ashgill Farm; 231.4p The Edge; 231.2p Town End Farm; 230p Burton Hill; 230p Eastfield Farm: Scotch Blackface 236.5p Greystone House; 231.5p Hallbankgate Farm: Bluefaced Leicester 232.1p Marriforth: Herdwick 226.7p Spanham Farm: Swaledale 224.5p Harbour Flatt; 221.9p, 218p Argill House; 218.9p(2), 213p Ashgill Farm; 218.8p Croft House Farm; 217p Eastfield Farm; 214.6p, 212.3p Whingill; 213.4p, 210.7p Glebe Farm; 210.8p Gillses Farm; 210.3p Step Ends Farm; 210.2p Pennine View; 210.2p West End Farm: Jacob 219.5p Orchard Farm: Romney 214.5p Colby Laithes: Rough 204.6p High Lane.

Cast Ewes

Texel 142, £140, £130 Stripes Farm; £140 Middle Bank End Farm; £140 Dandy Farm; £114.50 Goodlie Hill Cottage; £110 High Toft Hill Farm:  Bleu du Maine £135 Middle Bank End Farm: Beltex £130 Dandy Farm: Bluefaced Leicester £110.50 Yore House; £90 Kelmore Hill Farm: Mule £100 Middle Bank End Farm; £90.50 Rake Head; £90.50 Cross Keys; £90 Sandford Hall; £88.50 High Toft Hill Farm; £88 Dry Evers: Cheviot £90.50 Highfield Farm; £87.50 Hallbankgate Farm: Charollais £90 Orchard Farm: Scotch Blackface £86.50 Castle Hill; £68.50 Middle Bank End Farm; £68.50 Chapel Farm: Zwartble £85.50 Middle Bank End Farm: Rough £80 Dale View: Swaledale £80, £68.50(2) Chapel Farm; £76.50 Manor House Farm; £75, £74.50 Kelmore Hill Farm; £73.50 Whingill; £73.50 rigg Farm; £67.50 Manor House Farm; £65.50 Harbour Flatt: Lleyn £71.50 Rake Head: Herdwick £57.50 Middle Bank End Farm:

Cast Rams

Texel £120, £118.50 Dandy Farm; £115.50 Dry Howe; £115 Harbour Flatt: Bluefaced Leicester £110 Yore House; £110 Gillses Farm: Beltex £97.50 Windygate: Cheviot £92.50 Highfield Farm: Swaledale £90.50 Croft House Farm: Zwartble £80 Croft House Farm.