Kirkby Stephen Prime Sheep Show & Sale

7th May 2019

Harrison & Hetherington Ltd, Kirkby Stephen Mart held their weekly sale of prime sheep on Tuesday when 3496 sheep were forward consisting of 103 spring lambs, 2589 prime hoggs and 804 cast sheep.

Topping the spring lambs at  £138 was the overall Champion lamb in our may show which was a Texel cross lamb weighing 44kg from Dean Scott, Hollins View Farm, Brough Sowerby and sold to the show Judge Mr M Dowding for his Butchers shop in Appleby.

champion spring lamb with the judge Mr M. Dowding.

The Reserve Overall Champion was taken by a 41kg Beltex cross lamb from Messrs Sowerby, Terrys Farm, Ormside which went on to sell for £135 (329.3p/kg) to Mr M Helliwell, Rochdale.

Show results
Single Continental Cross
1st & Champion    D Scott, Hollins View Farm – £138 (44kg) to N & J Dowding, Appleby
2nd & Reserve Champion   G Sowerby, Terrys Farm – £135 (41kg) to Mr M Helliwell, Rochdale
3rd        PG Sayer, Musgrave Farm – £118 (45kg) to N & J Dowding, Appleby

Single Suffolk Cross
1st        J Brown, Greenfield Farm – £109 (47kg) to Mr M Helliwell, Rochdale
2nd       G & FJ Soulsby, Williamsgill Farm – £104 (59kg) to Mr M Helliwell, Rochdale
3rd        J Brown, Greenfield Farm – £102 (43kg) to West Scottish Lamb, Carlisle

The pre sale show was kindly sponsored by I’Ansons.

Spring lambs were in strong demand with handier weighted lambs achieving fantastic returns with 34-43kg lambs being worth the most and buyers looking for plenty of lambs at these weights.

34kg Beltex cross lambs sold for £98.80 from Messrs Sayer, Musgrave House, Great Musgrave with Messrs Slee, Street House, Kirkby Thore selling a pen of 35kg Dutch Texel x lambs to make £98.50.

Newton Rigg Collage, Penrith sold a pen of 12 Charollais and Texel cross Mule lambs weighing 35kg to make £93.80.

Prime hoggs topped at £123 for a 58kg Texel cross hogg from Messrs Mark, Sunny Gill Farm, Ousby.

Topping at 267.7p/kg were a pen of 11 44kg Beltex cross hoggs which sold for £117.80 from Messrs Hetherington, Old Hall Farm, Staffield.

Joanna Andrews, York sold a pen of 4, 44kg Blue Texel cross hoggs to make £112.80 with another 26 Beltex cross hoggs weighing 42kg making £105.30 and a pair of 50kg Beltex hoggs selling for £113.80 (227.6p/kg) both from this home.

Heavy hoggs were a much sharper trade than they had recently been with a pen of 10, 74kg Texel cross hoggs selling for £114.80, a pen of 22, 61kg Texel cross hoggs making £110.80 and a pen of 15, 52kg Texel cross hoggs selling for £112.80 (216.9p/kg) all from Messrs Curtis, Buckinghamshire.

Emslie Livestock, Aberdeenshire sold a pen of 20 36kg Hill Cheviot hoggs to make £84.80 (235.6p/kg)

Cast sheep sold to top at £138.50 for a pair of Texel cross ewes from the Isle of Man.

Spring Lambs

Price per head – Texel £138, £108 Hollins View Farm; £110, £105 Hayberries; £109, £105 Williamsgill Farm; £109, £106 Midtown Farm; 107.80 Martindale Farm; £104 Newton Rigg; Beltex £135 Terrys Farm; £118, £110 Musgrave House; £110.80 Hayberries: Charollais £122.80 Greenfield Farm: Suffolk £112 Midtown Farm; £109, £102 Greenfield Farm; £104 Williamsgill Farm; £104 Terrys Farm: Dutch Texel £119 Terrys Farm; £106 Midtown Farm; £104(2) Street House.

Price per kilo – Beltex 329.3p Terrys Farm; 290.6p Musgrave House; 270.2p Hayberries: Texel 313.6p Hollins View Farm; 278p, 271.5p, 262.9p Martindale; 268p Newton Rigg: Dutch Texel 281.4p, 266.7p (2) 262.2p Street House; 264.4p Terrys Farm: Beltex 279.1p Greenfield Farm: Suffolk 254.5p Midtown Farm; 237.2p, 231.9p Greenfield Farm.

Prime Hoggs

Price per Head – Texel £123, £110.80 Sunny Gill Farm; £114.80, £112.80, £111.30, £108.30, £107.30(2), £103.80, £102, £100 East Farm; £108.80, £104.80, £103.80, £102, £101.80 Cooilingel; £107.80 Greta View; £105.80, £102.80, £101.80 Boscar Flats; £102.80 The Park Wall; £100 Old Hall Farm: Beltex £117.80, £101.30 Old Hall Farm; £113.80, £105.30 Boscar Flats; £105.80 Strand Hall Farm; £104.30  Kinknockie; £104(2) Cooilingel Farm: Swaledale £114 Hundith House; £87.80, £84.30 Oakbank Farm; £86.80 High Birk Hatt; £86.80 Thwaite Farm; £83.80 East Todholes; £80.80 Ravenseat: Blue Texel £112.80 Boscar Flats: Suffolk £109.80, £109.30, £108.80, £108.30, £107.30, £106.80, £106.30, £105.30, £100.80 East Farm; £109.80, £103, £100.30 Whins Farm; £101.80 Old Hall Farm: Cheviot £108.80, £97.30, £96.30 Sunny Gill Farm; £95.80, £94.80, £93.80, £93.30 Kinknockie; £93.80 (4), £92.80(2) Wester Thomaston: Dutch Texel 107.80 Boscar Flats: Charollais £105.80 Old Hall Farm; £104.80, £103.30, £102.80, £101.80, £100 Whins Farm: Dorset £94.80 Strand Hall Farm: Mule £91.80, £86.30, £85.80 Kelmore Hill Farm; £90 East Todholes; £89.80 Crass Farm; £87.80 Hundith House; £85.80 Midtown Farm; £85.30 East Todholes: Manx £90.80 Cooilingel Farm: Scotch Blackface £90.80 Newton Farm; £85.30 Wester Thomaston; £83.80 Cragg Farm; £81.80 Penny Hill; £80.80 Crass Farm: Wensleydale £85.30 Cragg Farm: Herdwick £85.30 Oak House; £83.80, £83.30, £81.80 Cragg Farm: Masham £82.30 Cooilingel Farm: Teeswater £80.80 Cooilingel Farm.

Price per Kilo – Beltex 267.7p Old Hall Farm; 250.7p Boscar Flats; 247.6p Cooilingel Farm; 242.7p Dona Close; 240.5p Strand Hall Farm: Blue Texel 256.4p Boscar Flats: Texel 249.5p Sunny Gill Farm; 246.7p, 231.4p Cooilingel Farm; 245p, 231.4p Boscar Flats; 241.8p Wester Thomaston; 239.5p, 230.9p Harbarrow Farm; 235.8p, 234.5 Kelmore Hill Farm: Cheviot 235.6p, 228.1p, 225.7p, 223.3p, 222.1p Kinknockie; 232p, 228.8p(2), 226.3p, 224.5p, 223.3p(2) Wester Thomaston; 228.8p Penny Hill; 225.1p Redlands Bank; 222.6p Newton Farm: Charollais 230p Harbarrow Farm; 210.5p Cragg Farm; 210.2p Kinknockie: Suffolk 226.3p, 219p East Farm; 218p, 216p, 215.7p, 210.6p Kinknockie: Scotch Blackface 225.9p Redlands Bank; 224.5p Wester Thomaston; 212.6p, 204.4p Cragg Farm; 200.8p Newton Farm: Dorset 220.5p Strand Hall Farm: Mule 217.1p, 208.3p East Todholes; 196.9p Cragg Farm; 191.6p Oakbank Farm: Herdwick 213.3p Oak House; 209.5p, 208.3p, 203.3p Cragg Farm: Masham 205.8p Cooilingel Farm: Mule 199.6p, 198.3p Cragg Farm; 199.5p Cooilingel Farm; 199.5p Kelmore Hill Farm; 197.2p Allotment Farm.

Cast Ewes

Texel £138.50, £134, £123.50, £115.50(2) Cooilingel Farm; £120.50, £119.50, £108.50 Steeley Farm; £115.50, £108.50 Carkin Moor Farm; £115.50 Newton Farm; £110.50, £108.50, £106.50 Holms of caaf Dalry; £109.50 Melbourne House; £105.50 Kelmore Hill Farm; £105 Hollins View Farm: Beltex £125.50, £103.50 Greenfield Farm; £98.50 Dona Close: Suffolk £110.50, £109.50, £107.50, £105.50, £104.50, £103.50, £101.50 Holms of caaf Dalry; Charollais £101.50, £99.50 Holmes of caaf Dalry: Bluefaced Leicester £100 Hundith House: Zwartble £97.50 Hayberries: Mule £86.50 Toby Hill Farm; £83.50 Steeley Farm; £82.50 Blades Field Farm; £81.50 Brownber Farm; £80.50 Kinknockie: Cheviot £84.50 Melbourne House; £78.50 Rivington Park; £76.50 Coupland Beck Farm; £73.80 Kinknockie: Dorset £81.50 Cooilingel Farm: Swaledale £80 Stoneriggs; £74.50, £71.50 Hundith House; £71.50 Bleathgill: Rough £77.50 Beckstones; £65.50 Lynburn Hall: Scotch Blackface £74.50 Cooilingel Farm: Herdwick £56.50 Blue Grass Farm.

Cast Rams – Texel £135.50, £110 Holms of caaf Dalry; £119.50 Cooilingel Farm: Beltex £108.50 Town Foot: Bluefaced Leicester £108.50 Step Ends Farm; £97.50 School Cottage; £93.50 Allotment Farm; £93.50 Swathburn: Suffolk £101.50 Cooilingel Farm: Dorset £93.50 Cooilingel Farm: Swaledale £83.50 The Park Wall; £69.50 Allotment Farm; £66.50 Red House Farm; £63.50 Oakbank: Herdwick £76.50, £61.50 Cooilingel Farm.