Kirkby Stephen Primestock Sale

15th October 2012

An entry of 62 Cast and OTM cattle were forward at Kirkby Stephen Mart on Monday. 

Topping at £1564.75 was a 12 year old pure British Blue Bull from G & S Holdings, Stoneygarth and was purchased by Eric Hall.  Topping at 175.5p/kg was a British Blue cow from Mr J Maughan, Ash Garth.

Leading Prices

per Head

British Blue £1564.75 (Cast Bull) Stoneygarth; £1095.45, £1014.39 Ash Garth; £1025.70 Carpool; £950.11 Stoneriggs; £889.80 High Lane, Limousin £1241.55 (Cast Bull) Blandswath; £1059.05, £968.15 Whitewall; £1039.50, £938.60, £857.07, £848 Stoneriggs; £1008.61 Lummas House; £835.25 Ash Garth; £816.72 Ashdub, Simmental £957.48 Bowderdale Head, Black & Whites £901.19, £795.60, £764.86 Helbeck Grange; £850.74 Greenriggs; £776.16 Wharton Hall; £774.30 Low Hall; £765 Enterber; £764.99 Friendship Farm, Saler £827.18 Bowderdale Head, Montbelliarde £778.22 Kck Cross Farm.

per Kilo

British Blue 175.5p, 167.50p Ash Garth; 138.5p Stoneriggs; 137.5p (Cast Bull) Stoneygarth; 137.5p Grassgill; 131.5p Carpool, Limousin 147.5p, 144.5p Whitewall; 139.5p Blandswath (Cast Bull); 137.5p, 133.5p, 132.5p Stoneriggs; 134.5p Ash Garth; 131.5p Lummas House, Saler 134.5p Bowderdale Head, Black & Whites 133.5p Low Hall; 114.5p Greenriggs; 117.5 Lockholme Hall; 114.5p Helbeck Grange; 115.5p, 114.5p Wharton Hall, Simmental 118.5p Bowderdale Head, Montbelliarde 117.5p Colby Laithes; 116.5p Low Hall, Aberdeen Angus 108.5p Foggy Gill.