Kirkby Stephen Primestock Sale

6th August 2012

An entry of 41 cast cows were forward ay Kirkby Stephen Mart on Monday.

Topping at 194.5p/kg (£1,202.01) was a Limousin cross cow from Messrs Taylor, Swathburn and was purchased by David Barker.  Trade for all types was very good being a good 10p/kg dearer than it has been of late.  Many more cows could be sold to a great demand from buyers.

Leading Prices

Cast Cows

Price per Kilo

Limousin 194.5p Swathburn; 152.5p Blacksyke; 143.5p Bleathgill; 137.5p Clockeld; 134.5p Beck Foot; 123.5p Helbeck Farm, British Blue 155.5p Thorney Gale; 132.5 Middle Bank End Farm, British Blonde 133.5p Helbeck Farm, Hereford 129.5p Sunnybrae, Highland 127.5p Quarry Close, Black & Whites 123.5p Scarside Farm; 122.5p, 116.5p, 115.5p Gill Gate; 121.5p Blacksyke; 116.5p Beckstones; 114.5p Bridge End Farm (Cast Bull). 

Price per Head

Limousin £1202.01 Swathburn; £1128.50 Blacksyke; £975.80 Bleathgill; £862.13 Clockeld; £815.10 Helbeck Farm, British Blue £858.36 Thorney Gale, Black & Whites £852.02 South House; £832.28 Blacksyke; £806.19, £758.28 Gill Gate; £803.58 Bridge End Farm (Cast Bull); £788.63 Blades Field, British Blonde £813.02 Helbeck Farm, Hereford £774.41 Sunnybrae, Highland £711.45 Quarry Close.