Kirkby Stephen Prize Show & Sale of Breeding Rams

27th September 2019

Harrison & Hetherington Ltd held their Annual Prize Show and Sale of Continental cross Breeding Rams on Friday when 245 Rams were on offer.

Topping the sale at £1100 was the Second Prize Beltex shearling ram from P Wilson, West Roods, Baldron which was bought by Messrs RA&C Benson, Gamswell Farm, Pennington.

The pre-sale show, kindly sponsored by Peter Horn Mobile Sheep Dipping, Rickerbys and Westmorland Accountants the following awards were made:-

Pure Texel (Aged or Shearling Ram)
1st        M/s Buckle, Buckles Farm
2nd       DA & MJ Pedley, Rookby Scarth
3rd       JC & E Pedley, Yore House

Continental cross (Aged or Shearling Ram)
1st        CS & V Whitfield, The Barn
2nd       LC & D Wearmouth, Parkside
3rd       K Sowerby, Terrys Farm

Pure Beltex (Aged or Shearling Ram)
1st        M/s Buckle, Bucklers Farm
2nd       P Wilson, West Roods
3rd       P Wilson, West Roods

Ram Lamb
1st        D Alderson, East Lowfield (Beltex)
2nd       JA & FL Brownrigg, The Croft (Texel)
3rd       JA & FL Brownrigg, The Croft (Texel)

Champion – CS & V Whitfield, The Barn
Reserve Champion – M/s Buckle, Buckles Farm

Leading prices

Beltex £1100, £450 West Roods; £900, £700, £500, £450(2), £400 Parkside; £700, £520(2), £500, £450 Terrys Farm; £480, £400 Outgang Farm; £450 Starrah; £400 Easegill Head; £400 West View; £400 Stoneriggs: Texel £950, £900 Clickham Farm; £950, £450 Yore House; £850, £500(2), £500, £400 The Barn; £750 Buckles Farm; £700 Stoneriggs; £500, £450, £420(2) Rookby Scarth; £500 Amersber Cottage; £500 Parkside; £450 The Buildings Farm; £450 New View Farm; £450 Whygill Head; £400 High Stennerskeugh; £400 Easegill: Dutch Texel £650 Hightown: Suffolk £380(2) Littleburn Farm; £280 Low Grassgill: Charollais £250 Buckles Farm: