Kirkby Stephen Sale of Cast & OTM Cattle

1st July 2019

Harrison & Hetherington Ltd, Kirkby Stephen Mart held their fortnightly sale of Cast & OTM Cattle on Monday.

Topping the trade at £1190.16 was a 912kg Holstein Friesian cow which made 130.5p/kg from Messrs Chippendale, Wharton Hall, Kirkby Stephen.

Topping at 168.5p/kg was a Limousin cross cow from Messrs Slack, Stoneriggs, Hilton.

Trade for all classes was still very strong with an increased ringside of buyers all looking for cast cows.

Over two thirds (20) of the cows forward were Black & Whites with these averaging 113.69p/kg) and £828.87.

Per Kilo
Cast  Cows
Limousin 168.5p, 135.5p Stoneriggs: British Blue 149.5p Sandwath Farm; 133.5p Greenriggs: Black & White 130.5p, 122.5p, 121.5p, 118.5p Wharton Hall; 125.5p, 117.5p (2), 115.5p Eastfield Farm; 117.5p Beckstones: Aberdeen Angus 108.5p Bank Head.

Cast Bull
Limousin 145.5p Barugh House.

Per Head
Cast Cows
Black & White £1190.16, £982.94, £940.89, £889.35 Wharton Hall; £1101.89, £989.84, £945.88, £878.90, £831.90, £803.58 Eastfield Farm; £862.45 Beckstones: British Blue £1032.46, £979.89 Greenriggs; £956.80 Sandwath Farm: Limousin £960.45, £841.46 Stoneriggs.

Cast Bull
Limousin £806.07 Barugh House.