Kirkby Stephen Sale of Cast & OTM Cattle

21st September 2020

Harrison & Hetherington Ltd, Kirkby Stephen Mart held the sale of cast and OTM cattle when 40 were forward.

Topping the sale at £1510.39 and 228.5p was a 3 year old British Blue cross cow weighing 661kg from Messrs Lancaster, Fell View Sandford which was bought by Owain Llyr, Ruthin.

The three British Blue cows from Messrs Lancaster, Fell View sold to average 224.29p/kg (£1438.43).

Dairy cows sold to £1060.61 for a 4 year old Friesian cow which weighted 819kg and made 129.5p/kg from Messrs Heron, Eastfield Farm, Warcop and bought by Dovecote Park, Pontefract.

Per Head

Cast  Cows

British Blue £1510.36, £1488.51, £1316.39 Fell View; £893.05 Thorney Gale:

Black & White £1218.62 Low Oxnop Farm; £1060.61, £940.89, £855.21 Eastfield Farm; £956.67, £909.22 Waterhouses; £944.78 Barugh House; £915.24 The Gables; £868.14 Terrys Farm: Montbeliarde £1009.65 Knock Cross Farm: Swedish Red & White £894.25 Eastfield Farm: Beef Shorthorn £886.03 Thorney Gale.

Cast Steer – Black & White £1045.80, £968.37 Whygill Head:

Cast Bull – Black & White £800.36 Black Syke.

Per Kilo

Cast  Cows

British Blue 228.5p, 223.5p, 220.5p Fell View; 150.5p, 132.5p, 131.5p Thorney Gale: Limousin 205.5p Low Oxnop Farm; 136.5p Terrys Farm; 134.5p Waterhouses; 131.5p The Gables; 125.5p Thorney Gale: Montbeliarde 132.5p, 120.5p Knock Cross Farm: Black & White 129.5p, 118.5p Eastfield Farm; 127.5p Barugh House; 117.5p Langford Farm: Beef Shorthorn 125.5p Thorney Gale: Swedish Red & White 122.5p Eastfield Farm.

Cast Steer – Black & White 157.5p Whygill Head: