Kirkby Stephen Sale of Cast & OTM Cattle

19th October 2020

Harrison & Hetherington Ltd, Kirkby Stephen Mart held the sale of cast and OTM cattle when a bumper show of 100 head were forward.

Topping the sale at £1519.44 was a five year old 743kg Limousin cross from Messrs Messrs Anderson, The Springs and sold to Owain Llyr, Ruthin.

Messrs Lawson, Buddle House, Richmond sold a eight year old British Blue cross weighing 714kg to make 207.5p/kg £1481.55 selling to JA Jewitt Spennymoor.

Another Limousin cow from this home weighing 658kg sold for 205.5p/kg (£1352.19) selling to Owain Llyr.

Messrs Capstick, High Lane sold a six year old Limousin cross cow weighing 764kg to make 188.5p/kg (£1440.14) also selling to Owain Llyr.

For a massive show of 100 cows trade was flying for all classes of cast and OTM cattle here at Kirkby Stephen.

A wonderful overall sale average of 132.65p/kg for 100 cows sold was achieved. Beef bred cows sold to average 141.2p/kg.

Dairy cows sold to £1031.45 for a five year old 842kg Friesian cow which made 122.5p/kg from Messrs Hodgson, Soulby Grange and sold to Dovecote Park, Pontefract.

30 cows sold between 150p/kg-207p/kg

35 cows sold between £1000-£1519

Per Head

Cast  Cows

Limousin £1519.44, £1121.29, £1027.23 The Springs; £1440.14 High Lane; £1352.19, £1129.99 Buddle House; £1166.48, £1096.48 Waitby Farm; £1149.96 Smardale Mill; £1122.11 Scarr House; £1086.75, £1003 Gaythorne Hall; £1060.88 Whygill Head; £1038.45 Prospect Farm; £1036.37 Green Farm; £1036.07 Glebelands; £1021.73 Oaktree Farm: British Blue £1481.55, £1143.59 Buddle House; £1388.33, £1287.81 Whygill Head; £1309.95 Easegill Head; £1155.64 Holme Farm; £1124.93 Scar Top; £1041.54 Gaythorne Hall; £950.52 Scarr House: Charollais £1354.46 Scarr House; £1271.93 Bowderdale Head Luing £1034.94 Herdship: Black & White £1031.45 Soulby Grange; £954.54, £949.38, £939.93 Wharton Hall: Saler £906.50 Bowderdale Head: Hereford £888.30 Scarr House: Simmental £873.09 Mill Cottage: Beef Shorthorn £844.94 Buddle House.

Cast Bull – Charollais £1288.94 Low House: Limousin £1176.70 High Lane, £1054.49 Smardale Mill; £902.25 Duckintree Farm:

Cast Steer – British Blue £1143.37 Whygill Head: Black & White £1090.20, £1061.95 Castle Hill; £966.74 Whygill Head:

Per Kilo

Cast  Cows

British Blue 207.5p, 193.5p Buddle House; 184.5p, 160.5 Whygill Head; 184.5p Easegill Head; 177.5p Carpool Farm; 159.5p Gaythorne Hall; 149.5p Holme Farm; 141.5p Scar Top; 138.5p Oaktree Farm; 133.5p Scarr House: Limousin 205.5p, 195.5p Buddle House; 204.5p, 159.5p, 145.5p The Springs; 188.5p High Lane; 181.5p Green Farm; 174.5p Smardale Mill; 172.5p Prospect Farm; 172.5p Whygill Head; 157.5p, 149.5p, 147.5p Gaythorne Hall; 156.5p(2) Scarr House; 154.5p(2), 152.5p Waitby Farm; 143.5p Glebelands; 142.5p Oaktree Farm: Charollais 190.5p Scarr House; 170.5p Bowderdale Head: Luing 170.5p Herdship: Black & White 161.5p, 126.5p, 122.5p Wharton Hall; 122.5p Soulby Grange: Dairy Shorthorn 141.5p Bonnygate Farm: Beef Shorthorn 135.5p Buddle House: Saler 135.5p Bowderdale Head: Simmental 133.5p Mill Cottage: Hereford 117.5p Scarr House.

Cast Steer – British Blue 173.5p Whygill Head: Black & White 168.5p, 158.5p Castle Hill.

Cast Bull – Charollais 144.5p Low House: Limousin 143.5p High Lane: