Kirkby Stephen Sale of OTM & Cast Cattle

11th February 2019

Harrison & Hetherington Ltd, Kirkby Stephen Mart held their fortnightly sale of Cast & OTM Cattle where 60 were forward

Topping the sale at £1602.68 (194.5p/kg) was a British Blue Bull from Messrs Lawson, Buddle House, Richmond which was bought by Owain, Llyr, Ruthin.

Dairy cows topped at 114.5p/kg for a 10 year old Friesian from Messrs Clarke, Stripes Farm, Waitby.

A fantastic overall sale average of 128.41p/kg was achieved.

Cast  Cows
Per Kilo
Limousin 193.5p Townfoot, 187.5p Pikestone Farm, 178.5p, 138.5 Bleathgill; 175.5p Buddle House; 141.5p, 139.5p Asby Hall; 137.5p Abbey Park; 136.5p Low Bank House; 134.5p Woodfoot: British Blue 193.5p Roseleigh; 147.5p High Lane; 132.5p Woodfoot; 131.5p Buddle House: Aberdeen Angus 178.5p Whingill: Blonde 165.5p Fell View; 124.5p Scarr House: Simmental 138.5p High Griseburn: Charollais 132.5p Bowderdale Head: Black & White 114.5p, 108.5p,102.5p Stripes Farm; 109.5p,102.5p Townfoot; 102.5p Eastfield Farm:

Per Head
British Blue £1495.76, £936.77 Roseleigh; £1090.03 High Lane; £1023.07 Buddle House: Limousin £1247.81 Buddle House; £1206.66, £1062.30, £997.15 Bleathgill; £1159.07 Townfoot; £1017.50 Abbey Park; £1011.73, £956.97 Asby Hall; £1006.88 Pikestone Farm: Aberdeen Angus £1174.53 Whingill;£938.48 Greta Farm: Blonde £1072.44 Fell View: Charollais £1030.57 High Griseburn; £1022.90 Bowderdale Head: Simmental £916.87 High Griseburn: Black & White £809.52, 787.71 Stripes Farm; £809.21, £719.55 Townfoot; £779.09 Duckintree Farm;  £711.35 Eastfield Farm:

Cast Bulls
Per Kilo
British Blue 194.5p Buddle House; 167.5p Croft House Farm: Charollais 185.5p Villa Farm: Limousin 157.5p Abbey Park; 137.5p Frith Holme: Beef Shorthorn 153.5p Row End Farm:

Per Head
British Blue £1602.68 Buddle House; £1013.38 Croft House Farm: Limousin £1543.50 Abbey Park; £1401.13 Frith Holme; £1098/68 Step Ends Farm: Beef Shorthorn  £1335.45 Row End Farm: Charollais £1020.25 Villa Farm: