Kirkby Stephen Sale of OTM & Cast Cows

8th April 2019

Harrison & Hetherington Ltd, Kirkby Stephen Mart held their fortnightly sale of Cast & OTM Cattle on Monday.

Topping the sale at £1275.63 and 151.5p/kg for a 11 year old Blonde cross cow from Messrs Beckwith, New Hall, Barras which was bought by Messrs Roberts, Wales.

Dairy cows topped at £1100.33 for a six year old Holstein Friesian from Messrs Heron, Eastfield Farm, Warcop which was bought by Les Fell, Settle.

Trade for all classes of cast cows was flying being as dear as has been witnessed for some time. The whole sale average of 130.26p/kg and £970.07 with Black & White cows averaging 125.15p/kg.

Many more cows could have been sold to a extreme demand from buyers!

Cast  Cows
Per Kilo
Limousin 165.5p Prospect Farm; 136.5p, 134.5p Mount Pleasant Farm; Blonde D’Aquitaine 151.5p New Hall; Aberdeen Angus 129.5p Whingill; Black & White 129.5p, 126.5p The Buildings Farm; 127.5p, 124.5p, 123.5p Eastfield Farm; 127.5p, 125.5p Langford Farm.

Per Head
Blonde D’Aquitaine £1275.63 New Hall: Aberdeen Angus £1106.85, £1089.10 Whingill: Black & White £1100.33, £992.15, £988.53, £954.66 Eastfield Farm; £971.25 The Buildings Farm; £912.39 Langford Farm: Limousin £989.69 Prospect Farm.