Kirkby Stephen Store Lamb Sale

28th August 2018

Harrison & Hetherington, Kirkby Stephen held their fortnightly sale of store lambs on Tuesday when 706 lambs were forward.

Topping the sale at £77 were a pen of 10 Beltex cross lambs from Messrs Bousfield, Bollam Terrace, Kirkby Stephen.

Messrs Slack, Stoneriggs sold a run of 128 Texel cross lambs to average £64.77.

All classes and sizes of store lambs were in extreme demand with both local and distant buyers packing the ringside which resulted in a flying trade being achieved and many more store lambs could have easily been sold well!

Leading Prices

Beltex £77 Bollam Terrace; £65 Stoneriggs; £59 Yore House: Texel £73 (2), £69.30, £67.50, £66.50 Castlethwaite; £72.50 Yore House; £68, £67, £64, £63 Stoneriggs; £62 Stephens Farm; £60 Elmgill; £60 Orchard Farm: Dutch Texel £61 Dry Howe: Charollais £59.50 Orchard Farm: Mule £52.50 Well House; £49 Studfold; £49 Cranberry: Hampshire £49.50 Sleetburn: Hampshire £49.50 Sleetburn: Kerry Hill £47.50 Sleetburn: Swaledale £31 Braesteads Farm.