Kirkby Stephen Store Lamb Sale

6th August 2019

Harrison & Hetherington held their opening sale of Store lambs on Tuesday when 500 were forward.

Topping at £80 were a pen of eight Beltex cross lambs from Messrs Pedley, Yore House, Sedbergh.
Suffolk cross lambs sold to £73.50 from Messrs Ivinson, River View, Penrith.
Mule lambs topped at £64 from Messrs Jackson, Cow Bank, Weasdale.
Another pen of 25 Mule lambs sold to £63 from Messrs Emmott, Wythop Hall Farm, Cockermouth.
A flying trade for all classes and sizes of store lambs was witnessed at Kirkby Stephen with a packed ringside of potential buyers in attendance.
An overall sale average of £57.92 was achieved.
Many more store lambs could have easily been sold with entries taken for our next sale on 20th August.

Leading Prices

Beltex £80, £70.50, £68, £63.50 Yore House: Suffolk £73.50(x2) River View; £67.50 Rathvale Farm; £64.50, £60 High Wood:Texel £64 River View; £60 Greenside Farm; £59 Birchentree; £59, £58 Sandford Hall; £57.50 Shieldhill Top: Mule £64 Cow Bank; £63, £54 Wythop Hall Farm; £57 Scar Sykes: Cheviot £58 Birchentree: