Kirkby Stephen Store Sheep Sale

5th November 2019

Harrison & Hetherington Ltd, Kirkby Stephen Mart held their fortnightly sale of store sheep on Tuesday.

Topping the sale at £74 were a pen of Suffolk cross lambs from Messrs Atkinson, Augill House Farm, Brough.

Messrs Frith, Cross Keys, Hilton sold a pen of Texel cross lambs to make £73.

Mule lambs topped at £64.50 for a pen of 44 from Messrs Noble, Burblethwaite, Caldbeck.

All classes and sizes of store lambs were off the clock with plenty of buyers in attendance looking for store lambs, and many more could have been easily sold to great advantage here at Kirkby Stephen!!

Leading prices:

Suffolk £74 Augill House: Texel £73 Cross Keys; £63 Revelin Faarm; £62.50 Bayles Farm; £59, £54.50 Augill House Farm; £55, £54.50 Stephens Farm; £54 Castlethwaite: Mule £64.50 Burblethwaite; £52.50 Beckside; £52 Revelin Farm; 350 Chapel House Farm: Herdwick £51.50, £49.50 Eden Vale: Scotch Blackface £50.50 Eden Vale: Swaledale £44.50 Rathvale Farm.