Kirkby Stephen Store Sheep Sale

20th August 2019

Harrison & Hetherington Ltd, Kirkby Stephen Mart held their fortnightly sale of store sheep on Tuesday when a wonderful entry of 1,054 lambs were on offer.

Topping the sale at £80 were Suffolk cross lambs from Messrs Scott, Beck Foot, Barnard Castle.

Messrs Thexton, Castlethwaite, Mallerstang sold a pen of Texel cross lambs to make

Mule lambs topped at £60.50 for a pen of 35 from Messrs Fletcher and Coates, Short Thorns Farm, Weardale.

A pen of 35 Beltex cross lambs sold to make £69.50 from Messrs Dalton, West End Farm, Barnard Castle.

Cheviot Mule lambs sold to £63 for a pen of 24 from Messrs Swift, Dry Howe, Kendal.

Messrs Slack, Stoneriggs sold their run of 122 Texel cross lambs to average £62.46.

A flying trade for all classes and sizes of store lambs was witnessed here at Kirkby Stephen with the 1,054 lambs forward of all breeds averaging £56.68.  A packed ringside of buyers were in attendance and we are taking entries for our next sale on the 3rd September.

Leading prices:

Suffolk £80, £66, £59 Beck Foot; £59.50 High Wood End: Texel £78, £65.50, £64 Castlethwaite; £70 Kilnmire; £68 Nova Scotia; £66.50, £63 South Wellhope; £65.50 (2) Stoneriggs; £65.50 Plumtree House; £63.50 Riverside Cottages; £62 Colene Croft; £61 Greenhills Farm; £60.50 Lynburn Hall: Blue Texel £72 Dry Howe: Dutch Texel £71 Sleetburn; £65.50 Dry Howe: Beltex £69.50, £69 West End Farm; £66 Bollam Terrace: Cheviot £63 Dry Howe; £51 Rathvale: Mule £60.50 Short Thorns Farm; £60,£57.50, £57 Cranberry; £56 Scar Sykes Farm; £56 Bowes Close Farm: Blackfaced £58, £46 Riverside Cottages: Herdwick £32 Sleetburn: Swaledale £30 The Street.